Meet the New Notre Dame Staff

The new Notre Dame coaching staff was officially introduced to the media on Friday.  Here’s some free videos via Rivals from some of the new assistants.

Offensive Line coach Ed Warinner

Defensive Backs coach Chuck Martin

Running Backs coach Tim Hinton

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks coach Charley Molnar

Defensive Coordinator/Inside Linebackers coach Bob Diaco

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Paul Longo

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  1. Shazamrock 8 years ago

    I saw a young guy with passion and fire in his eyes. He is excited to be here at ND. Even though his interview wasn’t what I would call smooth, he at least presented himself to the media.
    When Tenuda was in charge, nobody knew what was going on. He never talked to anyone. You were lucky if you got a one liner out of him.
    I think that coinsided with the defensive failures and his lack of accountability. The guy was supposed to be a defensive genius. Had all these great schemes and blitz packages. His defense couldn’t tackle, they couldn’t rush the passer, and they couldn’t cover. I don’t care how smart a guy is, if your defense isn’t funamentally sound it doesn’t matter what you run. You are going to struggle.
    This is a young, energetic, staff. I think that they will relate to the players well and get the most out of them.

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  2. IrishChan 8 years ago

    That man should not….NOT be conducting interviews. It kind of reminded me of President Bush bullshitin’ his way through an interview. He talked for 3 minutes, and didn’t say anything. I mean, the man didn’t SAY anything…lol

    The man is our D-cordinator….and he couldn’t tell us how a 1-gap 3-4 defense works??? I hope to god he was nervous, or thought the interviewer was Borat or something, because that was painful to watch.

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    1. jack 8 years ago

      He wasn’t asked a question on how his defense works. Per his interview he stated his defense will change year to year with the personel he has and week to week about the team he is playing. Get off the guys back. The guy kept it general so did the Offensive Coordinator. We had a guy who was suppose to the be the great schematic guy and his offenses ran the ball like shit. I don’t want to hear, wait until the games and see the product. I could care less if he gives a good interview, just put a great product on the field.

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  3. BigE 8 years ago

    He was very nervous. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He did a relatively good job replacing 10 defensive starters and doing enough for the team to go undefeated. Actually, I like Chuck Martin as a DC in the future.

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    1. Logan 8 years ago

      Amen! I thought that’s what was going to happen from the start

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    2. JT 8 years ago

      Grand Valley grad here. I watched Chuck Martin in action right up until he left for ND. The guy is brilliant, demands respect and has great leadership skills. Expect him to move up the coaching ladder at ND quickly, Kelly is also very fond of him.

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  4. fxm 8 years ago

    If he coaches D like he interviews, meet the new boss, same as the old boss………….

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    1. Bill Meehan 8 years ago

      I think it’s just a touch early for us to start that.

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  5. VicPaul 8 years ago

    I hear ya Brandon. We will not win NC giving up 40 per.

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  6. SteelFanRob 8 years ago

    Amen, Brandon, Amen!

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  7. Brandon 8 years ago

    personally i did not like what Diaco said. He said he doesn’t care what they score as long as we win the game. Oh, so you mean those games with cincy where you gave up like 40 points but still won?

    I’d rather have a confident d coordinator that wants his defense to shut the other teams offense down and dominate rather than do just enough to win.

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  8. Dan (FL) 8 years ago

    Diaco and Molner both seemed a little tense, but we’ll just have to wait and see how they do.

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  9. VicPaul 8 years ago

    Keith, I’m totally with you. It was almost like he wasn’t sure what to say so he was just going to say a bunch in the hopes it made him sound smart. Hopefully he was just a little nervous.

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  10. Keith 8 years ago

    Did anyone else find Bob Diacos interview wierd?

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