Notre Dame’s Dream Season Ends in Nightmare

Notre Dame BCS Championship Loss
Alabama Crimson Tide running back T.J. Yeldon (4) breaks away from Notre Dame Fighting Irish safety Zeke Motta (17) during the first half of the 2013 BCS Championship game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 season was a magical ride for Notre Dame fans featuring a trip to the BCS Championship game that no one saw coming four months ago.  Last night that ride came to a crashing halt in Miami with a resounding 42-14 beating at the hands of Alabama – a nightmare result no one saw coming either.

From start to finish last night, Alabama controlled the game and inserted their will on Notre Dame.  While Alabama scored touchdowns on their first three drives, Notre Dame struggled to simply move the ball.

The Irish defense that was so strong all season was pushed around by an Alabama offense that was methodical in their production.  Notre Dame had given up two rushing touchdowns over the course of the first 12 games of the season.  Alabama ran for two in the first 16 minutes last while while racking up 529 yards of offense.

By the time the Irish defense adjusted and got used to Alabama’s size and speed, the score was 28-0 heading into half-time with Brian Kelly saying that the Irish could maybe get back into the game if Alabama didn’t show up for the second half.

A lot can be said about the game itself – what went wrong, what could Kelly and Notre Dame have done better to prepare, etc; but despite the truly disappointing finish to the season, Notre Dame fans should not forget just how special this year was.

In the pre-season this team was predicted to finish 8-4 or worse by most experts.  The fact that the Irish were even in the position they were in last night defied odds and rejuvenated an entire fan base that was in desperate need of a run like the one the 2012 Fighting Irish gave us.

I’m sure many fans are depressed today.  Hell, I know I am after sitting in the Alabama section last night and hearing Roll Tide, Roll after every damn first down even after they built a huge lead, but at the same time, I think back to where we were a year ago and can’t help but feel better about where this team is and where it’s headed.

A year ago we were discussing a bowl meltdown against a weak Florida State team in the Champs Sports Bowl.  Today we are discussing the fall out from losing to a team that has now won three of the last four national championships in the BCS Championship Bowl.

This team gave us so many amazing memories over the last four months.  The trip to Dublin to start the season, Tommy Rees coming off the bench against Purdue, intercepting Denard Robinson four times against Michigan, the epic goal line stand against Stanford, the beatdown of the Sooners in Norman, the triple over time thriller against Pitt, Manti Te’o’s improbable run for the Heisman, and the list goes on.

It sucks that we lost last night.  It sucks that this team did not play to the level it’s capable of.  And it sucks that Notre Dame missed out on an amazing opportunity to add to the trophy case at the Gug.  You know what sucks more though?  Losing the Champs Bowl and playing in bowl games days before New Year’s Eve sucks more. Playing in the Hawaii Bowl in a glorified exhibition sucks more.  Not even going to a bowl game and losing to teams like Navy, Syracuse, and Tulsa sucks more.

Losing in the fashion in which we lost last night should never be acceptable, but things can be – and recently were – much worse.

It’s unfortunate that the clock struck midnight on this team’s dream season last night – especially for the seniors like Manti Te’o, Kapron Lewis-Moore (whose injury was heart breaking), and Braxston Cave.  Guys who have given so much to this program through tough times and came up just short of their ultimate goal, but this team will regrroup and will get back to work at making another march towards a title next fall.

The dream that was the 2012 season may have ended with a nightmare in Miami last night, but nothing we’ve seen from Brian Kelly, his coaching staff, and this team leads me to believe that another dream season isn’t possible in 2013.

Here’s hoping that we’re still dreaming on the morning of January 7th next year in sunny California.

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  1. Sam 5 years ago

    Father Sorin was not an Italian Franciscan.

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  2. Blanton Hughes 5 years ago

    Notre Dame: a FRENCH name for a school founded by ITALIAN franciscans who chose an IRISH moniker. Confusion is not limited to the football team!

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    1. Shazamrock 5 years ago

      You and bj must be brothers!

