Corwin Brown Sounds Off

Corwin Brown met with the media yesterday, and before answering their questions, the Irish defensive backs coach/co-defensive coordinator went off about Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo’s comments from earlier this week as well as the cut blocks that Navy used this year and last.

In case you missed Niumatalolo’s comments, he said:

I think the one thing that helped us, and I really hope this doesn’t come across wrong, but I think the thing that helped us this year was last year because we knew that they’d line up the same way. We didn’t execute very well last year, and coming into this year they did a great job against us last year defensively, so we had a pretty good clue that they were going to come back and do the same things as they did last year, and we had a few things. We were expecting that same defense that we saw last year.

And here’s video of what Brown had to say courtesy of Rivals/Yahoo.

The cut blocks portion of what Brown talks about is pretty accurate, but going off on Niumatalolo’s comments and claiming the Irish had a hell of a gameplan is going to draw a lot of criticism for Brown from the media and message boards. I agree 100% that the block on Blanton was a cheap play and felt the Navy defender should have been thrown out of the game for it – there’s no place in football for plays like that. That said, I think his message would have carried a lot more weight if it weren’t sandwiched in with his defense of the Notre Dame game plan.

It’s hard to rip a team for their game plan when they came in and ran for 348 yards – 158 of which came in the second half.  Be prepared for many in the national media to turn around and rip Brown for these comments.

Hamilton, Okwara, and Vaughn Continue To Star For Notre Dame In Fall Camp


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  1. Will Holden 10 years ago

    I love the Irish, But we have played one of the weakest schedules in college football, We complete tons of passes because we play schools with no defence. Both top 25 teams we played we lost? and then barely beat teams that were not even in the top 50. If we should pay our way to a bowl game, I hope it is a team so week that our parents could beat them. We need to to get a win for our golden boys.

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  2. SteelFanRob 10 years ago

    Dear Walter,

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! If you’re going to call people out about the quality of their posts you might want to read over and then edit yours first.

    As for the rest of your rant, it’s pure nonsense. One need not be an “All-American” (American is spelled with a capital A, dear Walter, you wordsmith) to have meaningful insights about a game most of us have played and watched all our lives. I don’t think anyone on this board, and I’ve had my run in with a few, claims to be an expert, however. Even when I’ve disagreed with someone’s logic or facts on this board, I’ve never stooped to accusing them of being illiterate.

    I’ve been raised to respect my elders, Walter. And I applaud your years of loyal support for ND football. But don’t disrespect people you don’t know simply because you don’t agree with them.

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  3. Walter Farquis 10 years ago

    I would like to direct my comments to all you experts, arm chair QB”s, that probably were all state football, and basketball players, and probably all american first team greats. Some of you talk like outstanding players and if your accomplishments were as good as your negative approach to Notre Dame football I would accept your criticism. I would venture to say that you drink a case of beer every saturday, and if Notre Dame wins, you beat your kids and then your wife. Notre Dame may never gain the heights that formerly belonged to them, but at least the players can read and write, get a degree, and spell correctly, which is more than some of you can do. Why don’t you experts watch some other channel on Saturday and find fault with other teams. I’m 83 years old and love N.D. even if they do not have a national champion every year. I love the graduation rate of the athletes, their love for the coach’s, the university and all that exemplifies the university. They may not be atop in the polls, but they are in achedemic circles. Compare yourself to the achievements that the players gain in life after football. Where do you stand? I personally hope that Coach Weis returns next year, win or loose. Instead of badgering everything about Notre Dame, why not look at the big picture.

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    1. Joe 10 years ago

      “I would venture to say that you drink a case of beer every saturday, and if Notre Dame wins, you beat your kids and then your wife.”

      Regardless of your age, you are a complete asshole. If you said that to my face I’d snap one of your brittle old arms like a twig, you crusty old fart.

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    2. JDH 10 years ago

      Thank you for posting the dumbest and most inane post in the history of UHND.

      I do however agree with the statement of yours about ND grads being able to spell correctly. I’m glad that proper spelling is important to you. That being said, you may want to proofread your post. Your penchant for spelling didn’t help you with this word:


      Also, your last sentence requires a “?”, not a “.”.

      Walter, in your eyes, always remember that the “N” in “ND” stands for “Nowledge”.

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  4. Melinda 10 years ago

    ND was cut-blocking in this game too (as they should be). Check the 2:54 mark in this link.

