Notre Dame – Ball State Highlights: Irish Barely Beat Mighty MAC

A week after a thrilling win over Michigan to start the season, Notre Dame turned in an uninspired performance that nearly ended in disaster.  The Irish, a 34.5 point favorite over a bottom feeding MAC program, squeaked out a 24-16 win to improve to 2-0 on the season.  The narrow victory, however, has create many more questions than answers for the Irish just a week after it looked like Notre Dame could have a special team on it hands.

We’ll have plenty more on this one, but for now enjoy these highlights and try to forget that the rest of the game happened.


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  1. Greg Kelly 1 year ago

    Fitz, I would hardly call BS “ weak” . This is college ball. The super dog like a App. St. Can pull off the upset. By the way did you see the Cardinal basketball players outside the Gym still celebrating their upset victory last year. Hope Cole Kmet can return to action.

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    1. George 1 year ago

      No, they’re not weak – just the second worst team in the MAC. A highly respected program too. That’s why they were only five touchdown underdogs

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      1. MrP 1 year ago

        Last year BS was slated to be on top of the MAC until injuries thwarted it. This year all those players are back. I was more worried about this game then most.

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  2. Fitz 1 year ago

    One of thos “bad wins” when playoff ballots are comptemplated. Great teams do not have let downs after big wins, and certainly not at home against an opponent as weak as Ball St. the Irish got outplayed and out coached by a lesser team. I still content the running offense is just average but am hopeful that changes if and when Williams returns. Wimbush’s look great for awhile and unaffective at times is frustrating, but he is 11-3 as a starting QB. Not ready to bail on him right now.

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    1. david 1 year ago

      Let me count the ND playoff ballots for you real quick.

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  3. david 1 year ago

    So to the posters saying how “ND should be ashamed for scheduling Ball State”.
    Really? Looks like that was a good choice.
    Unlike their choice of head coach, whose incompetence is the reason games against teams like Ball State are a toss-up.

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  4. Paul Kindlon 1 year ago

    It is clear that Wimbush must not be the starter. He is so inconsistent and a reckless passer.

    Jump balls are becoming the norm. Not good.

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  5. Pete 1 year ago

    Very disappointed. Start Book against Vanderbilt and start playing Jurkovec. It appears the coaches were bent on Wimbush being a pocket passer and that is clearly not acc strength. Also line didn’t help him either very much. .

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