Blanton To See More Playing Time?

Freshman Robert Blanton was on the field for almost the entire overtime on Saturday in place of 3 year starter Terrail Lambert and the move could become more permanent from the sounds of Charlie Weis’s Sunday presser.

He did a fairly decent job in covering most of the day. A couple tackles he would have liked to have done better. But he’s not afraid to be out there. He’s one of the guys we were talking about where you could see Blanton playing more. I could definitely see Blanton playing more.

Lambert has not had a strong season so far while junior Raeshon McNeil recorded two picks against Pitt and has been very strong in coverage all season.  Blanton has been impressive at times but has been tentative at times making tackles in the open field.  There’s been a few times he’s waited for the ball carrier to get to him as opposed to him attacking the ball carrier.  That is something that will come as he plays more and more though.  What has been impressive are his coverage skills for a freshman.

Lambert might not be the only starter on notice this week either.  According to Weis, a number of starters will be challenged this week in practice.

I think there will be some players, frontline players, that will definitely be being challenged this week. Not getting into particulars. They’ll know who they are tomorrow. If they don’t know right now, which they should, they will certainly know tomorrow.

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  1. David 9 years ago

    I wouldnt count out Blanton competing for a starting spot next year. Or at least being able to rotate in with the starters early to keep our corners fresh late in the game.

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  2. Johnny Who Dey 9 years ago

    Can’t argue with more PT for any freshman. Still think overall Lambert is the better option. Ultimately looking foward to McNeil and Walls locking down WR’s next year and 2010 hopefully. Ultimately more experience for Blanton will equal more competition and thus a better secondary.

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  3. Jacob 9 years ago

    I’m torn with this news. On the one hand, I’m still mad at him for his crucial missed tackles that were pretty significant in the game. On the other hand, I feel bad for him because he’s been a very good corner. Wasn’t he the one that got two interceptions in the 2006 Michigan State game?

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  4. David 9 years ago

    That would be great. I say let the young talent on defense flow onto the field. Assuming we can edge BC or NAVY (which after watching our offense in OT, i am a bit shaky on) i would like to see alot of young players get valuable time against syracuse. Get them in early in situations where the game is still not decided yet.

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  5. Frankie V 9 years ago

    Look for Steve Filer to see some more playing time in the next couple of weeks too. I think he will get worked into the game plan more and more so that he has experience under his belt for next year.

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  6. David 9 years ago

    Another note, i believe the younger players bring more energy and emotion to your defense. They arent inspirational leaders yet, but they keep your team pumped up.

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  7. David 9 years ago

    I like to see the coaching staff start to shake things up. With the exception to your standouts, no ones job should be safe week-to-week. If a player like Blanton is giving your more, absolutely put him in.

    There is only upside in the blanton move. Either he will develop faster, or you will shift back to Lambert who will be hungry to prove himself. The only cost would be a bit more safety help over the top.

    I especially like this move because blanton getting more time this year will improve him in future years.

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