      Clearly someone pee’d in your family’s gene pool!

      Neither one of you have a clue!

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  3. bj 5 years ago

    kelly’s ego costs them anzalone

    this guy is nuts

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  4. irisheye62 5 years ago


    Don’t you just love it when people say your when it should be You’re?
    Or Their when it should be there? Choose, chose, lose, loose–and they point the finger at Notre Dame in all seasons. You are right JDH as you are in several of your posts. I despise the fact that the “trolls” as SFR calls them, arrive on the scene to talk smack after the fact. We DID get beat by the better team. Jimbo and Richard and Assassin Or whatever his name is SHOULD celebrate. However, they are NOT welcome here and the fact you pointed out THIER errors is reason for applause! Meanwhile, I’ve been called mean spirited. I congratulated Alabama but reminded them were it not for the losses on the part of K. State AND Oregon they might have been elsewhere. It is clear that they were great. It is also clear MOST -including myself did not expect ND to be in the BCS title game this year!!!
    I’m proud of the Irish and Notre Dame. Others can celebrate the Crimson Tide Victory elsewhere–as well they should and deserve. Here is a final thought: Alabma graduation rate-75%-Notre Dame 97%. Numbers speak in life off the field far more as the years go by. That is not being stuck up, arrogant or rude. That is having expectations in many facets if not more. I’m proud to be part of the University of Notre Dame family. With a schedule such as 2012 COMBINED with the Academic Challanges NO OTHER UNIVERSITY comes close with this combination! 0-12 or 12-0 WE ARE ND!!!!

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    1. JDH 5 years ago

      Yeah it’s just silliness. I’ve talked to some fellow fans who were at the NC game and read some reports from others. The consensus seems to be that there were a small handful of Alabama fans who were jerks (as I’m sure some ND fans were too). The overwhelming majority were respectful, friendly and congratulatory.

      I’ve got nothing to say to Alabama fans other than, “Congratulations! You have one hell of a program! We’ll get back to work.”

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  5. Jimbo 5 years ago

    ND got an old fashioned butt kicking and now has got there butts kicked in every BCS game they have been in. Until ND wins at least a BCS game vs a real opponent they will never be taken seriously.

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    1. JDH 5 years ago

      Until you learn 2nd grade English, you won’t be taken seriously either. Let me help you with this: It would be “their” not “there”. Also, “they’re” is a contraction meaning “they are”, for your future reference.

      I’m also betting you think “lose” and “loose” are the interchangeable.

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    2. ND Southy 5 years ago

      Alabama has never beaten a SEC school from Texas. See how I just had fun with stats.

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  6. bj 5 years ago

    you must live in lyons hall

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  7. Shazamrock 5 years ago

    ND wasn’t slow, wasn’t unmotivated, and wasn’t flat.

    They just got beat by a better team. Period.

    You know, it does happen.

    Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. Get over it.

    Now I have a question for you….
    How much longer do we have to put up with your constant whinning and blubbering before you “get it” ???

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  8. bj 5 years ago

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    1/09/2013 @ 1:05PM |1,163 views
    Why Was Alabama Able To Blow Out Notre Dame?
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    Aaron Ellis

    That the University of Alabama football team was able to beat Notre Dame 42-14 in the BCS Championship Game was not much of a surprise. The Crimson Tide were heavily favored to win. That the game was so lopsided – Alabama at one point had a 35-0 lead – is what was most surprising.

    So how did Alabama pull off this blowout? One part of it had to do with Alabama executing its gameplan to perfection. The other part of the equation was that The Fighting Irish made many uncharacteristic mistakes.

    3 Things Alabama Did Right:

    Contain Everett Golson: As a quarterback, Golson is a threat when he is allowed to move outside the pocket, where he can elude tacklers for big runs, or elude defenders and connect with a receiver downfield. When forced to stay inside the pocket, his playmaking ability is limited. Alabama kept him in the pocket for the entire game. He was unable to make any big runs and he really struggled to connect with his receivers. Alabama didn’t send much pressure after him. They only blitzed on occasion, and even in blitz packages they never sent more than five after the quarterback. But the point wasn’t to get sacks on Golson, it was simply to keep him contained, and it worked.

