Could Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey Fall Out of 1st Round?

A year ago it might have sounded crazy to ask this question, but could Notre Dame left tackle Mike McGlinchey – a consensus 1st team All-American – fall out of the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft next month?  One draft expert seems to think so.  In Mel Kiper Jr’s latest mock draft for ESPN, the worldwide leader’s draft “guru” does not have McGlinchey getting selected in any of the first 32 picks.

Kiper’s entire mock draft is actually pretty light on tackles in general with just three being selected.  A scenario that would be very hard to imagine playing out in real life given the premium that NFL teams place on the tackle position.

  • #12: Kolton Miller (UCLA)
  • #16: Orlando Brown (Oklahoma)
  • #30: Geron Christian (Louisville)

Kiper does mention McGlinchey as a possibility for the Vikings at #30, but that is about it.  Now, Mike Mayock on the other hand – who said last week that Quenton Nelson should get selected in the top 5 – has a completely different take on McGlinchey.  Mayock has him as the top tackle in the draft and recently raved about him.

“So the reason I have him as the No. 1 tackle in the draft, and by the way, I believe very much that those other tackles — Orlando Brown, Connor Williams — are in the same category as players, but I love two things about Mike McGlinchey. I love that he got coached by Harry Hiestand at Notre Dame, which tells me when he comes out, he’s going to be ready to play. I don’t care if you put him at right tackle or left tackle, he’s going to be ready to play.

“And, number two, his work ethic and passion for the game of football is unparalleled. So I know what I’m getting with that kid, and that’s why I bang the table for him.”

McGlinchey was a mainstay on the Irish offensive line for the last three years, but despite being a two-time captain, a consensus All-American, and an overall perfect example of what a student athlete at Notre Dame should be, he was at times a polarizing figure among Notre Dame fans.  Some short sighted fans could never get passed McGlinchey’s missed block at the end of the Georgia game that resulted in Brandon Wimbush’s game ending fumble.

Never mind the three seasons of dominating offensive line play from the guy though right?  But I digress.

In my post on Nelson I mentioned that selfishly I hoped that Nelson wouldn’t end up in New York with the Giants because I’m an Eagles fan.  Well, I’m going to be selfish again and this time hope for my Eagles, who need a tackle of the future with Jason Peters nearing retirement and coming off an ACL injury.  McGlinchey is a Philly native and would look mighty good playing for the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Notre Dame Alum Zack Martin Named to NFL's All-Decade Team


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  1. Positive Pete 2 years ago

    What steams my beans is that McGlinchey is being driven out of the first round by some hootenanny on ESPN ? ? ? What does this guy know about football ? I don’t remember him catching those Super Bowl passes from Joe Montana!!! The problem for McGlinchey is that everyone expected perfection. The UGA miss did hurt him. As my Grandpappy use to say “These are kids. They make mistakes.” However, someone is going to get the steal of the draft in him, like Jaylon Smith in the draft a few years ago! Positive Pete Pop Quiz of the Day; Who was the player selected with the 82nd pick of the draft in 1979? It turned out to be a disaster for that team that set them back for years ??????

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    1. Positive Pete 2 years ago

      It was none other than Joe Montana picked that late. It turned out pretty good for him and it will turn out pretty good for McGlinchey!!!!! Go IRISH!!!!!

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  2. Doc Savage 2 years ago

    Kmart in Redlands, California has a cheese/pep/sausage and blk olive pie to die for. You can order it inside the store at their little Caesar franchise outlet.

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  3. Keith 2 years ago

    I can’t see anyone taking Orlando Brown ahead of MM after Brown’s performance at the draft today. 14 reps on the bench is extraordinarily low for a first round talent. I’m not sure the draft really tells us very much, but that’s going to make teams pause.

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  4. Greg Kelly 2 years ago

    Who gets me more excited than anything else is the selection of Mr. Irrelevant. Never a Domer to earn such a distinction. ESB sure qualifies. Falcons can use him.

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  5. Greg Kelly 2 years ago

    Michael, Harrison, and Kyle will welcome big Mike to the Twin Cities. They know all the top eateries.

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  6. Rob 2 years ago

    I like McGlinchey a lot as a player and person, and is an easy player to draft for those reasons. He does sometimes have issues with speed rushes, so probably better at right tackle than left in the NFL. But I think he would do well at either spot, and if he falls out of the first round, will be a steal for whoever takes him.

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  7. Greg Kelly 2 years ago

    McGlinchey are sure All- Pro. Hall of Famer. Team Leader, just scratching His potential. When Vikings take Him He will have His name up on US Bank Stadium alongside Yary in years to come.

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    1. southside 2 years ago

      McGinchey and Nelson to Da Bears—united with HH. They will love Chicago deep dish pizza—so much better than the that card board pizza slice from New York. As far as Viking country up north—it’s famous for “The Land of 10,000 lakes” , yet nothing about pizza. Go Bears !

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      1. Michael the Archangel 2 years ago

        Southside, that would be quite a feat if the Bears pulled that off.
        Going by their history of poor choices on draft day, it would be a pleasant surprise.
        It would make sense to help out the Bears second year #2 pick if they blocked better for him.
        But I’m wondering if Nelson will even be available by the 8th pick. If he is, no way Bears new line coach won’t put in a pitch for him.
        Go Bears . . .da Bears

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      2. duranko 2 years ago

        Southside, I love ya, even though I remain fearful that you and Curme are trying to relocate
        Notre Dame to da Sout’ Side.

        But on this one, to quote Walter Sobchack “Donny, you’re out of your element!”

        You have two options:

        Squan Tavern in Manasquan, New Jersey.

        then cross the river and get a pie at Patsy’s in the Bronx

        Chicago deep dish is a food, but a hemaphrodite. In response to “Edit’s” question about a hemaphrodite, which Mike mentioned, Archie turned full tilt scholar and announced:

        “What you got here Edit’ is a ‘morphodite’ little bit of each, not enough of either.”

        So too this wire coathanger abortion that is Chicago Deep Dish. It suffers from a hemaprhoditic ambiguity regarding whether it is more shepherd’s pie or pizza.

        Patsy’s and the Squan tavern know who and what they are.

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  8. ndcrazymike 2 years ago

    That would be a perfect spot for both McGlinchey and our EAGLES!! Played ball with his uncle GREAT FAMILY GREAT KID!!! Hope he comes back home!!

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    1. southside 2 years ago

      Philly Cheese Steak — overrated. Will never compare to a Chicago beef/peppers/soaked in juice–on an Italian bun.

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      1. ndcrazymike 2 years ago

        Cheese steaks, hoagies, hot roast pork sandwich, crabfries, and soft pretzles are the reason MM is the #1 tackle in this draft!! ( ok maybe not the reason ) And don’t forget the PHILLY SPECIAL!! IM with SOUTHSIDE and CURME hoping NELSON does go to DA BEARS!! Also hoping the EAGLES bring JOSH ADAMS BACK HOME!!! GO IRISH GO TAILGATING!!!!

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      2. Bruce Gregory Curme 2 years ago

        Agree 100% on Chicago Italian beef.

        La Crosse, IN

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  9. JohnF 2 years ago

    I’m good with McGlinchey being available at pick #34

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    1. southside 2 years ago

      I like #34—-deep dish pizza with 10 toppings , a beef/sausage combo on au juice italian bun—and side order of garlic fries.

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