Notre Dame Releases Official Statement on Weis Returning

Notre Dame released an official statement this morning on Weis returning in 2009.  Here it is.

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Charlie Weis will continue as head football coach at the University of Notre Dame, University athletics director Jack Swarbrick announced today (Dec. 3).

Swarbrick, who made the decision in consultation with University president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., met with Weis in California on Tuesday to review this past season, discuss plans for 2009 and communicate his decision.

“Though this past season fell short of the expectations that all of us have for our football program, I am confident that Charlie has a strong foundation in place for future success and that the best course of action is to move forward under his leadership,” said Swarbrick.

“He, I and the others involved in leading our football program are committed to doing everything necessary to ensure a successful 2009 season. We are examining every aspect of the program and will make changes wherever we think they are needed.”

Weis’ four-season record at Notre Dame is 28-21 ? after his first two Irish teams in ’05 and ’06 finished 9-3 and 10-3, respectively, and made Bowl Championship Series appearances. The Football Writers Association of America named Weis its 2005 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award winner as the national college coach of the year.

A 1978 Notre Dame graduate, Weis previously spent five seasons (2000-04) as the New England Patriots offensive coordinator and helped that franchise to three Super Bowl championships during his tenure. He also was a member of the New York Giants staff during the 1990 Super Bowl championship season.

Claypool And Stepherson Take The Notre Dame Offense To Another Level

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  1. C-Dog 9 years ago

    Your question is a great one. I’m glad someone asked. Notre Dame fundamentally is weak at offensive line and then suspect at defensive line and linebacker. Otherwise the offensive skill positions are solid, and the cornebacks are also solid.
    ASSUMING the O-line does it’s job next year, the passing game will work. but the running game needs tweaking to have quicker hand-offs and better run blocking schemes. I noticed in the you-tube of the BC game and some other tape that the O-line merely goes into pass block many times when a run play is called instead of firing out. There is not a lot of pulling or cross blocking. Even Texas Tech, Navy, etc. do that and well.
    The secondary plays great but not together. I see great man to man coverage, but not so great when the safety and the corner need to work together. One guy needs to cover or shade and the other guy should be closing on the ball. They don’t yet do that.

    The linebackers are solid, but still need to work on fundamentals, plus we need a mix of bulk and speed. I’d like to see better and more substitutions.

    Finally the Line’s they simply need to have more effective strength and agility. Holtz corrected that from 1987 to 1988. In 87, Miami creamed us, so did A&M. Penn State even beat us. The very next year, we were undeafeated.

    Look at how Oregon State took on USC this year. If you put Pete Carroll in a pressure situation, he takes stupid gambles like the rest of them. We can beat USC next year if the linemen and the coaches prepare them to their potential.

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  2. JC 9 years ago


    Kudos, I enjoy reading your comments. Sometimes my humor is not so good.

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  3. C-Dog 9 years ago

    I would never call you “Hansenites” or use any other Gilleranisms. I truly hope someone is ghost writing and using his name, because that guy really had some psychological issues. You guys are great and make a great discussion board.

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  4. JC 9 years ago

    Urban Meyer

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  5. David 9 years ago

    Urban Meyer.

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  6. JC 9 years ago

    If you want to hump a jet be my guest!

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  7. GA 9 years ago

    JC…F private jets and their money…simple as that…ND has the money…not ALL is relied upon alum, believe me. Rip your check up buddy! ND OBVIOUSLY doesn’t care about all the whimpering. And personally, I don’t care about the 300 private jets that will be parked at the airpoirt. Because no matter who the coach is or AD is, they will still be parked.

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  8. JC 9 years ago

    It was late, good morning, I guess I definately read it wrong. Since Bleed, I believe is working on an advance degree I thought I dump it on him, definately a hot! topic.

    Hmm… The Bob Davie Syndrome, I really like it, I might as well dump the whole thing on him exclusively.

    Especially for us guys “living in the past” Bleed owes me a lot of Beer on that one.

    Otherwise, I going to continue
    campaigning for his favorite: Urban Meyer

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  9. Chris 9 years ago

    JC – the shame was directed toward Fr. Jenkins – not you…

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  10. JC 9 years ago

    C-Dog, you blew your authentic Gilleran list, you failed to call us “Hansenites!”

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  11. JC 9 years ago

    Chris, your question should be directed toward Bleed, I am sure he is more qualified on that than me. Shame on you!

