Apparently Clemson Fans Are Not Interested in the Cotton Bowl

Notre Dame fans have unfortunately experienced a couple home games in recent years where too many of the bad guys found their way into the stadium.  Last year’s Georgia game in which UGA fans filled Notre Dame Stadium with a disgusting amount of red is a prime example.  If the secondary ticket market is any indication of the Cotton Bowl crowd, Notre Dame might be experiencing the opposite scenario Saturday in Dallas as it at least appears as though the Irish contingent will vastly outnumber the Tiger faithful.

Vivid Seats, a ticket reseller similar to Stub Hub has a project on their website that is showing that the crowd will be about 80% Notre Dame fans based on their data.

Here’s a tweet showing what their current projection for how the crowd will be comprised.

That is a whole lot of green and not a lot of orange. If their data is even close to accurate, it will be a very, very pro Notre Dame crowd in Jerry World for the Cotton Bowl.  That wouldn’t be all that surprising.  First off, Notre Dame fans travel.  Second of all, there is an overwhelming sense from Clemson fans that they are so confident that they will beat Notre Dame that they are waiting to spend their money on the National Championship Game in what they are hoping will be Alabama-Clemson IV.

It would make sense for Notre Dame fans to be more excited about this game since it’s the first trip to the College Football Playoffs for the Irish and the fourth for Clemson.  They’ve been here and Notre Dame hasn’t.  Funny things happen in sports though and when the Irish run out of the tunnel for a game no one is giving them a chance to win, hearing Notre Dame fans potentially take over the massive stadium known as Jerry World, who knows what that might do for their psyche and confidence.

Notre Dame will need any edge it can find on Saturday and having a crowd as much in favor as that graphic suggests would be a great start.

Personally, I am already in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the game and am ready to lose my voice on Saturday cheering on the Irish.  Oh and I will be decked out from head to toe in green so that there is no doubt who I am there to cheer for – be sure to check our Twitter feed on Saturday and there might just be another appearance of the green hair like there was for Michigan weekend (hey, it worked). Hopefully 80% of the crowd around me will be doing the same – green hair optional.

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  1. Damian 1 year ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I think the Clemson fans see this as basically a scrimmage game ahead of the NC game.

    That’s why I wonder if that will have any affect on the players, no matter what the coaches try to do. Will they be so convinced that this is just a glorified scrimmage that they underestimate ND? I mean all we’ve heard on TV for the last month is how much will Alabama beat Clemson by this year in the NC game (ok, I exaggerate just a bit, but not by much).

    It’s all the more reason I hope ND embarrasses Clemson tomorrow. How sweet it would be to tell all the Clemson fans that no, they won’t get to see their team again this year after all.

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  2. Big Zig 1 year ago

    Why do the clemson fans get all the front row seats?

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  3. Joseph Kretschmer 1 year ago

    Since I’ve gotten older, I haven’t been going to many games but I would love to go to this one. Hope we see them playing OK in Santa Clara and winning.

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  4. Laura Coyne '77 1 year ago

    “Bad guys”?

    Come on.
    You can do better than that.

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  5. Ron Burgundy 1 year ago

    They are exercising their Plan B rights.

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  6. ndfanatic 1 year ago

    I’d love to see our fans go with that “wear green” for away games idea! At home, wear whatever ND gear you have but wear green for away games to show solidarity (i.e. like Georgia wearing red in S Bend last year).

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  7. Texasphase 1 year ago

    Domers keep it close but the freshman QB will be the difference, Clemson 24 ND 17

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    1. Greg Kelly 1 year ago

      Booo, get over to your side of the field.

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  8. Bradley B. Benson 1 year ago

    Dye your beard green… if you have one. If you don’t: Grow one and dye it. I did it for ND / Navy and it was *epic*.

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    1. Frank Vitovitch 1 year ago

      I dyed the beard green for Michigan game.

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  9. Mark Edward 1 year ago

    I just hope the Clemson football team, is taking Notre Dame as lightly as its fans are. Go Irish!

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  10. Greg Kelly 1 year ago

    Intelligence was correct. I reported this on UHND a week ago.

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