Kelly ‘Very Optimistic’ Floyd Will Play

Michael Floyd - Notre Dame WR

For weeks now all signs have been pointing to Michael Floyd suiting up and not missing any games for Notre Dame due to his spring arrest for driving under the influence and on Monday there was more evidence supporting that indication.

All signs continue to point to Michael Floyd, shown here in 2010 game action, being reinstated for his senior season at Notre Dame.

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Brian Kelly is “very optimistic” that Floyd will take care of everything he needs to take care of in order to satisfy the requirements Kelly put in place for Floyd to be reinstated for his senior season.

“He’s still actively involved in doing the things he needs to take care of,” Kelly said. “He’s finishing up some community service work, he just turned that in. He’s got some work to do on some other personal issues. But he’s making good progress. I’m very optimistic right now.

Last week Kelly cleared Floyd to participate in voluntary team workouts and conditioning training and we learned that Floyd is expected to entered into a plea agreement possibly as soon as the end of June.  Both of these developments led many to believe that Floyd was on course for being reinstated and today’s tidbit from Kelly only further backs that up.

Kelly hasn’t backed down from his all or nothing stance on Floyd at all.  Floyd will either meet the requirements he was given for reinstatement and play every game, or he’ll miss the entire season if he slips up just once or fails to take care of everything he needs to.

The last major hurdle for Floyd could be the plea agreement as there is no way Kelly would reinstate the star receiver before his legal matters are taken care of.   The original report about Floyd entering into a plea in June mentioned the date of June 28 as a possible date.  That would be weeks from yesterday and a month before Notre Dame begins fall camp.

Floyd still has some work to do in order to be on the field on September 3rd against South Florida, but for now it still appears Floyd is headed on a path that leads to his reinstatement for the 2011 season.

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  1. brian 9 years ago
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  2. 9 years ago

    It’s time to move the discussion on. There are plenty of other topics to discuss with the season coming and plenty of other posts that can be debated right now. Let’s move on from this one.

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    1. Irish 9 years ago

      Agreed! This horse is dead.

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  3. Footnut 9 years ago

    I’ve posted this before on other articles about Mike, and I’ll post it again. @A Fan, as much as I feel for your loss over your friends who have lost their lives to drunk driving, Floyd isn’t the one who did it. As someone who has a DUI, I feel for Floyd, and if he feels anything close to how I felt during the whole time I was trying to get everything squared away (court dates, lawyer, legal fees, court fees, fines, classes, MADD panel, paperwork, restricted licenses, etc.), I’m sure he’s remorseful. I’m a functioning member of society who pays their taxes, helps others in need, and loves his family and friends. I’m also a functioning member of society who LEARNED HIS LESSON; I don’t drink nearly as often, when I do drink, it’s only in moderation, and I always have a designated driver when I drink. Yes, he’s had 1 or 2 other alcohol-related violations before the DUI, but those type of violations don’t have nearly the societal disdain as a DUI, thus, it is likely Floyd didn’t think those violations were big deals either. I know a few others who have DUIs, and they’ve also learned their lessons. With Floyd having more to lose that depend on his ability to learn and grow from this unfortunate experience, it is likely he will be successful and move on.

    The law is not only to punish (in certain schools of thought, it’s theoretically not supposed to be used as punishment at all), but to correct and rehabilitate. The penalties of a fist offender should be more than enough for Floyd to learn his lesson. And if you know the penalties of a second offender, if Floyd became one, he would have much more to worry about than football; MUCH stiffer penalties.

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  4. Toulmin H. Brown 9 years ago

    I can’t help but be happy. Excellent

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  5. JC 9 years ago

    A Fan’s and Nova’s MORONIC comments about ND are ones of classic naysayers frivolously claiming fanship. It should be an immediate grasp of the obvious they are not real ND fans like a few others on this site. It becomes even more obvious when they intend to inflick their brand of twisted personal litmus nonsense here. These people are clueless of the ND experience for which we need no lecture from outsiders about our ND values taught to us. The self-ordained outside vigilance committe is what is. And it is America, a real Republic where everyone is entitled to their ya or nay opinion. Like Jack has so eloquently spoken “Get over it”.

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    1. NovaNation 9 years ago

      I’ve been a fan my whole life and will always be a fan. I’ve invested an innumerable amount of time and money on ND which I would never go back and change. I just don’t want the university to compromise its values for the sake of a game (I’m not saying that’s the case here).

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      1. NDforever 9 years ago

        Nova stop inventing myths. Look up George Gipps personal problems before, during and after being a student at Notre Dame before you start lecturing what Notre Dame is or ever was.

        Students make mistakes. That’s just a fact of life.

        You don’t decide who stays or who goes based on your personal value system. This isn’t a democracy. Notre Dame is a private institution. No tax money or public funds are ever solicited or taken by them. This means that whatever the university decides to do with one it its students, is up to the university and not up to the public.

        If you were in charge and would do something different then fine. But you’re not in charge. So that’s where your outrage ends here my friend.

        You’ve stated your point and the University has made its decision as well. Either get back in line or get out of the way.

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  6. SteelFanRob 9 years ago


    Excellent points and over-all observation. You’re right, of course. I’m done dealing with those whose personal issues, however painful, prejudice them against ND, to the point that they’re almost accusing her of criminal negligence. It’s that very last point (i.e., ND’s alleged negligence in the MF case), however, which I believe deserves a more full-throated rebuttal from the school’s loyal sons (and daughters). Where’s the outrage from those self-appointed arbiters of who is and who isn’t a real ND fan?

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  7. jack 9 years ago

    A question to all the people disputing the decision that BK and the administration made. When a prosecutor and a defense attorney plea bargain a charge down is that wrong, or should every person being charged receive the maximum sentence. When Michael Floyd goes in front of a judge for St. Joseph’s county and he accepts a plea bargain and he gets a lessor charge are they wrong? Decisions are made you can either agree or disagree but in the end it is up to the governing body. Right now that governing body is BK, Office of Residence life at ND and a Judge in St. Joseph’s county. Let them deal out the punishment and leave it. Enough with this debate he will eithere play every game or sit the year. Get over it, we can all have opinions, but in the end if this fails or is a success it falls on the shoulders of the people who made the decision.

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  8. SteelFanRob 9 years ago

    If “A Fan” or Nova had limited their assessments to the MF case only, I’d say let bygones by bygones. But that’s not the full extent of their points, is it. No. Instead, they also are presuming to impugn the integrity of ND by their specious accusations and insinuations. You bet that causes me “intellectual discomfort.” It should cause any true ND supporter angst to have Our Lady’s school defamed, by anyone and anywhere.

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  9. JC 9 years ago


    So how do we know we know? What should be the appropriate outcome cast in granite? If you have ever served jury duty you know its only one or two people who herd the sheep into a decision. And in this case, the sheep are NOT allowed to participate and the sheep are not getting paid to make this decision. So you are indeed correct, nothing here matters because it is definately out of our hands. Personal assumptions are just that. It is unfortunate that many seem to be experiencing too much intellectual discomfort over this issue with MF. Its really not a new ultrasophisticated issue and seems to be more than straight forward. However, if we were all perfect in our decisions we would not have anything to improve upon.

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