    Well, all I know for sure right now is that I stated after Syracuse game I was definately off the CW train ride.

    I agree, the trenches on both side of the ball is a severe problem.

    I so strongly favor a change right now. Who would have guessed The Davie Sydrome would have trashed this program this long?

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  12. Chris 9 years ago

    JC – are you serious? Go after him with zeal – not with Kevin White mentality and make it happen.It would oh be so much cheaper in the long run not having to deal with this miserable situation we are in and not having to worry about these discussions for many years in the future. Larry the Cable guy who is a big Nebraska fan seems appropriate right now – GET R DONE! We do however as evidenced today – have a putz as an AD. Thank you once more Fr. Jenkins….by the way – what is is floor take on campus regarding the Vagina Monologues this year? Shame on you!

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  13. Chris 9 years ago

    @ Jacob – offensive line play while extremely important will not conversely counter poor play calling. BrownRice has a clue but not the overall answer. There are plenty of counter plays ND could have called to take advantage of the defense it faced. For example on a bull rush allow the play to come, fan the rush off to the perimeter then send a back up behind the MLB’s like Lou used to do to make them pay! A shovel pass to a back in the same situation would work successfully. There is no imagination from Chuck to counter what most arm chair quarterbacks see. I truly believe ND gets the job done most effectively when they retain the option in their arsenal. Demetrious Jones was a perfect fit for this type of play calling especially while waiting for Jimmy to cut his teeth on the offensive scheme of Mr. Weis – if there was / is such a thing. This didnt happen and we lost a great – yes great athlete in the process. Thus the situation we find ourselves in now.

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  14. JC 9 years ago

    Chris, I like the idea of BoB Stoops, but how do we land him with this neophyte adminstration. As you already know we have approached him several times to no avail.

    Besides the money, what would be his motivation to come to ND?

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  15. Jacob 9 years ago

    Rushing yards a game. 150 rushing yards a game and Notre Dame will be an offensive monster.

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  16. Jacob 9 years ago

    I believe Brown Rice has made the greatest point so far.

    Most of the offensive problems lie almostly completely on the offensive line. The first half of the season teams were playing the run and the pass. Once teams realized the could just call 6 DB sets, Clausen started to look bad.

    The team this year has averaged about 270 yards a game passing. If the team can consistently get about 150 rushing yards a game next season then I have no doubt that they will make it to a BCS bowl.

    Bottom line: Latina needs to go, NOW.

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  17. Chris 9 years ago

    Correction – it was Castine who referred to the venerable one Joe Moore – a product of my hometown Erie Pa – not C-Dog although I believe me and C Dog would be in good company to throw back a few at Corby’s in South Bend…. Against all odds and the nasty distaste in my stomach with the current situation w/ the Chucksters, I will be there again in the Spring for the Blue – Gold game…C Dog – what say you – you in? And how about you Bleed..? If we get there early on the Friday before I am confident there will be plenty of bar stools….

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  18. David 9 years ago

    @ C-Dog

    What have you seen from notre dame that makes you think they can compete with notre dame. Next year, i guarantee they will still win by 3 Tds.

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  19. rick 9 years ago

    I wrote last night that if they didn’t fire CW that after 40 years of support I was done. Well I had time to think and it seems “chris ” is about the only one living in teh real world. Cause he’s right it begin and ends with CW. The AD needs to get some balls and needed fire the coach
    but nooo, the program is heading in the right direction
    and what game gave any one the idea the program heading in the right direction? SDSU
    or navy or maybe pitt was it the usc game or was it when the students threw snowball at the players. I’m tired of hearing next year will be better cause of this or that.
    Well this team hasn’t be competive for 10 years and CW has beaten a rank team yet. Where’s the big win? Every big game they get blown out.
    And it’s coaching pure an simple. bad deffense, no running game, no team speed. A OL that can’t block any body
    and Jimmy C what a bust come on put DC in for cry’in out loud try getting the players up for the game and have some fire about them, But no it be the same old thing. Well not for me

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  20. Chris 9 years ago

    One thing to remember is this – ego has led to this demise over the past 15 years. Davie came into the perfect arrangement w/ Roberts calling the offense and him as coach w/ a mean defensive attitude. The he dissed Lou and ran Moore out as he sensed Joe was taking mental control of the team. I was so pumped when he came in. Anyone remember the Vanderbilt game when Lou had surgery? They executed like teams past! That was ND football once more! What a glorious sight!
    Then all ball Bob’s ego came into play and it went down hill from there. Willingham was a mystery to me – why hire a guy who had a worse winning percentage than Davie? And look what Lionel Tyrone has done since then…