    Cut blocking is perfectly legal. Brown should have kept his mouth shut. And Charlie should have publicly apologized to the Navy coach! I’m STILL mad that he didn’t. I don’t mind moving on from the subject, but Brown’s attack was unwarranted and the Navy coach (if you listen to his ENTIRE postgame comments, he was very complimentary of the coaches, staff, school and students at ND) deserved to get a decent “I’m sorry” after getting thrown under the bus unnecessarily.

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  5. Bob 10 years ago

    Does anyone else find it ironic that one of our last chances against Pitt was thwarted by an illegal chop block thrown by us?

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  6. JDH 10 years ago

    If somebody already posted this, then my apologies. Some of the points made we’ve all discussed ad nauseum. But interesting to see other points of view…

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  7. BigJoe5855 10 years ago

    AMEN brotha well said!!!

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  8. DublinOHIrish 10 years ago


    Coaches are making excuses for losing to an inferior opponent because they bullied us with illegal play on the field – IT’S THE SAME THING THEY RAN FOR 43 YEARS STRAIGHT AND BEAT THEM!!

    Die-hard ND fans are arguing about “Chop Blocks” and how bad our defense sucks or they were taken advantage of by cheating…

    This is what happens when you lose these types of games; the bottom is about to fall out!!

    Go Irish!! STOP CHARLIE!!

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  9. Irish Hawk 10 years ago

    Coach Brown sounds like a whining little school girl who didn’t get her way. You have got to be kidding me?!!!! Navy has been running the same gameplan since Staubach was there and the cut blocking has been a part of their scheme as long as I can remember.


    We had not lost to Navy in 40+ years…we have now lost to them 2 times in the last 3…

    Before you start blasting away…take a look in the mirror at the epitome of underachieving….then go look at Navy….the epitome of over achieving.

    Get a clue…

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  10. Ed C 10 years ago

    Interesting that no one has mentioned that this tool Corwin Brown unleashed his little whiny diatribe about Navy’s LEGAL blocking schemes on Veterans Day. Now THAT’s classy.

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  11. Scav 10 years ago

    Some random thoughts:

    Saw on College Football Live that Texas and TCU are giving up an average of 12 points/game. Wouldn’t that be nice if we had a defense like that.

    After seeing what those knuckleheads did at Tenn, I can understand why ND doesn’t want to lower their admission standards.

    If ND wins this week againt Pitt, will it count as the elusive “Signature” win, or will everyone say it doesn’t count because Pitt is in the Big East?

    If Jimmy has a great game and beats Pitt, is he back in the Heisman race?

    Do you think the defensive coaches are going into this game like their paycheck is on the line as well?

    Does anyone else miss Armando right now? I think he would have made a big difference against Pitt.

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  12. joeyknuklehead 10 years ago

    Pitt is as Beatable of a Top 10 team as there is out there.
    This is a perfect opportunity for the Weis to get off the hot seat. I’m still pulling for CW as the offense has gone from the worst ever to one of the best ND has put out there in the course of 2 years.
    As for the defensive coaches – Ian Williams was right … they’ve been out-schemed all season. And who cares if the nose tackle said what ever ND fan paying attention has known all season.

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    1. MMA83d 10 years ago

      Was it really out schemed or a bunch of missed tackles. How many tackles were missed at the line and then a huge gain.

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    2. Domer 10 years ago

      Agreed. Pitt is overrated. I like us for the upset, but don’t think CW is off the hot seat. there are to many good coaches out there and the possibility that CW losses Clausen to the pros makes me think the will blow up this team and start over.

      If, and I mean If Urban Meyers wins another NC, that will be 3 in 5 years. He will have nothing left to prove there and nothing to lose at ND his dream school. If he can’t win at ND, who the hell can?

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  13. Joe 10 years ago

    A win over Pitt is not out of the question. ND is like a wounded animal right now and they’re going to take it out on Pitt. ND wins 38-27.

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    1. Tom 10 years ago

      Quit dreaming

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  14. ND Fan 10 years ago

    Hey blocking whiners, provide any video where Navy did an illegal block where they were not penalized. You will not find one because Navy plays by the rules…Corwin Brown is a loser just like the rest of the ND coaching staff!

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  15. ND Fan 10 years ago

    Hey Shazamrock, Navy does not chop block nimrod…..they cut block which is completely legal in football. Go educate yourself….

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