Notre Dame v. Michigan 2014 Game Details

Notre Dame vs. Michigan 2014
(Photo: Matt Cashore / USA Today Sports)

Usually we try to post these on Monday of game week, but after another long and tortuous off-season, we couldn’t wait.  Here is all of the pertinent information for this weekend’s season opener against Rice including kickoff times, viewing options, current odds, weather, opponent details, and more.

Game Details

Game Weekend Events

  • Trumpets Under the Dome – Friday, September 5, 2014 at 4:00 PM
  • Pep Rally –  Friday, September 5, 2014 at 5:45 PM
  • Midnight Drummer’s Circle – Saturday 6, 2014 at 12:00 AM
  • Basilica Mass – Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 4:00 pm
  • Player Walk – Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 5:15 PM
  • Marching Band Concert – Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Game Day Weather

Current forecasts for Saturday are calling for almost perfect conditions for game day.

Forecast for Saturday, September 5 from

Opponent Details

  • Conference:  Big Ten
  • Head Coach:  Brady Hoke (4th year at Michigan – 27-13)
  • 2014 Record: 1-0
  • 2013 Record: 7-6– Lost Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Social Media: Facebook  // Twitter
  • Official Website: 


As of Monday night the odds are:

  • Line: Notre Dame -5 (As of Tuesday morning)
  • Over/Under:  Not yet posted

Series History

Michigan owns a 24-16-1 edge in the series with Notre Dame with their most recent win over Notre Dame coming just last season in Ann Arbor.  Notre Dame and Michigan have met each other in each of the last twelve series.  During that span, Notre Dame has won just five of the contests most recently in 2012 during Notre Dame’s 12-0 regular season.  Notre Dame has fared better against Michigan at home in Notre Dame Stadium during that same span with a 4-2 record.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly has not seen much success against Michigan since taking over at Notre Dame in 2010.  The Irish are just 1-3 against Michigan during Kelly’s tenure with the lone win coming in 2012 and losses in 2010, 2011, and 2013.

This year’s contest will have an added edge to it after Notre Dame opted out of the series prior to the 2012 game inside Notre Dame Stadium following the University’s agreement with the ACC to play five ACC opponents each season.  That decision has made this weekend’s game the final scheduled game between the two historic programs and while there has been talk about future games there is nothing officially scheduled between the two after this Saturday.  Bragging rights for the foreseeable future are on the line.

We’ll have much more on the history of the series posted this week.

Here’s one of our favorite moments from the series to get everyone ready for the weekend.

Notre Dame Road to the Playoffs '17: Week 11 Game Guide

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  1. Irishredleg 3 years ago

    I still get goosebumps watching the rocket! Go IRISH! Beat Michigan!

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  2. dano 3 years ago

    Michigan fan here, just want to add some thoughts from the enemy side. (My best friend is a ND grad so we get to have fun every year on the game date) I think these teams are very evenly matched and would be shocked by either team blowing out the other. The App. State game was more of a warm up game and I don’t get anything warm and fuzzy from that result.

    I am not sure what Devin Gardner is going to show up??? Running game is still questionable as is the O-line. I think Michigan’s defense will actually be there strong point this year, very good in the back field and at LB. The D-line is still coming together. Sounds like Desmond Morgan is out and Jabrill Peppers is questionable. I am not sure why Michigan is so strange about reporting injuries. ND QB Golson scares me more than anyone on the field, he is fast and dangerous.

    A 2 or 3 year break would be good for the series in my opinion, it will be good for both schools, but I definitely want it back on the schedule. It’s huge ratings for either NBC or ESPN.

    I am so glad ESPN has sent Brent Musberger to the minors, SEC Network. His best days of announcing are behind him. Herbie always bailing him out.

    Go Blue… 

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  3. Jerry Seppanen 3 years ago

    ESPN is the most liberal of all sports venues. That is all you need to know.
    If some of the players come back they wont play because the havent been
    practicing. We need to score in the high 30’s to win this game which they
    very well might do. 4th quarter game.