    Charlie had attitude and ego much of it displaced. We have not recovered. Indeed how the mighty have fallen… you can’t succeed at this particular institution w/ that kind of ego under Our Lady’s watch – it just can’t happen. Bob Stoops is the move and a perfect fit. ND – you choose the wide and smooth road here…

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  21. Chris 9 years ago

    @Castine –
    Yes I have seen the good and the bad and the mediocre – nothing however like I have witnessed in the last 3 yrs – last 2yrs most of all. There is simply no focus on this team. They come out waiting for the action to come to them and then offensively seem to sleep walk through their execution. There is something fundamentally wrong on this team and I believe it starts and ends with the coaching.

    The offensive genius has done nothing – nothing since he arrived except throw the ball more. The running game regressed into nothing. The deep throws are just that – throw it up and hope for the best. Even Quinn used to comment about just “letting it fly”. Nohing abstract about this offense. It is more than predictable – it is telegraphed. Where is the genius? There is none there – there isnt even any deception!

    If there was a plan we would have seen traces of that by now – I have seen none. To continue to blame past recruiting years is senseless – the argument does not hold water simply based on teams I watch every Saturday with supposedly lessor talent doing much greater things than ND on the field in the game when it counts. They look like THEY have a plan when they play. Not so with ND.

    Hope springs eternal but without significant changes especially with who is calling the plays – it is more of the same. We are only falling farther behind the eight ball. I wish it were otherwise but I have to base it on what I am seeing every Saturday afternoon.

    C Dog is right about the line play falling off when Joe Moore left. Joe was a no non sense guy in football and in life. This is a rough sport – hurt the opposing team first – then they will respect you…. K Rockne.

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  22. Castine 9 years ago

    Chris, if you have been watching ND since ’72 then you have been through some lean years and average coaches just like the rest of us. When the program is down, it hurts. When it’s rolling, man, it feels great!!! The Irish will roll again. It may be hard to see now; and yet, I want to believe that what we are seeing is the transition of ND football. You can see by the talented offensive and defensive playmakers coming to ND that CW has a plan. Executing the plan has been the issue. CW had just enough talent and Brady Quinn to win a lot of games; and yet, not enough talent to go against the better teams (i.e. USC, OSU, LSU). The last two years it has been very evident that 2 horrible recruiting years virtually destroyed the program. Last year’s seniors I believe had less than 10 scholarship players left. When you have several freshmen and sophmores starting on offense and defense something is drastically wrong. You mention, Sam Young: good player and has started since his freshman year…no mentors. ND should never have a freshman starting on the line…big red flag that recruiting was poor. In my opinion, and I can’t explain it, ND has not been able to recruit or develop offensive linemen since Joe Moore left the program under Bob Davie. Even Moore’s last couple of years were not that great. Indicative of the troubles he was having with Davie. Aaron Taylor might be a great fit as O-line coach. As for Clausen, his play against teams like NC,Pitt, Navy, and Syracuse was not stellar but good enough to win. The defense lost three of those games. In the first half of the season the line was protecting him and he was on.

    Sorry for the lengthy comments. We all want this program back on top. I happen to believe CW has the plan. Then again I’m an Orioles’ fan, I have to be optimistic!

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  23. C-Dog 9 years ago

    Well I know there are proponents and folks wishing they had fired Weis. I’ll put my two cents in. and for fun I’ll make a list like our friend the Gilleran would. But only two points and hopefully coherent.

    1. Assuming Weis really will be kept. We on the sideline of this can only hope. But specific things need to happen or I have no hope. Everyone who called for a new line coach and new stregth coach are right on. But the coaching staff from top to bottom needs to exhibit better leadership to these young men. We’ll know if coaching changes are made but not the leadership factor until game one next fall.

    2. Weis may still leave. He could be enticed to quit and try it someplace else, or the athletic department could change later when no one expects it. The proven coaches are all in bowl games. I’d do it as late as spring ball. If you replace the strength coach you’ve taken care of the offseason.

    3. Either way, there isn’t much to get hung up on until after the bowl game. Let’s hope it’s a win, and all the improvements people want to see, start to happen soon.