    Dominate the Line of Scrimmage: Alabama’s offensive line had its way with Notre Dame’s defensive front. Notre Dame rarely got penetration. It seemed like every time Alabama running backs Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon touched the ball, they had massive holes to run through. Quarterback AJ McCarron had a lot of time to throw, though he didn’t really need it because he quickly got rid of the ball and completed passes with ease. Notre Dame needed to get to the quarterback quickly and hit the running backs at or behind the line of scrimmage, but they seldom did.

    Disrupt Passing Routes: Everyone watching the game on TV probably noticed the cameras focusing on Golson as he was yelling at his receivers for running the wrong routes. This was no accident. Alabama knew exactly how to confuse and disrupt the Notre Dame receivers. Their defense would show a zone coverage before the snap of the football, then switch to man coverage when the ball snapped, and vice versa. ‘Bama’s coverage was stifling. Everyone was covered. It forced Golson to make difficult passes all game.

    Three Things Notre Dame Did Wrong:

    Missed Tackles: This was the real killer for Notre Dame. Usually disciplined and reliable tacklers, the Irish missed an unbelievable number of tackles in the game. Even Manti Te’o, the highly touted linebacker, missed a lot of tackles. I can’t fault the Irish defense too much for missing the elusive Eddie Lacy when he made one of his signature spin moves, but often they missed him when he ran straight ahead.

    Blown Coverage: Many of McCarron’s big passes to Kevin Norwood, Christion Jones, Mike Williams, and Amari Cooper were uncontested catches. Defenders were nowhere near these guys when they caught the ball. Williams’ 3-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter, where he was wide open in the endzone, and Cooper’s 34-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter, where he almost ran out of bounds before straightening out and tiptoeing into the end zone, are prime examples of this. This is partly due to Alabama’s speed, which is unlike anything Notre Dame had previously faced. However, this was mostly because Alabama succeeded in confusing the Irish defensive backs and linebackers. Every time Notre Dame gambled on defense, Alabama made them pay for it.

    Third Down Conversions: Notre Dame had serious trouble sustaining drives. Of their 15 first downs in the game, very few came on third down. The Fighting Irish were 25% on third down conversion and 0% on fourth down. Despite having two running backs who ran for a combined 1600 yards this season and a quarterback who also runs well, Notre Dame abandoned the run early on. They tried to create big plays via downfield passing, but because Alabama’s defensive line kept Golson contained in the pocket and their defensive backs kept tight coverage on Notre Dame’s receivers, the Irish had a high number of incomplete passes early in the game, which halted all of their drives. The short drives and lack of a running game also skewed time of possession in Alabama’s favor, 38:13 to 21:47.

    Though this was an ugly loss for Notre Dame, this was really all about Alabama doing what it has done all year. Including the BCS Championship Game, The Crimson Tide scored 40 or more points eight times this year, Notre Dame only did it twice. outcoached, outcoached outcoached.

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  9. bj 5 years ago

    the biggest game in twenty five years and they are flat

    i still dont get it

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  10. bj 5 years ago


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  11. bj 5 years ago

    GRAND VALLEY IS NOT The BIG LEAgues, something is wrong, all i saw was arm tackling, aND A VERY SLOW, UNMOTIVATED TEAM. I AM LOOKING FOR ANSWERS. NOT ABUSE.

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    1. ND Southy 5 years ago

      Is the CAPS lock button on your computer broken?

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      1. JDH 5 years ago

        Either the caps lock is broken or he has Parkinsons.

