Some More Hawaii Bowl Highlights

Here’s another set of Hawaii Bowl highlights from the Honolulu Advertiser this time.

Notre Dame Reportedly Set to Name John McNulty New TE Coach


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  1. C-Dog 11 years ago

    Yeah, Utah wins it’s BCS bowl and is from a conference that went 6-1 against the PAC-10 this year. The Mountain West beat six PAC-10 teams this year. And ESPN is trying to push that the PAC-10 is really one of the best conferences. I say then that the Mountain west is as good.

    And to your comments on Pete Carroll’s practice regimen: How do you get to the point of going full speed without ALSO having time set aside for drills and such. Are those then “Homework” assignments? See I think they can dodge the 20 hours of official football as mandated by the NCAA. But to do that the players must “volunteer” to go do workouts on their own time. Well that cuts into classroom time and real homework time if USC has their players enrolled in true college curriculum.
    The minimum load is 12 credit hours. Usually you need 15 to 18 per semester to graduate on time. The rule is 3 hours of homework per credit hour. So even at the minimum, that’s 36 plus the actual 12 hours of class for 48. Add 56 for sleep, for a total of 92. Add the 20 for “allowable football” time. Add 21 for three meals a day for 7 days assuming an hour per meal. That total’s 145. There 168 hours in a week. So at the minimum load, there are 23 hours left over to do whatever else you need to do. That assumes the players don’t have extra homework from their classes, labs, etc. Also, travel may not be included in the NCAA mandated 20 hours.

    Seems doable but I’m still skeptical that Carroll is following the rules without serious bending.

    But I also think Weis needs to read “The Inner Game of Tennis” the book Carroll subsrcibes to. Remember Patton read Rommel before beating him on the battlefield.

    Ah, who know’s maybe Carroll will jump if the watchdogs start homing in. Otherwise, Weis might want to have the answer next year just to keep his job.

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