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    1. Gipper5 3 years ago

      I think the network bias is clearly against ND except for NBC with a contractual arrangement.

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  4. `spiceyirish 3 years ago

    Notice that ESPN is not doing a full court press promoting this match-up this time around. Largely due to the game being on NBC, but also they do not need to kiss the hind end of the Ann Arbor crowd like they did last season.

    Last year ESPN basically said that Notre Dame was the devil himself by not renewing the series with Michigan. It was all to get the Michigan fanbase to believe their team was the good team. Michigan was going against the evil Notre Dame. It was a crock, but the Michigan supporters believed every word.

    I literally stopped watching ESPN after that. It was disgraceful advertisement. I would expect better, be even with the coverage of both teams. No it was the good team (Michigan) vs the bad team (Notre Dame) all week.

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    1. Ron Burgundy 3 years ago

      I’m sure ESPN is crushed to lose your viewership.

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      1. Patrick 3 years ago

        Probably not crushed to lose his viewership. But, he’s not the only Notre Dame fan in the country 😉

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      2. Sean 3 years ago

        well,well, well…Here I am, just perusing, and who do I see being a dick? Good ole Ron Burgundy! This IS your thing, trolling and ripping on people, why don’t you add something to the conversation dummy.

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      3. Ron Burgundy 3 years ago

        I’m busy breaking down game film and developing a game plan for Purdue. Be with you in a moment.

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    2. Patrick 3 years ago

      Don’t forget Maze fan’s chicken dance, too. I agree, Spicey, unfortunately, too many good games are on ESPiN to boycott altogether…

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  5. brandon 3 years ago

    Joel, where do you see the articles about Russell and others possibly playing? Don’t you get my hopes up now!!!

    Reply Like Dislike
    1. Joel 3 years ago

      Brandon, Matt told me about it me, it seems like all I do all day is refresh pages waiting for that one article to pop up saying “EVERYONE CAN PLAY AGAINST MICHICKEN!” haha

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  6. duranko 3 years ago

    To Hurls and Patrick, re that game of the century.

    First, Patrick, don’t you think it just fried Michigan’s grits that the two teams it tried to suppress, Michigan State and Notre Dame drew so much attention from the national media, and AWAY from the Maize and Blue-and even their “classic” against Ohio State the same day?

    Watch this page for more history on the series yet this week.

    Hurls, read my lips. The Game of the century was Notre Dame Michigan State. Bubba Smith, Charley Thornhill, George Webster, Clinton Jones, Gene Washington and Jimmy Raye for The Spartans. Hanratty, Coley O’Brien, Hardy, Page, Eddy, Conjar, Gmitter, Regner, Lynch, Goeddeke and Duranko (the real one, not the homage) on the field. Maybe someday Boston and its folks will develop
    a sense of history.

    Now apologize to Patrick!!@

    Reply Like Dislike
    1. Patrick 3 years ago

      Prexactly! And Hurls, no apogees necessary.

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    2. Gipper5 3 years ago

      For the record, Eddy did not play. He had not fallen off a train. His shoulder was separated from being run into a wall at Oklahoma. Jimmy Seymour could barley walk from from a similar unflagged ankle incident.You forgot CB Jim Sommers;spent most of the game kicking Seymour in the ankle. George Goedd didn’t play he was having symptoms of appendicitis, removed later. Hanratty didn’t play much Bubba third man on the piled him into a shoulder sep.Tim Monte played center at 200lbs. Duffy put bubba right on top of him. After the game Tim looked like Rocky in the last round of the 1st Creed fight. QB Coley had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was getting chocolate and O.J. on the sideline.This was MSU’s all time best and dirtiest team.

      Reply Like Dislike
      1. Gipper5 3 years ago

        Charlie “Mad Dog” Thornhill was the craziest at the half he crawled up to the top of our entrance to the locker room. He
        Sreamed 4 letter words at us while making obscene gestures. Fifty years later I remain convinced that he was on something.

