Notre Dame 38, Navy 34 Highlights

Notre Dame - Navy Highlights
(Photo: Matt Cashore)

Notre Dame eeked out a victory over the Naval Academy yesterday and while it lacked style points, it a win is a win afterall.  We’ll have plenty more on Notre Dame’s less than inspiring victory over Navy, but for now, here are some highlights.

Also enjoy the pretty sweet picture from Matt Cashore capturing yesterday’s flyover from the tunnel.

Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly Gives Timeline for Season Starting on Time


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  1. clubgitmo 6 years ago

    The great escape. Navy gave ND fits all day. Thank God for the win.

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  2. Storespook 6 years ago

    Yes it was a win and scoring 38 pts and yet struggling to win against Navy, coming down to the final minutes to ensure a victory was not a re-assuring win from a fan perspective. You know if the option was such juggernaut offense why is it rarely used by other teams yet they seemed to run it like it was a 1980’s Oklahoma wishbone triple option. No disrespect to Navy, they run it well but we have better and bigger personnel, this shouldn’t have been a game eeking out a win. Alabama, Oregon, or FSU would have sunk the Navy.

    Positive notes were the RB’s and WR’s play and I will give an accolade to TR even though he threw 2 picks that were avoidable. This is not a BCS team deserving of a BCS game even if they end up 10-2, which I don’t think they will. This team needs to be in a bowl they are realistically qualified for and then WIN IT. That will do well for continued recruitment. We need more defensive talent and it has to stay in South Bend. Ron Darby had a good game last night for FSU. We need that talent here

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