Aaron Taylor Sounds Off on Notre Dame

Former Notre Dame great Aaron Taylor gave a passionate rundown of what he feels is wrong with the current Fighting Irish.  Taylor, one of the all time greats for Notre Dame, specifically called on the Irish seniors to step up and salvage the 2011 season.

It’s hard to argue with anything Taylor says and it’s great to see an alum like him not be afraid to call out the players and challenge them to live up to the expectations of Notre Dame football players – expectations that legends like him helped to build. We had Taylor on the UHND podcast a few years back when we were still having regular podcasts and its clear he still loves the University and wants to see it do well.

Notre Dame needs more players with Taylor’s intensity and passion. Speed aside, that has been the most glaring weakness on Notre Dame teams in recent years. They simply have not had enough players with that fire in their stomachs who will run through a brick wall on Saturdays. This past weekend was a prime example. The first prime time game in Notre Dame Stadium in over 20 years against their arch rival and some players looked as though they were running through a Friday afternoon walk through.

The coaching staff made plenty of mistakes against USC from a conservative defensive game plan to abandoning the run too early, but at some point players need to make plays and players need to step up and be leaders.

Receiving Core Biggest Question Mark for Notre Dame Football in 2020


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  1. C-Dog 8 years ago

    I wish Aaron Taylor was part of hte coaching staff. He’s a link to the Yonto / More days. He also understands as evidenced in his presentation here that he understands the philosophy of sports and what it takes to be a champion.

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  2. storespook 8 years ago

    I thought it was nice to see Rees go under center a few times. Notice how the backs ran well from that set-up. It should be done more.

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  3. irisheye62 8 years ago

    56 points finally – no apologies with a win now NOW Wake Forest is no gimme and patsy –kick some butt defense stop on third downs and watch Wakes Special teams and we could be OK

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