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      2. Sparticus 3 years ago

        no, Charlie was kind of hard wired that way…lol

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    3. HURLS 3 years ago

      Hey dur – sure. Whatever. In terms of history : Boston? Where are you from – CLEVELAND? (;
      I’m a Catholic.
      I love everyone.
      But I love the Irish MORE!

      Reply Like Dislike
      1. HURLS 3 years ago

        GO GOLD!

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  7. HURLS 3 years ago

    @Patrick – Original “Game Of The Century”? It might have been 1966. (v. MSU?) I was born in 1967. MY “Original Game Of The Century” was #4 ND v. #1Miami, 1988 Hurricanes still blow. NotaDame still won. (31-30 thriller) Kudos.

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    1. HURLS 3 years ago

      And oh ya – MICHIGAN STILL SUCKS.

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      1. Patrick 3 years ago

        Ha! Yup, by all accounts MSU v ND was the first one. Bubba Smith for Sparty was a beast.

        Ended in 10-10 tie, with Ara getting flack for running out clock. But ND had 2nd string center, fullback (a key pos in those days) and injured QB. He did his best not to loose that game!

        That was kinda my point. Though Meechigun was fun, MSU is going to be missed, too. And Ann Arbor is still a $lut… GO IRISH!!!

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  8. Joel 3 years ago

    All of these articles that I would normally read with great interest are almost impossible to get through knowing that the decision about our suspended players is to come out “soon”….uuuugh….does ANYONE have ANY leads??! (besides from BK’s presser today)


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    1. Matt 3 years ago

      Joel – there are a few good threads on 247. A number of folks expect Russell and a few others (Daniels, I think) to get to play this weekend. That said, they are just message board rumors.

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      1. Joel 3 years ago

        Thanks, Matt.

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      2. Sparticus 3 years ago

        WHOA….your suspended guys might be BACK tomorrow night? Only have one word to say about that: good.

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  9. Jack 3 years ago

    Here is my issue with this game.

    Funchess #1 and Gardner will cause that secondary problems, ala Gallon and Garnder. I don’t feel confident in the defense to stop Michigan.

    Unless the offense can dump 40 on Michigan ND loses.

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    1. Patrick 3 years ago

      I think with Zaire “playing” Gardner, the D will have a good look at a scrambling QB.

      ND’s first string D only gave up 10, and would have been 3 but for Shumate’s mix-up in communication. Considering they only did a walk-thru last Fri to prep him, with more reps this week, and help from mates, he’ll be better.

      I wouldn’t sell our D short, just yet.

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      1. Patrick 3 years ago

        Eh hem…

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  10. ahn2844 3 years ago

    Patrick, how strong of a rumor / source for resumption of the series in 2018 or 2019? I imagine it will happen at some point assuming rational actors.

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  11. Patrick 3 years ago

    Although this game has been emotionally exciting, it’s not the great one that will be missed. It’s only a three year break. And these two have had many breaks in the past. Michigan will jump at the opportunity to resume in the future.

    Sparty is a much more accomplished team of late. And let’s not forget the ORIGINAL Game of the Century in ’66 wasn’t vs Wolverines.

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    1. Sparticus 3 years ago

      Thanks Patrick and I agree. (obviously) Well, I really wish you guys the best tomorrow. I’ll be pre-occupied with our game vs. Oregon but make no mistake, we will be rooting hard for ND to win this game. I never have, and never will subscribe to the conference “pride” nonsense. I graduated from MSU in ’92 and they are the only Big Ten team I root for.

      Enough small talk. I’m concerned about your suspended players gents. Funchess is a beast and I’d like to know what your plan is to cover him now that your stud CB is out. I’m hoping your Dline is as stout as ever. If it is, the DB’s won’t matter too much. UM has big issues on that Oline and I expect ND to come after china doll Gardner early and often. To say he can be rattled would be an understatement. Get to him early and he’ll wilt. My head says:

      ND 27
      um 20

      My heart says:

      ND 42
      Um 3

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