Notre Dame Football 2014 – Playoff Prognosis

It wasn’t too long ago Notre Dame was playing in the National Championship. What will it take for Brian Kelly and company to make the inaugural Playoff? Campus Insiders’ Jordan Cornette and Doug Chapman break down what it will take for the Irish to return to college football’s elite

Notre Dame Loses Playermaker, Leader with Josh Adams NFL Departure

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  1. Shazamrock 3 years ago

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  2. Brandon 3 years ago

    It’s a tough slate for sure, no MSU helps though. This will be an offensive driven team this year with the defense struggling at times but making more big plays with the aggressive style Van Gorder brings. If they take it game by game like in 2012 they could/should win at least 10, possibly 11. FSU is a loss for sure. It will be a good season but still a year away.

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  3. Jerry Seppanen 3 years ago

    Have to be fair with the new defensive coordinator. A lot of real strength
    lost. Like his new style though. Playoffs next year. Count on it.

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  4. Bill 3 years ago

    give the ball to Bryant. A lot.

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  5. Toulmin H. Brown 3 years ago

    “Play both quarterbacks initially and it will become clear within two to three weeks who is better. One does this to increase the probability of winning huge gridiron fights as the season unfolds. FSU, Stanford, MSU, Michigan and Louisville all seem to fit this scenario.”

    I like the defensive coordinator on paper. Can he produce at Notre Dame?

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    1. HURLS 3 years ago

      BVG’s da man.

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