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  12. bj 5 years ago

    they need some better coaches, offense needs a special coordinator, they only put up pts agst navy, and special teams had no real coach all year. hire the rocket, he single handedly put us in the run for three or four national championships, these guys from grand valley state are clueless, they have the benefit of the notre dame mantle and all it attracts and they embarrass us, in this most publicized game in thirty years, clueless

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    1. JDH 5 years ago

      Yeah sure. Hire “the Rocket” because he was good on special teams as a player. Nevermind that he’s never coached a day in his life and now spends his time doing reality TV shows.

      Because you know, if you were a great player that proves you will be a great coach.

      The amount of truly stupid, shortsighted, and hypocritical comments on this site are staggering.

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    2. ND Southy 5 years ago

      Yes, hire the Rocket. While we are at how about Tony Rice to coach the QB’s. maybe we can get Ricky Watters to coach the RB’s. heck what about Charlie Weis, he is a ND grad. Oh wait, we tried that.

      Those guys from grand valley state have no clue, I mean they only won about 4 NC’s there.

      Please tell me you are in 3rd grade, as that would make your comments understandable.

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  13. NDfaninmonterey 5 years ago

    Brian Kelly reminds me a lot of Charie Weis – talk a big game, but can’t back it up with coaching. Kelly seems to be over-his-head. I am sick and tired with these prima donna head coaches at ND!

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    1. JDH 5 years ago

      BWAHAHAHA! Simply incredible. I love all these comments about BK. 12-0 in the regular season. Produced a defense with statistics for the ages. Had the most decorated player in college football history. Took an unranked team to #1, for the first time ever. First team ever to have a team #1 in the nation in both team ranking and graduation rates.

      But now he can’t coach because of getting beat by a better team. Now he’s a prima donna and “in over his head”, not able to “coach in the big leagues”.

      Words fail me. (Insert all the backlash about me being a “BK lover” etc.)

      To Add: Yes, his playcalling sucked and clearly ND was not ready, in any way, for Alabama.

      But man do all these comments show why this nation is where it is, in the trouble that it’s in. ” I want exactly what I want and I want it NOW!” or else.

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      1. JTRAIN 5 years ago

        Yes jdh i too am astounded by the people calling for his head. There is even a student blogger at ND saying he wants BK to leave and that he wants golson out at qb! Yes the loss hurt and was embarrassing but some perspective would be welcomed.

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      2. JDH 5 years ago

        At least with that student blogger we can write it off that he’s a kid! And he doesn’t have the life perspective of adults! But many on this site don’t have that excuse.

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  14. NDfaninmonterey 5 years ago

    Out of all the games the Irish have played, I really thought Tommy Rees should of been brought in to that game to play when the Irish could not move the ball. As much as Kelly’s gameplan was hindering our team, I thought Tommy might have been a useful spark. Please remember that it was Brian Kelly not Golson who was holding our team back.

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  15. SLS 5 years ago

    I honestly was not that impressed with Alabama’s defense. Alabama held the ball for 38 minutes, limiting scoring chances for the Irish. The big problem, as many people have said, was the game plan. Just because Alabama installs a strategy to make Golson throw the ball, ND does NOT have to concede the running game by not running at all. However, Everett Golson played well with the game plan given to him. His passing game looks dramatically improved, and he was able to extend some plays with his legs. It was a shame that the coaches didn’t give him more chances to run with the option or zone read plays. Although Alabama’s front seven is very fast and athletic, there is no way that they are faster than Golson and the Irish running backs — that’s why they were recruited to play running back for God’s sake.
    Also, Alabama may have better talent than ND right now, but their talent is not THAT MUCH better. ND is getting 4 and 5 star recruits, just like Alabama. ND just didn’t execute the fundamentals well. I haven’t seen such poor tackling since Charlie Weis was the head coach. And just for the record, Nick Saban is now 8-6 in bowl games, including a Sugar Bowl loss to Utah. While he obviously out-prepared Brian Kelly, I don’t how Saban got the stigma of being unbeatable in bowl games; he just got over .500 with last year’s NC game.

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    1. SLS 5 years ago

      Let me clarify: I obviously thought Alabama’s defense was great. It was definitely the best we’ve faced this year. But it was certainly not impenetrable as I expected. If the defense kept the score low, we definitely could have scored enough to win.

