Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Look Top 10 Team in Drubbing of Wake

Notre Dame looked like a top 10 team for the first time since the opening weekend on Saturday in a 56-27 drubbing of Wake Forest in the first start of the season for Ian Book.  Brian Kelly rolled the dice by making a change at quarterback this week and it paid off with Book accounting for five Irish touchdowns (2 passing, 3 rushing).

Tony Jones and Jafar Armstrong added rushing touchdowns on top of Book’s.  Chase Claypool and Brock Wright were the recipients of the Book passing scores.

Notre Dame improved to 4-0 on the season with the victory as they prepare to host a potential top 10 opponent next week – pending the result of tonight’s Stanford-Oregon contest.  The Irish host the Cardinal next Saturday for their second primetime contest of the year.

Much more to follow as we slice and dice this.  For now, enjoy the highlights.

This Notre Dame-Clemson ACC Championship Hype Video Looks Back at Series History

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  1. There can be no question that Stanford’s defense is excellent. Three second half turnovers, counting the one in overtime, and stunning pass coverage in the closing minutes and then in overtime too.

    BGC ’77 ’82

  2. FOUR.
    The next two weeks the calculation changes a bit because we face two defenses that are very good, like the “M” defense was. We may see one or both of the games become a low scoring defensive struggle. But having successfully rearranged the deck chairs, I’m happy to report that the Titanic has righted herself in the water, and Stanford is dead ahead.

    The only thing left to do then is to bring the big boat up to ramming speed…so “damn the torpedoes…full speed ahead” as M. Farragut put it.

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. BGC, sure would like to see that V hoisted up next week. Lots of hard work ahead for the Irish. This has to be Books dream come through, lining up vs. the Cardinal. And, if we can get Dexter back, we will need all hands.

  3. I believe what convinced me most about Book was him leading those three touchdown drives in the third quarter that put the game to rest. It was a night and day difference between what we saw before to what we saw today.

  4. R brooks on the post game show , what game did you watch? IB looks like a real quarterback, there’s no comparison. I know WF blows but holy moley, what a diff .

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