How Hot is Charlie Weis’s Seat?

It seems almost unfathomable to think we have gotten to this point in year four of the Weis Era after the way in which Weis started his Notre Dame career, but with the Irish sitting at 5-4 the questions regarding Charlie Weis being on the hot seat have begun to pop up.  The reason, of course, is the latest clunker by the Irish – a 17-0 shutout to a rather mediocre Boston College team which had lost two straight games coming into the contest.

According to Chicago Sun Times reporter Neil Hayes, another loss this weekend might dial up the temperature on Weis’s seat even more.

Whether Weis has lost the confidence of his team is one question. Whether he is losing the confidence of his superiors is another.

If the Irish lose to Navy on Saturday, which hardly seems out of the realm of possibility now, Weis might be fired before he is able to limp off the field. Bob Davie, after all, had one more win during his first 46 games than Weis has now. Tyrone Willingham’s winning percentage was .583; Weis’ is .587. Perhaps most damning of all, Notre Dame is now 1-15 in its last 16 games against winning teams.

It seems crazy to think we’ve gotten to this point after the way Weis had the Irish playing in 2005 and 2006, but this is the situation we find ourselves in.  On paper there is no way the Irish should lose to Navy this weekend.  The speed and athleticism edge is so much in favor of the Irish that even a poor performance by Notre Dame should still result in a win so hopefully Hayes’s question is moot, but articles like these are not going to go away anytime soon.

Weis was asked again on Sunday about his “decided schematic advantage” remark four years ago and it seems like now that Weis is down, the media is going to use it as often as they can.  It seems pretty clear that Weis regrets the remark based on his answers, but it also seems clear that Weis bravado which we once all loved is going to come back to bite him if the on field results for Notre Dame continue to be as dismal as they’ve been the last 2 weeks.

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  1. Rebecca Hamilton 10 years ago

    Does anyone feel Bill Parcells or Joe Montana has a chance of being named?
    This place has Montana listed at crazy odds but I dont think is possible.

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  2. Chris 11 years ago

    Almost forgot to C-Dog – with the money the University brings in in any given year – yes they can buy out Charlies contract. It would be a drop in the bucket by comparison. Well at least White is gone – that helps but we are still gonna be under a cloud until Weis is replaced. This team should not be going backwards AGAIN for two years straight. That my friends is due to coaching. Joe Moore is gonna kick Latinas butt when he see him again….

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