Who Does Asaph Schwapp Know at EA Sports?

Found this image of the Notre Dame player ratings from this year’s NCAA Football 2009 on the message board today.

It was inevitable that the Irish wouldn’t get much love from the folks at EA this year after last season, but Schwapp rated the 7th best player on the team over Darrin Walls, Duval Kamara, Jimmy Clausen, RObert Hughes, etc? And Duncan rated as the 4th best?

Other than that, the ratings look at least far. I would have had Bruton as the top rated player in the game if I worked for EA.

I know most of the readers here might not be big video game fans, but hey its the off-season and I can admit to spending way too much time playing NCAA Football over the years.

Claypool And Stepherson Take The Notre Dame Offense To Another Level

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  1. Sam 9 years ago

    What they should do for ratings is take trusted bloggers and people around the program to make ratings, not some average joe at EA Sports who hasn’t seen an ND game for 3 years.

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  2. TCB 9 years ago

    Anna Benson is HOT!

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  3. atepesm 10 years ago

    Bruton’s numbers are all messed up.

    His speed, agility, acceleration, awareness and tackling are all too low.


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  4. JC 10 years ago

    Amen, DomerDave03 on “thunder and lighting” We must have our best people on the field this year or we will not like the results.

    This playing favorites has to go! Produce or ride the pine. Not a new concept.

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  5. Irish Chris 10 years ago

    What…No Mike Anello up there?

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  6. DomerDave03 10 years ago

    JC, I agree with you half way on this one. I would like to see some formations with Allen and Hughes a la Brooks and Bettis “thunder and lighting” however I think the guy who needs to be getting a lot more reps is LUKE Schmidt. We need to get this kid on the field badly. Woodstock don’t get me wrong I hear what you are saying I just don’t think he is that bad and I hate and will never bash an ND player

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  7. Billy 10 years ago

    As usual I will be doing some serious roster editing.Small sacrifice when you consider how awesome this game is. New feature this season that I’m already prepared for is having just over 20 situations for user entered mp3’s!!!! Want to hear the Celtic Chant when the Irish D is trying for a 3rd down stop? Done! Want to hear the Victory Clog after a TD? Done. This game is going to be awesome.

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  8. JC 10 years ago

    We need to move one or two of our talented supersized tail backs to full back. Enough of this block only talent.

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  9. Frankie V 10 years ago

    I’m fine with the differing opinions as long as the debate remains civil.

    When it comes to the debate about #44, I tend to agree more with Woodstock. He needs to spend less time in the weight room and more time running through the gauntlet with the ball. I think he tends to look for the big hit too often as well which leads to a lot of miss blocks.

    Unfortunately, we don’t really have much depth behind him pushing him in practice. Competition breeds improvement.

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  10. Woodstocklrish 10 years ago

    FYI – Don’t bother complaining to Frankie about me. He said it brings traffic to the site.

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  11. Woodstocklrish 10 years ago


    Urban Meyer said it best when he said his wife could knock the crap out of Cry Baby Schwapp. Tell him not to fumble after gaining a yard (if he’s lucky)

    I’m back at UHND and its going to be 24/7 of negative talk. BUSINESS AS USUAL!!!

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  12. Kevin 10 years ago

    be in the top 15 players sorry typo

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  13. Kevin 10 years ago

    I think he’s a great player that does give 100% but he isn’t the 7th best player on the team and he may not even be the top 15%

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  14. Posterboy 10 years ago

    honestly I just don’t think Shwaap is a very good football player. He’s a terrible runner, misses blocks that lead to 2-3 sacks a game, fumbles and can’t catch passes out of the back field.

    One thing I have noticed about weis he has favorites and will play them even if their are better alternatives

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  15. DomerDave03 10 years ago

    Woodstock, what are you talking about??? The guy is a man amongst boys out there. I don’t know too many high school players that can start playing as a freshman at such a physically demanding position. Although he needs to have a break out year to get drafted he is still a great asset for the team. As a blocking fullback he plays as a role player, little fame, little recognition but he serves a direct purpose and his contribuition shouldn’t be minimalized. I cannot wait for the season so he can blow some linebackers up and quiet folks like you. GO IRISH

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  16. Woodstocklrish 10 years ago

    Umm. Schwapp doesn’t play hard. If he is going at 100% its even more pathetic then it seems

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  17. Frankie V 10 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more. A few wins will make everyone feel a whole lot better.

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  18. Paul 10 years ago

    Man do we all have way to much time on our hands. This damn season can’t start fast enough.

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  19. Frankie V 10 years ago

    I never said he wasn’t a good guy or didn’t play hard.

    All I said was he shouldn’t be rated ahead of guys like Darrin Walls, Kamara, etc.

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  20. Tee 10 years ago

    Is this realy necessary? No doubt, most of those ratings are off, but is it necessary to bash him like that? Schwapp is a great guy who has always given 100% throughout his career. To have this as a headline on this website is pathetic.

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  21. Jabi 10 years ago

    Just run the same play over and over……ratings don’t matter.

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  22. Frankie V 10 years ago

    It is released on July 15

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  23. DomerDave03 10 years ago

    When does the game come out? Does anyone know?

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  24. ponyboy 10 years ago

    honestly, i don’t even think he’s the 7th best fullback on the team.

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