Kelly Names Rees Starter

When Brian Kelly named Dayne Crist the starting quarterback for the 2011 season, he said that he expected Crist to start all 13 games.  Well, heading into game number two, Kelly has already made the change to Tommy Rees after the sophomore came off the bench last weekend and nearly rallied the Irish from a 16 point deficit. will have more later on Kelly’s decision and how it affects the Irish this weekend against Michigan.

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  1. Gipper 8 years ago

    How about this angle: I am giving you a $250,000 education and a chance to be a member of the best football program in the country. So if I feel the need to MF you, or question your manhood, by all means I’m going to.

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  2. jack 8 years ago

    BK is paid to win games and graduate students. If he doesn’t do it he will be gone. I coached and if a player made a physical error it happens, but if they made a mental error on something I drilled in practice that drove me insane. I had ten pounds of their ass when they got over to the sidelines. That is just being lazy and not self disciplined. After my players left me and went to the Varsity program, they didn’t get that feed back and became lazy and made those stupid mistakes. They told me they knew if they were not paying attention to details all the time they would not only let their team down but also let me down as a coach. They looked at us as a family and they missed that when they left me. They wanted me to be all over them. At the same time as a coach you need to read the player and also pick them up when they are at rock bottom. I think BK knows what he is doing and will be able to push the right buttons to get what he needs to out of the player.

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