    4. ND can play with USC. We have talent at the skill positions right now to match them. We just haven’t developed our talent at offensive or defensive line properly. Fix the line and we’ll close the perceived gap overnight.

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  24. C-Dog 9 years ago

    @GA – ND has enough money in it’s endowment to run without one more donation. Plus many donations come in not related to the athletic program. I think no one need worry about donations based on the football program.

    Right now Notre Dame has a top ranked women’s soccer team trying to cap off an undefeated season and a number one ranked hockey team.

    This big donors due to football are the Debartolos and their so called mob quad. ( please don’t wack me for saying it out loud)

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  25. Chris 9 years ago

    Bleed – you sure Charlie is in touch with how fans feel huh? How about when he equated the pep rally, prior to his only claim to fame a close loss to USC, as a cattle call? He doesn’t listen to fans opinions – he told us that in one of his first press conferences…Amazingly enough – he never capitalized on the spirit of ND since he got there….and yes he is a grad. Go figure. Hey guys are already settling for several losses next year – see how bar continues to be lowered? There is no other explaination as to why this team fails to succeed. Quite frankly based on the way they have played with Charlies great talent – they really appear to only be paper tigers. They aint getting it done on the field. Its been a backward slide ever since his first year.

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  26. bleednd82 9 years ago

    @ Chris- Weis is a ND grad. If anyone gets how “fans” feel he must understand to some degree.

    Stoops would be nice but he gets great recruits and I dont think he wants to leave OU. I wouldnt want Urban Meyer no matter what. 1. He turned us down already. 2. He is a crooked recruiter and he stole recruits from us if you guys dont remember. (promises of playing). I wouldnt want him ever.

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  27. Chris 9 years ago

    ND should get their offensive coach and O line coach from an SEC team – get their strength coach from a big 12 team. Things must change in these areas first and foremost. If Charlie is calling the plays next year – its a repeat of this year 6-6 if they’re lucky.

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  28. Chris 9 years ago

    Stoops is the perfect fit. Go after him and dont take no for an answer.

    Latina should have been gone 4 years ago – same w/ Mendoza.

    All this does is make the head coach a distraction now. The focus will be on Weis not the team in 09′. Swarbrick had his chance at bat and whiffed! You thought the Willingham comparisons were numerous before? Gonna get a lot louder here boys real quick and the argument takes on much more credibility especially with the play of Charlies team these past 3 years.

    I am however thinking part of ND’s agreement w/ Weis is a shake up on the coaching staff. At best, for my sanity anyway, I see Weis continuing to move toward a CEO type status – bringing in a good offensive coordinator, new O-line and strength coach and also transistion Chuck to QB coach much like he did with Brady….Tom Brady.

    That would be the only hope and reason I can see in continuing with this mess for yet another year. Ultimately recruits will dry up too as the product from all this so called talent on the field is less than promising. These kids will not want to be associated with this sub par program.

    Sam Young is a glaring example of no development! This kid should have been the next Orlando Pace yet the big guy still feels he has to hold his opponents – this big 6’8″ 325 pound hulk. That is sad!

    Weis isnt even making the most elementary coaching decisions such as the BC game when Clausen clearly should have been sat down at half. He should have sit Clausen down at half last year against #4 BC. Had Sharpley had an earlier start in that game we would have won. I was there in the endzone – that did not look like a #4 BC team at ND stadium….incidently who cost us the game? Sam Young – off sides which ended a touchdown winning drive.

    Weis just aint the guy perhaps not even as a CEO – he doesnt really seem to represent the University too well….for this first time I can remember since watching Irish football since 1972 I just am not looking forward to 2009. That hurts.

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  29. JC 9 years ago

    Sorry, Offensive Line Coach.

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  30. Brown Rice 9 years ago

    It’s the right move. You simply can’t have a revolving door coaching situation.

    If they can fix the offensive line and provide run blocking and pass protection to let our talented playmakers make plays, we should be competitive next year.

    Once teams figured out they only needed to rush 3 or 4 and drop everyone else into coverage, Clausen began to regress.

    I agree Latina needs to go – I know he came to ND with great credentials, but it just hasn’t translated onto the field. Our offensive line was better than last year, but that isn’t saying much. I feel strongly that if we improve the o-line, everything else will start to look better.

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  31. JC 9 years ago


    I am High on Aaron Taylor, us “living in the past” guys understand the capacity and tenacity of Aaron. I hope he is indeed, on the short list for Offensive Coordinator.

