We’re All Battling to Be the 2nd Biggest Notre Dame Fan

Sorry everybody, but we’re now all officially battling to be the second biggest Notre Dame fans around.  Keith Penrod has officially cemented his place as the biggest Notre Dame fan.  It’s been a really rough year for Notre Dame football, but videos like the one above are a reminder of just why we’re all Notre Dame fans.  We can all complain about wins and losses all we want, but at the end of the day, there’s a whole hell of a lot more that matters than Notre Dame’s number of wins and losses at the end of the season.

Hats off to sophomore Tevon Coney.  It will be damn near impossible for anyone not to cheer for this young man after watching this video.  He has had his off the field issues in the past but his relationships with Keith Penrod shows some great character and is characteristic of the kind of student athletes Notre Dame strives to develop.

If you needed a reminder as to why you are a Notre Dame fan and why it’s unlike any other, this video is a good reminder.

Notre Dame 2018 Under Armour & Army All American Bowl Preview

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  1. Ron Burgundy 1 year ago

    Great story!
    Both gentlemen show a ton of heart and guts.

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  2. Hunter 1 year ago


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  3. James P. Rice IV 1 year ago

    What a great young man. Go Irish!!

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  4. Jimbo 1 year ago


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  5. Ryan Reese 1 year ago

    Bet this guy wants to hire PJ Fleck too!!! lol GO IRISH!!!

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