Urban Meyer is All-In on the Notre Dame Bandwagon

Finally. It only took 16 years for Urban Meyer to be fully on board the Notre Dame bandwagon, but that is what he said on Wednesday on the Fox Sports College Football show.

“I am all in on the Notre Dame bandwagon,” Urban Meyer confidently stated last night before outlining why he is confident in Notre Dame this fall.

“The SEC is going to beat each other up. Just look at the point spreads. It will be a one to two-point spread. Notre Dame will be favored in all but one. They are in a conference now that is struggling, and the SEC is going to beat each other up. At the end of the day, I really believe Notre Dame and Clemson will be standing tall in the Playoffs.”

That lone game in which Notre Dame likely won’t be favored is the early November showdown with Clemson in Notre Dame Stadium. Every other contest should see Notre Dame favored – perhaps by a lot just like we’ve seen with the season opener against Duke where Notre Dame opened as nearly a three-touchdown favorite.

Meyer then went on to heap some praise on Brian Kelly and the culture that he has built at Notre Dame.

“Notre Dame has excellent coaching, very strong culture, he’s recruited well. Remember, in the pre-season we talked about strong culture, a returning offensive system, and a returning quarterback. Check the marks. I know they’ve gone through OC’s, (but) that’s Brian Kelly’s offense. And it should be. He’s that good of a coach,” Meyer concluded.

Meyer and Notre Dame fans have a complicated history ever seen Meyer spurned the Irish for Florida in late 2004 before going on to win two national titles while Notre Dame largely continued to toil in mediocrity for another eight years.

The former Notre Dame assistant turned likely hall of fame coach still reminds Irish fans of what could have been had he not left Notre Dame at the alter for Florida. Of course, the off the field issues Meyer left behind at both Florida and Ohio State, also have many Irish fans grateful Meyer never made it to Notre Dame to leave behind a similar mess.

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Regardless, Meyer is considered one of the best football minds in the game today. Hearing him talk about why Notre Dame is poised for a run this season – assuming the season concludes as planned – is interesting and should have Notre Dame fans excited.

All of the “checks” that Meyer rattled off are indeed true for Notre Dame. Add in the Irish also returning their entire offensive line and its easy to see why so many are bullish on them this year despite having to rework their entire receiving corps.

Time will tell us is Meyer is right, but it does certainly feel like despite all that has happened to get to this point, Notre Dame is situated very well for a run this year.

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  1. I agree with previous comments. I was in the same high-level business classes with Eric Dorsey (Giants), Allan Pinkett (Oilers), John Carney ( 20+year NFL kicker) and several others… Great players, great minds, great people. Go Irish!

  2. I disliked the fact that each stop Meyer has made so far the NCAA investigated allegations against the university, hence Utah, Florida, Ohio State. I do think the man gets players to unite and excel beyond expectation and the guy wins titles. I believe he is the missing link to the Irish, ( my Irish), winning championships in the future. Enough of the Brian Kelly era already. I’ve seen enough. The guy can’t win the big one for Notre Dame.

  3. I sure would have liked Urban “Fake a heart condition” Meyers at ND myself. Instead he came to coach my Gators and we were slap happy to have him. Until he pulled that BS stunt so he could coach at OSU and avoid the huge buyout clause in his contract. He set Florida back at least 3yrs and left us with a recruiting nightmare in the aftermath. This man lack professionalism and has no integrity. ND was fortunate he didnt take over there just like the article stated.

  4. But that would’ve been true for any coach. ND, no matter what anyone says, is not purposely going to serve as a minor league system for the NFL, or the European Football League, or wherever. The players, by and large, are supposed to and DO go to class, and take the same courses their peers do. I know…I took, and laughably floundered through introductory French with Wayne Bullock a few decades ago ( have no idea how I managed “A’s,” but I fought my way through for them, and it was not easy). Wayne was called on, with a French pronounciation of his name by our instructor, pretty often, just to show him that he had to line up in the backfield like all the rest of us, and he caught on early enough that public embarrassment in class would be his penalty for not paying attention and doing the homewirk like everyone else. Again, this was not an easy class for me, having never taken any French instruction of any kind, so I inagine he also had to work his rear end off to swim rather than sink.

  5. I have to ask the writer of this article What MESS did he leave at Ohio State ? He was ambushed at a preseason press conference about a topic he was not prepared to speak about at the time. Out of respect for a young married couple having difficulties navigating the waters of marital bliss. Also out of respect for Earle Bruce the young coach’s grandfather. He was dealing with a terrible situation In House but I guess everything is now the public’s business. It’s one thing if you are a politician that we pay to represent us but we are talking about the personal life of a young college coach and his wife. None of our business if you ask me. I would have the same opinion if this was Harbaugh we are talking about.

  6. if it was about fb, then Urban would great to have. As an ND fan, I am not sold on Kelley. But remember the kids are at school to get an education first then play fb. Urban does not fit that portion of college. I am not sure whst Kelly fits. He always blames someone else.. No excuses just get your job done let the chips fall where they may. I am disappointed because the schedule ND had was awesome before covid-19 disrupted the flow. Wisconsin, USC, Navy, Clemson. Those 4 were ranked teams. Now they have Clemson. Hopefully Louisville and Syracuse will be ranked. Time for ND to maintain there national schedule, but join the ACC. It can be done. Good luck Irish!!!

  7. So y’all can lose to a southern team again, yippee. Is that really the fighting Irish pride? “We have a shot at the playoffs because we don’t have a tough conference!” He’s on the Notre Dame bandwagon because the better teams will beat each other up and you’re proud of that? Wow

  8. I would have loved Meyer as ND coach, but at the time he would have had difficulty getting many of the players he wanted admitted to ND. That’s the only reason he passed on the Irish.

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