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  32. David 9 years ago


    You are correct on your assumption of talent and depth @ USC. Almost all of the kids on notre dame wouldnt even get to rotate into the game at USC. And i dont think any of them would get the start (maybe floyd if they wanted to develop his talent).

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  33. leo 9 years ago

    I would give him two more years. If he can’t win a bcs bowl by then he’s out. Believe me I’m rooting for Charlie but he would probably agree with me if he can’t do it by then.

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  34. jonnyC 9 years ago

    @ chris: who do you think they should have gone after if CW was fired? -not much out there…

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  35. JC 9 years ago


    Suuuuuuuuuuuuure, “F them!” brilliant plan for all 300 private jets that normally set at the South Bend Airport during a game.

    I am confident this new bold and brazen concept will work.

    Obviously, ultrasophisticated beyond anyone’s comprehension.

    So where do you park your private jet during game time?

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  36. Doug 9 years ago

    Not sure what Swarbrick sees to justify this. Clausen regressed, backs still dance at the hole (when there is one), defense gets no pressure despite sending 6 on many plays, offense gets consistently outcoached and shut down in the second half of most games . . . I can only hope that he renegotiated Charlie’s buy-out as part of the deal because the program is going backward and this just delays the inevitable.

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  37. Chris 9 years ago

    oh – I am beyond upset!
    there is no way Swarbrick could have come to this conclusion by himself. I think it is apparent where the decision came from now. I remain a fan of ND Football – I have however absolutely no respect for Weis as a coach or Swarbrick as an AD or the integrity of the University as a whole in this matter.

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  38. GA 9 years ago

    Oh and to say the big difference between ND and USC is not talent, is ludacris. USC has more DEPTH than any other team in the country. I am sure Texas is up there too, but ND is not near the talent level as USC is. I think it’s obvious. Anyone else?

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  39. GA 9 years ago

    Well, C-dog I think it’s pretty obvious. Many alum are saying there not donating next year, and I say F them! Now move and get to work, but once ND starts winning again, the fair weather fans will be back on board the way they were in 05, 06, and leading into 07.

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  40. JC 9 years ago

    If they really want to ENSURE a successful 2009 season, talk to Urban on Monday.

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  41. bleednd82 9 years ago

    9-3 and a bowl win and I will be happy next year. I believe 9-3 might put us in a BCS game but Gator would be fine with me. If we win that game we are 10-3. I would be fine with that.

    USC- might be competitive game but they have too much talent currently.

    Michigan St- @ home but they look like they will be strong and we have shown were not great at stopping the run.

    Pitt- Away game and Dave W is building a top 15 team for next year.

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  42. David 9 years ago

    Well we could chryogenically freeze ourselves for the year…

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  43. jonnyC 9 years ago

    @ jakeW: not 100% sure but i think the last return was in 2002. did we play against Maryland that year (vontez duff)?? i seem to remember that. could be way off though.
    and chris: theres really no point in continuing to be upset. CW is our coach like it or not. regardless of my feelings about him, i don’t see any point in being negative about next year. theres a good chacne you will be right & we’ll continue to stink, but i mean, we’r fans, it’s ingrained in us to be positive & say “maybe next year”. if we’r already going to give up & say next year is done before the calander even says its next year, whats the point?? all we can do as fans is hope for a bowl victory this month & marked improvement next year. what other choice do we have??

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  44. Chris 9 years ago

    There has been nothing absolutely nothing in the last 3 years that would remotely suggest the Chuckster is going to turn this program around. You folks who think another off season is going to change anything are plain wrong. If we saw some executing improvements then yes but all I saw was regression starting w/ Quinn’s senior year. Weis’ genius in play calling – the jump ball fade – so predictable so often thrown is pathetic or the quick outs and the ole reliable line buck after getting stuffed. Here I thought the Kool Aid container was finally empty only to learn it is flowing freely in the Administration building. This is a disgrace – Swarbrick failed to hit a grounder at his first at bat moreless a homerun. 9-3 with a win against SC next year and a bowl win to boot – give me a break! WHat channel were you guys watching…?

