Grunhard Not Coming Back to Notre Dame Just Yet

Tim Grunhard told Blue and Gold yesterday that it has always been his dream to come back and coach Notre Dame at some point.  Unfortunately that point is just not right now according to BGI.

“I have four kids who are very happy and established in the Kansas City area,” said Grunhard, who met with Charlie Weis last week to interview for the position. “Although it was a nice offer and a great presentation by the people at Notre Dame, it’s probably not the best time to do it. We thought about it long and hard.

“It’s always been my dream to coach at Notre Dame, though, and I think some day it will come to pass.”

Grunhard had been offered a graduate assistant position and interviewed with Charlie Weis last week, but in the end he decided now wasn’t the time.   It’s hard to fault Grunhard much for making the decision he made.  Moving your entire family with four kids in school for a graduate assistant role is really a lot to ask.  Who knows, maybe had the offer been for a position coach, maybe the outcome would have been different.

Hopefully Grunhard will get his chance to come back to coach at Notre Dame at some point in the future.

Now, if Grunhard wants to make up to Notre Dame fans for coming back at this time… he does have 5 star wide receiver Justin McCray on the Bishop Miege HS team he is the head coach for.  Notre Dame is actively recruiting McCray and should be offering a scholarship to the top notch wide out in the near future according to BGI.

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