Notre Dame – Stanford ’15 Highlights: Irish Defense Collapses in Final Minute

Notre Dame and Stanford played one of the most entertaining games of the 2015 college football season last night – yet another game for the ages between the two programs. ¬†Unfortunately for the Irish, they came up on the wrong side of this year’s thriller with Stanford kicking the game winning field goal as time expired after the Irish took the lead with just 0:30 left in the game.

We’ll have plenty on Notre Dame’s second two-point loss of the season, but as always, until then, here are the highlights from WatchND.



5 Things I Liked in Notre Dame Football's Latest Win Over the ACC


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  1. DeltaMike06 4 years ago

    I hate to say it, but, a Lot of Georgia fans forewarned us that BVG was Not Good. When BVG was at Ga he had a lot of talent but he has a tendency to have the kids think too much instead of allowing them to react. I’ve seen bad defenses, but, ND has been having too many mental lapses in crucial stages of each game. Also, who is coaching the LBs??? Ever heard of gap responsibility???? Again, Rudy Joe performance was subpar. He just does not have the speed…

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  2. Subway Alum 4 years ago

    Unfortunately, Kelly and VanGorder have a history together, so i don’t think he’ll be firing him anytime soon. However, did anyone else notice how impassive Kelly appeared when ND’s x-fense was on the field? It was (hopefully) BK saying…”I’m not getting involved with this X-fensive scheme. It’s all on you BVG.” Could there have been a discussion of BVG’s ‘stepping aside’ on his ‘own volition’ for another shot at the pros? One could only hope.

    To paraphrase Bruce J. (above) now under BVG, we have worthy opponents in Wake, Temple and UMass…

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  3. Subway Alum 4 years ago

    @ Robbie Rob…not only can he not win the “big game”, he’ll put it off on someone else. He’s never lost a big game…just ask him.

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