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  45. dan 9 years ago

    latina needs to go. Offensive line has been the number 1 problem since weis arrived. If they could block and played with a little emotion the last four years could have been quite a bit better. When we had Quinn, shark and darius walker we could have won those bcs games with better offensive line play

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  46. Rob 9 years ago

    I’m glad charlie is getting at least one more year, his core players should be upper classmen and he has a relatively easy schedule, and he’s proven himself as a recruiter…. if we fire charlie after next year, at least the incoming coach should be coming into a talent gold mine and should be able to duplicate some of charlies early sucess

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  47. Jake W 9 years ago

    The right decision was made. Two points of emphasis for next year (although I’m sure there could be fifteen): Offensive Line (how long have we been saying this?) and kickoff returns. Maybe Latina has to go, I don’t know I’m not an expert; but I haven’t seen anything in the past two.. hell… the last FOUR seasons out of our offensive line. Also, when was the last time we ran back a kickoff? Seriously, I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure this out off hand. Our coverage teams have been great, we blocked punts against our weakest opponents (which we SHOULD be doing anyway), but where’s the return game? Let’s not forget the onside kick recovery debacle against Navy.

    Basically, changes need to be made. Whether it is Latina and Polian, or more practice time, Charlie needs to make major improvements here or he’ll be on the outside looking in after 2009.

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  48. jonnyC 9 years ago

    @DAVID: while i completely agree with you (anything less than 9 wins is no good), i’m still nervous. i tried doing the same thing to the schedule for this season & look how that turned out 🙁
    I even continued to do it all the way up to the ‘cuse game & we all know how that ended as well.
    perhaps the best thing to do (after this season is officially over) is just hope the glaring weekness’s that plagued us in 2008(ie. O-line, pressuring other team’s QB, lack of “heart/fire”)can be mostly rectified this off season & then concentrate on Nevada & only Nevada.
    I dont wanna start getting win totals in my head just to be let down again. -“fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…..”

    GO IRISH!!

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  49. C-Dog 9 years ago

    GA, what did that comment mean?

    David, Michael, Matt, et. al.,
    The only game I think Weis can lose is to Michigan St. USC is always reloading, but the defense should be at it’s most vulnerable next year, and their offense still needs an identity. Also, our struggles against USC are not talent, but related to offensive line coaching, strength and agility coaching, and as a result I think run schemes. There are ways to keep that team off balance. Weis should be able to beat USC.
    Pitt could be a tough game next year, but again, it’s coaching and leadership. We have the talent on both sides of the ball, especially with an emerging defense. We just need better leadership at the head coaching position and better coaching on the lines, and strength agility, and conditioning.

    Weis better fire Latina and replace him with someone like Aaron Taylor and better become a better leader of men.

    I think any less than 9 wins, a win against USC, and a bowl win will doom Weis. And personally I see next year’s squad either getting to that point or going 6-6 again. I say that because it’s not X’s and O’s anymore, but the intangibles of leadership, desire, and mental preparation to do what it takes to achieve and maybe over achieve, versus under achieve. The 2009 Irish will either be a top 5 team or won’t make the top 25 . Just my prediction.

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  50. Matt 9 years ago

    I think 9 and a bowl win would keep people happy..and maybe a competitive game against USC…we are going to keep improving and i love this decision to keep weis its about building depth and I think Swarbrick realizes that…

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  51. Michael 9 years ago

    It’s about time ND made an announcement. You can’t have Charlie traveling around telling kids to play for ND when the coaching position is uncertain.

    David: I’ve got a feeling 9 wins won’t be good enough next year. 10 perhaps, but it better be two very close losses.

    Having said all that….I’m ready for next year and hopefully the emergence of Dane Crist!

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  52. David 9 years ago

    Well next year is going to be put up or shut up.

    Heres next years schedule :

    Sept. 5 NEVADA
    Sept. 12 at Michigan
    Sept. 26 at Purdue
    Oct. 10 Open Date
    Oct. 17 USC
    Oct. 31 vs. Washington State (at San Antonio, Texas)
    Nov. 7 NAVY
    Nov. 14 at Pittsburgh
    Nov. 28 at Stanford

    I would consider anything less than 9 wins unacceptable. They should lose to USC (our program is still nowhere near there). This gives notre dame two other losses (perhaps Mich State and one other). But realistically, we should only loose to USC. So i expect 10 wins next season – assuming we lose one game to a lesser opponent.

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  53. GA 9 years ago

    GOOD! Now let’s move on and get to work. If you don’t want to donate any money, then F you! They don’t need it, but sooner or later you’ll come around.

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