Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Contact

Aaron Lynch, shown here in the Blue Gold Game, was impressive in one on one drills during the first day of full contact practice for Notre Dame. (Photo - Icon SMI)
Aaron Lynch, shown here in the Blue Gold Game, was impressive in one on one drills during the first day of full contact practice for Notre Dame. (Photo - Icon SMI)

Today was the first day Notre Dame could practice with full contact and thanks to the University’s YouTube channel, we have some video the look at including some great shots of the “rodeo drill” (formerly referred to as the Irish Eyes drill under Weis).

I’d like to preface this by saying it’s tough to make many observations out of a few minutes of practice footage that is really just one on one drills, but let’s get to the video…

And now on to some observations…

  • Aaron Lynch.  Wow.  It’s been said many times but it’s just hard to believe the kid is a true freshman.  He squared off against Jordan Prestwood and Christian Lombard and won both contests easily drawing some noise from his fellow defenders.  By season’s end he is going to be on the field a lot.
  • Fellow freshman Stephon Tuitt was pretty impressive as well.  He is just massive for a freshman.  He wasn’t as impressive as Lynch, but give him some time and he’ll be in the mix too.
  • Louis Nix was probably the most impressive in the one on ones.  He is another massive individual and is really the perfect fit for the middle of the Irish defensive line.  He’ll play a bunch this year, but its hard not to get excited about what this kid might be able to do a few seasons from now after more time with Paul Longo.
  • The linebackers didn’t stand out too much in this drill which is a little bit disappointing, but this footage was also very limited so it’s way too early to make many conclusions there.
  • Prestwood really got a lot of work in this video and was taking on a number of different defenders.  He held his own for the most part, but it definitely looks like he’ll need a vacation on Longo beach this off-season before he’s ready to get into the playing time mix.  Still nice to see him battle and fight in each drill though.

That’s about all I got for now.  Tough to make many conclusions here outside of just being impressed with Lynch and Nix at this point.

Here’s some bonus video from yesterday also courtesy of the University’s YouTube channel focusing on the Irish cornerbacks.  I posted a lot about the running back position and the lack of depth there today but will have some more on the corners later this week.

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  1. Brandon 6 years ago

    I really like the size of Lynch. He reminds me of Julius Peppers.

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  2. Brandon 6 years ago

    are those lines on the top of the jerseys gonna be on them during gameday? I’m not a fan

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    1. Patrick 6 years ago

      I hope not.

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  3. Rob 6 years ago

    Nix was dominant in these drills. I think he’s going to be a player other team’s offensives are going to have to gameplan for. There is nice rotation pieces as well, which should help to keep him fresh. Very impressed with Lynch as well. This kid is going to be a stud and it might not have to wait until 2012 to happen.

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