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  16. DeafPh 5 years ago

    ND played liked they were scared in the first half. Maybe in awe of AL or maybe in awe of the event. It took them too long to get past the jitters. They looked like the team that showed up to play Pitt, only their competition was much better this time.

    It is really too bad that they didn’t stick with the type of offensive plays they used during the season to get here. They had a few moments where they were able to move the ball and make plays. I think they could have played with them if they would have had a better start to the game and played steady and controlled football instead of trying to go for big plays. They needed to remember how they got to the NC game.

    I hope they will learn from this experience and use it to motivate them in the coming seasons.

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  17. NDfaninmonterey 5 years ago

    That was the worst gameplan I have seen in my entire life!

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    1. NDfaninmonterey 5 years ago

      We have the talent!!! We don’t have the head coach!

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      1. NDfaninmonterey 5 years ago

        He wanted our dual threat qb to be a pocket passer. Look at the option play that Golson ran in the second half. He got a pretty good gain on the play. I am tired of these bs head coaches at Notre Dame!

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  18. bj 5 years ago

    “They weren’t prepared and the game plan developed/called & implemented by the players, came from the coaching staff.They needed to do better and didn’t. That game carried many ramifications and went beyond just a regular season game”

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  19. JTRAIN 5 years ago


    You are right. Yea I hated the gameplan last night but there is no question that we have our coach. I’ve said here many times, this the best talent ND has had in a long time. This team is only going to get better. Lots of very young talent. Davaris Daniels is starting to look like he is going to be a superstar. ND is going to be just fine. They will learn a lot from last night and it is going to make them even stronger.


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  20. Todd Swisher 5 years ago

    Congratulations to the Irish for an outstanding season! Last night was difficult, but they just got beat by a better team. It happens. It is what it is. I am not going to allow one game to overshadow a fantastic season. I enjoyed all 12 regular season games and am really exited about the future. The 2013 recruiting class is currently ranked number one in the nation and illustrates just how far ND has come in a short amount of time. At the start of the season I really thought the Irish were a year way (extremely young this year) but they proved to be one of the top teams in the country.

    After 20 years of mediocre success on the football field, I believe Kelly is building a team that will consistently compete for National Championships! Here come the Irish!!!

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    1. jeff 5 years ago

      So True. This team overachieved this year. We all know that. Lets hope that we overachieve in recruiting as well.

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  21. storespook 5 years ago

    ND will not win a NC under Brian Kelly.I’m not saying BK is not the proper coach (notice I didn’t say “right” coach)for ND. For some reason, I believe there is a “mystical” component to those coaches who have done well at ND and won a NC. They all did it in their 3rd year. Kelly had the stage to do the same in his 3rd year, had 40 days to prepare for it, and did not get the job done when it was time to go out & do it. He will not win a NC. I believe he will continue to develop better competitve ND teams with some sustainability as long as he is a coach for ND. I think he will have success with winning & having good records.I just don’t think he will win a NC, though, at ND. He failed the litmus test and unless he or someone else wins a first NC at ND outside of year 3 then I will not be wrong. Leahy, Parseghian, Devine, and Holtz, football success stories (some would even say legends) doing it in their 3rd year. If I’m wrong, I will be the first person to acknowledge it and send the man a personal apology. As I have noted in some other posts, there is some fair critism to warrant to Kelly & the coaching staff about the preparedness of the team last night. They weren’t prepared and the game plan developed/called & implemented by the players, came from the coaching staff.They needed to do better and didn’t. That game carried many ramifications and went beyond just a regular season game. As team CEO, BK should have done more to have this team ready. Again, I will give credit where it is due. Alabama coaching & it’s play had a big contribution as to what happened last night.However, the unpreparedness of ND (and don’t tell me it was not evident)was appalling and also evident in its contribution to last night’s debacle. Admitting that really sucks. As SFR as noted in posts,RECRUITING, RECRUITING, RECRUITING will be important. