David Grimes: Upon further review, it’s still a catch

Congratulations David Grimes on one hell of a play. It’s a shame how it was taken from you.

Notre Dame Football: When Is It Ok To Root For Michigan?


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  1. Irisheye62 12 years ago

    Thanks for the response on OSU.
    There are several here in the media in Columbus who think OSU will suprise LSU because they are the underdog and nobody repsects them and on and on and on with the self pity party they like to throw.
    I think it is great to cheer for one’s team. It’s another to HATE everything about everyone else. Those of you who have not been in Columbus should come and see and hear it for yourselves. Sober or not, this is NOT a town to be in when OSU plays their way too easy schedule.
    That said, SEC speed hopefully will take care of it. They said that about Miami too and OSU won that year in the overtime.
    Now the OSU faithful arre whining that they have too much time off before the game. You just can’t win with these guys. One cannot even agree to disagree.
    One more thing -Chris or anyone. WILL ND ADD A 12th game next year? I hope so!
    IF so, who will it be?
    Thanks ND fans. Love the Irish and learn much from all -well most of you!

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  2. Chris 12 years ago

    Everyone else,
    I am now done with and will not refer to Bob anymore.

    Now onto positive things like:

    AARON TAYLOR!!!!!!!!

    ND needs him on staff. Catch his speech on http://www.und.com

    He’s smart articulate and what’s more is inspiring. He’s got the fire that Lou brought to his teams. Aaron is a Joe Moore devote’ and could teach the physicality and ‘nasty’ toughness that Weis so much wants. It’s obvious that Taylor wants to be on Weis’ staff too. catch that speech. We should start a campaign to get him hired. If Weis hires him before winter workouts, I’d bet on Notre Dame winning 9 to 10 games and the bowl game next year. He’s the catalyst they need and a great compliment to the staff.


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  3. Chris 12 years ago

    Here’s a conundrum to put Bob G. in. Tom Pagna has criticized the Weis staff in Blue and Gold. Tom Pagna is a loyal member of the Notre Dame family, having helped Ara bring TWO national championships to Notre Dame. Tom has also helped ND ongoing since 1975 in various ways. So given the criticism, is Pagna who help ND to two national championships of Weis who just went through a 3-9 season anti Notre Dame. Now this is an absurd arguement, but Bob, G. according to your own standard you are in a pickle. Just like you disbarment ten years ago, your own lack of perception won’t allow you to continue along your rants BECAUSE you are either anti Notre Dame being anti Pagna or you are anti NOTRE DAME for being anti Weis. See Bob, the rest of us rational people can criticize Weis’ coaching this year while still wishing him success in the future. But you have to either choose Pagna or Weis and according to your own measure by doing that one way or another, you are anti Notre Dame, Bob. Go be a UCLA booster, BOB, they probably think a disbarred lawyer is OK. WE at Notre Dame are not looking to associate with the unethical.

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  4. Chris 12 years ago

    Ohio State did not handle the Maurice Clarett situation very well. And while Oklahoma’s football program was punished for infractions that the basketball program was guilty of, Ohio State received no such penalty for similar infractions. My wife has relatives both in West Ohio and Columbus. These otherwise rational people are fanatical about Ohio State football. Having spoken with them, I am in full belief that a significant number of Ohio State boosters would gladly cheat just to win a football championship. So while I agree that Tressell himself is an honorable man, there is way too much lack of perspective an too much pressure on the part of OSU boosters. Sooner than later someone there is going to push the program over the ethical edge.

    And OSU’s weak schedule will doom it, against LSU. Talk about speed, this year’s SEC lineup has speed and power. And a big defeat may be exactly what pushes some crazy booster into doing something to put the program at risk.

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  5. leon ward 12 years ago

    About Grime’s catch. Here’s what’s going on. I’m 64 and have been following ND for 54 years. They are a Catholic School called the Fighting Irish. That’s why they get screwed. They have always gotten screwed and will continue to get screwed. It doesn’t matter if it involves Pac 10 refs, ACC refs, Big 10 refs, etc.
    What’s the answer? – Coaches like Lou Holtz whose teams come out of the tunnel with blood in their eyes. Teams that take no prisoners have a better chance of taking the officials out of the game.

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