Wake Up the Echoes: No Letdown Here Edition

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The last time Notre Dame  was a double digit underdog on the road to a lower ranked team before last Saturday, they went into their opponent’s house and took care of business leaving no doubt who the better team was to improve to 8-0 on the season only to travel back to South Bend the following weekend and fall victim to a classic letdown situation by losing to a hapless Boston College team.

A week after beating Oklahoma 30-13 in their own house, the Irish again travel back home to face a Pitt team that while improved, should not offer much in terms of resistance if the Irish play to their potential.

In other words, let’s all hope Brian Kelly has the lads better prepared than Ty did in 2002 and they avoid another letdown and continue their mach towards perfection this season. So, without further ado, I give you this week’s Wake Up the Echoes

We’ll start off with Notre Dame’s official primer for the Pitt game.

Here’s Jones Gray ripping off a 79 yarder last year against PItt. I would post the full highlights but that was seriously one of the most painful wins I can remember watching in a while.

Big running days are nothing normal for Notre Dame running backs against PItt though, just ask Julius Jones.

Or Allen Pinkett

Notre Dame faced Pitt during Dan Devine’s third season as well as the Irish marched towards a title that year… just saying.

By the way, in case you forgot, the Irish beat the Sooners 30-13 last weekend.

And here are some highlights from this season so far in case you forgot the Irish are 8-0.

Speaking of the Irish, here they come.

And just for fun… remember, everyone needs to keep their composure following the big win… nobody FREAK OUT. We’ve come too far!


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  1. C-Dog 5 years ago

    Emil T. – loved that guy!!

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  2. irisheye62 5 years ago

    Mark May is to be pitied.
    He said nothing or next to nothing about ND’s incredible performance last week against Oklahoma. He has a strong dislike ( or hate) for both Ohio State and Notre Dame. A team deserves credit ( except the Hurricanes, LOL)
    when they do well.
    Watch his body language, the look in his eyes and then listen to him when either OSU or ND loses. ( No -I’m not an OSU fan–just notice it because I live here) I don’t know WHY he has such disdain for the programs.
    ( Especially when the list of Crimes from Jimmy Johnson’s era are ten miles long and would make anyone blush)
    I like Pittsburgh Univ. and it is my hope that one of my nephews could play there. Hand it to Pitt, they play ND very well and when the Irish go there , it can be a tough place to play. Think back to 1990, when the Irish beat the scumcanes of Miami 29-20 and then played and barely beat Pitt 31-22 the week after. We lacked speed and it wasn’t pretty but we got the job done. I pray this does not happen this week. Big win over Boomer Sooner, momentum at home in November is a must.
    As for Mark May, he is insecure and cannot compliment a team when they do well–especially if it is ND –or even OHio State. So much for reporting stats and being objective. If May is keeping company with Johnson, that should speak volumes. THE REAL REASON he even mentioned ND is that he wants ND to lost SO bad so he feels vindicated for some reason. I’m sure his wife is glad to see the back of his head as he leaves the house for the studio. I’m sure ESPN has several counselors and therapists on their health care plan.

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  3. George 5 years ago

    I hate Mark May as much as the next guy, but David Pollack is not far behind. In fact I think he’s worse. Mark May has simply become an act, obviously. But Pollack really thinks he knows his stuff, and his worship of the SEC is just beyond ridiculous. He’s welcome to think whatever the heck he wants, but don’t bring it to your job every single week. Grow up, pal.

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  4. Patrick 5 years ago

    I could care less what Mark May, or any other pundit say. I just look forward to watching Notre Dame play – and win. Whether it’s by 3 points for 31.

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  5. Jack 5 years ago

    Mark May is an idiot. I hope he read the latest edition of ESPN and found that three Pitt football players are being questioned in an assault. Also if you read the article closer the one kid new the Pitt football player from a class they took about Vampires. Are you kidding me a class on Vampires, I wish I went to a school that had dumb jock classes like that. I could have watched Twilight and written a paper.

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    1. SteelFanRob 5 years ago


      I’m not saying this is the case with the Pitt course on “Vampires,” but I’m confident I can craft a serious and rigorous seminar on that topic.

      I’d begin by exploring the history, collective memory, and folklore about Vampires in both Old and New Worlds (focusing on Eastern Europe). I’d then engage the serious and popular literature and representations of Vampires, e.g., Vampires as objects of sexual interest. The class could also explore social, political, and Church responses to the perceived threat of vampirism (although this could be covered in the historical section). Lastly, and only at the very end of the term, would I cover pop culture. I’d focus on BBC’s “Being Human” (very much a British hoi-poloi production, driven by plots and character development), “True Blood” (a typically American cable production, featuring sex, gore, and pricey special effects), and, of course, the quintessentially-Hollywood “Twilight” series. This last genre could be contrasted with the 1930s-40s Universal Studios-era productions of “Dracula.”

      I’d require students to write a 10-pp essay for each module plus give them an in-class final exam.

      That doesn’t sound very breezy to me, Jack!

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  6. Toulmin H. Brown 5 years ago

    Mark May stated at halftime last evening[Virginia Tech Hokies versus Miami Hurricanes (Jimmy Johnson was present to receive an award)] that “the Pittsburgh Panthers have deafeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish two of the last three times they have met in South Bend, Indiana.” Wonder what he mean’t by that?

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    1. Shazamrock 5 years ago

      It means that ND dropped two of the last three home games vs Pitt.

      Now, is there anything else that you are having trouble understanding before we move on?

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      1. JDH 5 years ago

        I saw it too. He was actually inferring strongly (although didn’t have the balls to say it outright) that Pitt would beat ND tomorrow. After making that statement he said, “That’s all I’m sayin’. That’s all I’m sayin’.” So it was a statement from a pussy.

        He won’t be a man and admit how wrong he has been about ND this year. We’ve seen how now he won’t even comment on ND from week to week. So, since he knows he can’t start picking them to win, but also that he’ll continue to look like a fool picking them to lose, the just infers. It’s the coward’s path.

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      2. C-Dog 5 years ago

        I have to disagree a bit. Don’t get me wrong, Mark May is a “me” guy. But they pay him to say all this crap just for the ratings. ESPN wants ND so bad, and if they can get folks from watching NBC or VERSUS they’ll do it.

        With ND ranked so high and ESPN not covering the game, they need something to get Irish fans to spike their ratings and a Lou Mark May spat works to their advantage.

        Mark May gave ND a lot of kudos last week. So did Herbstreit. ESPN is prepping for expanded ND coverage through the ACC games. Just watch how neutral May gets once they pick up ND/ACC games.

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    2. ND Southy 5 years ago

      Let me state this slowly for you.
      Pitt beat ND 2 of the last 3 times they played in S. Bend.

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  7. Shazamrock 5 years ago

    It’s November and time to finish strong.


    They are really facing an up hill battle.

    Key injuries and off the field issues.

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