Congrats to Chris Zorich, Notre Dame’s Newest College HOF Member

Chris Zorizh was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame yesterday along with Doug Flutie, Tom Brahaney (Oklahoma), Dave Brown (Michigan), Jeff Davis (Clemson), Johnnie Johnson (Texas), Rex Kern (Ohio State), Ahmad Rashad (Oregon), Anthony Thompson (Indiana), Wilson Whitley (Houston), Reggie Williams (Dartmouth), and Richard Wood (Southern California)
Zorich told the Chicago Sun Times:

”Looking back at it now, the rough area I came from, going through garbage cans to eat as a kid. Then to go on to Notre Dame, play in the NFL and go to law school. And now, the Hall of Fame. Oh, my gosh, I can’t even tell you. It’s unbelievable.”

Chris is truly one of my all-time favorites and really represents what Notre Dame is all about. He grew up in a rough area of Chicago and went on to the NFL and then Law School after graduating from Notre Dame.

Just for fun, here’s a highlight clip of Notre Dame’s win over USC in 1988. There’s not too many notable plays by Zorich on it, but he was an integral part of the ’88 championship team. (Not the outstanding selection of music taken from Rocky IV when Rocky defeated Ivan Drago this ending the Cold War)


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  1. Philip 13 years ago

    Based on that video, you would think that USC never scored. I remember that game it was definitely a tense one for me for about 3 quarters. The Irish really, really got after people defensively during the 1988-89 stretch. We need to get back to that stage, soon.

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