Repost – Irish Stewed: Fun with Numbers

The follow post was written in the middle of the season by UHND’s own McSweeney.   Originally posted on November 13, the entry ended up be prophetic as Kelly was named the head coach at Notre Dame 27 days later.  Here is a run down of some impressive statistics from Kelly has amased over the past few seasons in Cincinnati.

Brian Kelly was officially named the 29th head coach of the University of Notre Dame Thursday night. (Photo - Icon SMI)

Seven: The number of Div I-A football programs to post a 90% graduation rate in 2008, two of which were Notre Dame and the University of Cincinnati. (The Div I-A average is 55%.)

#1: The Cincinnati Bearcats’ standing in the Big East Team Academic Excellence Award, signifying the highest collective GPA among the league’s football squads

#4: The Bearcats’ overall academic ranking among the 2008 BCS final Top 25 based on the teams’ most recent federal graduation rates, the gap between the teams’ graduation rates and the overall schools’ graduation rates, and the gap between the teams’ black-white player graduation rates’ disparity and the overall schools’ disparity. (Alabama was ranked 15th, Oklahoma was ranked 20th, Florida was ranked 21st, Texas was ranked 24th.)

6-16: The Big Ten’s overall bowl record the last three seasons, including a 0-6 mark in BCS bowls.

12-4: The Big East’s overall bowl record the last three seasons, including a 2-1 mark in BCS bowls.

Six: The number of starting QBs Brian Kelly has had at Cincinnati in the last two seasons.

10: The number of starters Cincinnati lost off its defense after 2008.

22: The number of seniors Cincinnati lost after 2008.

31-0: The Cincinnati Bearcats’ record under Brian Kelly when entering the fourth quarter with a lead.

2: The Bearcats total number of lost fumbles in 2009. Prior to the WVU matchup (in which they fumbled), Cincy was the only team in Div I-A to not surrender a single fumble–a string of more than nine games and 37 quarters–all season.

0.33: The combined average number of college games coached by Gerry Faust, Bob Davie and Charlie Weis when they took the ND job.

196: The combined average number of college football games coached by Ara Parseghian, Dan Devine and Lou Holtz when they took the ND job.

231: The number of games Brian Kelly will have been a college football head coach at the end of the 2009 season.


Hightlights from Notre Dame's '19 Senior Day Romp of Boston College


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  1. David 10 years ago

    Pathetic – the only way i can describe the current state of ND football.

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  2. Bill Meehan 10 years ago

    Thanks Guys.

    I appreciate the advice

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    1. brad F 10 years ago

      Def enjoy Chicago on the trip. It is a fantastic town. And make sure you get to ND early. I am jealous. Have an awesome time with your baby bro.

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  3. David 10 years ago

    ESPN reports that the raiders may be interested in picking Jimmy Clausen as the first QB off the board next year due to his touch on the deep ball.

    This may be good news for us. If Jimmy knows anything about the Raiders, he will want to come back to ND for one more year.

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    1. svenghali 10 years ago

      ESPN will try as hard as possible to convince Jimmy to go pro. They love ND sucking more than anyone.

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  4. brad F 10 years ago

    We do have a good hoops team to cheer on this year so all is not lost. Wish they were in the Big Ten and not the Big East. I would rather face Mich St and Purdue each year instead of UConn, Louisville, Nova, Pitt, etc… Harangody looked sharp the other night.

    On the football front I see a big win this week against UConn and then a tight one against Stanford.

    Go Irish!!!!

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  5. Shazamrock 10 years ago

    Perhaps you could have said “Remind the Irish that this is their last home game so make it a good one”
    But that’s not your style, is it?
    Hey, there is only 2 games left anyway, why change now.

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    1. Joe 10 years ago

      Uh, okay. Good one.

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  6. bleednd82 10 years ago


    In South Bend I would def go visit the College Football Hall of Fame. Tour the ND campus. I’d try and stay at the downtown Marriot for hotel and its pretty nice place. Its close to campus. Good places to eat. Pizza go to Rocco’s. Its right off campus and is very pro ND crowd. Great Pizza.

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    1. Chris 10 years ago

      Come on Bleed – I would defintiely recommend Brunos! Roccos is however a close 2nd! Great ZA anyway you slice it in South Bend!

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  7. Bill Meehan 10 years ago


    Slightly off topic.

    So, I’m getting to attend my First ND game in South Bend this weekend. And I need to pick up my little brother at the airport in Chicago Friday Evening. Neither of us has ever been to Chicago. Any ideas for places to eat in/around Chicago, and places to make sure we stop by in South Bend? (Worth noting: my brother’s 18, so I can’t take him to any 21+ bars)
    (Also worth noting, I’m really really tempted to stop by Kitty O’Shea’s and ask for the ‘Heddinger Special’)

    Also, words cannot express how much I’m looking forward to Saturday.

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    1. DocBinge79 10 years ago

      Enjoy your trip. Not sure which airport you are picking your brother up at (O’Hare or Midway), but there is a nice Irish Pub I take my kids to not far from the expressway in either case that is called the Kerry Piper. It is in Willowbrook right off of I55 and Route 83. Shepard’s Pie is pretty outstanding as well as the Fish & Chips.

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      1. brad F 10 years ago

        You are in for a special trip. Get to the campus early so you can take a full walk around the place. Make sure to go to the grotto by the water. It is pretty cool to see. Tailgating is off the charts there. In Chicago I would hit Harry Caray’s Restaurant. It has a cool pub vibe. Your brother could get in because it is a restaurant. The Blackhawk lounge is pretty cool as well. Make sure to head to Wrigley. The outside of the stadium is cool to see as it is an era of the past that you do not see anymore. The hood around it is cool. Have fun. You are in for a treat.

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    2. C-Dog 10 years ago

      Definitely tour the campus. Sacred Heart and the Grotto are a must. The interior of the admin building is amazing since the refurb. The Lakes, the Log Cabin…maybe the Rock. Then walk through LaFortune and pass the Peace Memorial ( Stonehenge ).
      Off campus? Hacienda is good. Bleed’s suggestion for Rocco’s is an excellent one.
      One cool thing is the whitewater raceway. South Bend would have been part of the Olympics had Chicago gotten it. There are a few nice resturants along that area too.

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    3. Shazamrock 10 years ago


      This will be Uconn’s first trip to ND as well. Make sure you remind them all day long
      of who they’re playing, and where they are playing at.
      GO IRISH!

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      1. Joe 10 years ago

        Also remind UConn that they’re supposed to lose this game. Apparently Syracuse and Navy never got the memo.

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    4. Chris 10 years ago

      Bill – Be sure to stop in at Corbys and have a few! Great bar – thats where they also filmed a portion of Rudy. We stop first thing every time we travel to South Bend –

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      1. C-Dog 10 years ago

        Somebody corrected me recently. I thought all those bars in that intersection got shut down in the 80s.

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      2. DocBinge79 10 years ago

        Different location – the triangle that was a standard for most of us in the 70’s (Bridget McGuire’s Filling Station, Nickies and Corby’s) are all closed down or moved to different locations. Fond memories indeed.

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      3. C-Dog 10 years ago

        Thanks Doc,
        I thought that was the deal. Seemed like they closed everything in the 80’s. The purge by the South Bend police seemed to hit it’s peak in 86′ Basically Senior Bar or a Old Swill run to the store was your choice.
        I think now South Bend has finally realized ND is why it still exists. And with the new Nanotechnology grant a really good relationship should help the student / towns people get along.

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  8. Chris 10 years ago

    Update this friggin blog already – I am stewed with stewed!!!!

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