When You Go to Notre Dame, You Dream of Saturday Afternoons Like This

Another day, another nostalgic pre-game intro to get everyone good and pumped up for the start of Spring practice.  Today’s video comes from another Game of the Century – #4 Notre Dame vs. #1 Miam in 1988.  Before I bore you with my thoughts on this game, I present to you CBS’s intro to the game with the classic CBS College Football music.

The Catholics vs. Convicts game will forever go down as one of, if not the, greatest game ever played in Notre Dame Stadium and to build off yesterday’s parallel to the 2009 season, the ’88 Miami matchup is a much better comparison to USC in 2009.  Miami hadn’t just beat Notre Dame four times in a row – they beaten the Irish down.  In 1987, Notre Dame was shutout 24-0 on the road against Miami.  Simply put, the Hurricanes owned Notre Dame leading up to this game.  Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?  USC looked to be on another level than Notre Dame back in November, but with all the talent and experience coming back to South Bend this year, there is no reason that should be the case this fall.

Notre Dame’s victory over Miami was made possible because for the first time in a while the Irish weren’t intimidated by the Hurricanes.  The pre-game brawl in the tunnel has become infamous over the years and the recounts of the story never get old.  The fight itself isn’t what made the win possible though – it was Notre Dame’s attitude and confidence that created the brawl that made it possible.  Notre Dame didn’t let Miami intimidate them even though Miami had their way with them leading up to this game.   As a little bonus, here’s Rocket Ismail talking about that pre-game brawl.

For Notre Dame to beat USC this fall, the 2009 Irish will need to bring a similiar attitude with them into the game.  USC stole what would have been a classic win from the Irish in the final minutes in 2005.  It’s about damn time to return favor isn’t it?

Notre Dame Has Depth to Handle Equanimeous St. Brown's NFL Departure

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  1. Paul 9 years ago

    If we had just stopped that damn 4th and 9 we would be able to enjoy that video for years to come. As it is now, not so much….the memories are still to painful.

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  2. westcoastirishfan 9 years ago

    certainly enjoy seeing this, but living in the past is getting old. Hell, I remember one year when the school itself played sound bytes from great moments in ND history during games because it had been so long since anyone had seen one live. It’s getting harder and harder to hold onto the fait, and think this year is just as crucial from a fan stanpoint as a coaching standpoint. Just once I’d like to see someone, anyone, stare down an apponent or announce ND’s presence with a jaw-breaking hit. Until then, ND is nothing more than a once great program that has seen its better days.

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  3. dan 9 years ago

    I agree not only does the team need some swagger so do the fans. ND stadium has become to mellow lately. Get behind this team this year they really need the support.

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  4. Frankie V 9 years ago

    I hear JC, I’m getting impatient waiting for more games like this. After the 2005 USC game I was sure that we were in for another extended period of big games against the likes of USC. Hopefully this is the year.

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  5. Chris 9 years ago

    Until ND puts in a season where they take care of the teams they are supposed to beat – dont hold your breath on an SC upset. Aside from the bowl game (although the opponent was only a WAC team) the Irish are still looking for an identity. Should not be happening after 5 yrs of Weis ball. We shall see – GO IRISH!

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  6. Jake W 9 years ago


    Good stuff man. I have these two (Miami/FSU) and a few others on DVD, so come July-August, they feed my ND football needs.

    As a team and as fans we need to bring the same type of swagger present in these videos. There have been few occasions when the fans have really brought the heat (yes, this has been discussed many times here), so it’s important that we give the team our all (kind of like in the ’05 USC game). Aghhhh is it September 5th yet?!?

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  7. JC 9 years ago


    Your killing me and bringing tears to my eyes. Amen on destroying USC, we are way over due. I remember this game like yesterday, tough expectations this year.

    Goooooooooooooooooooooo Irish!

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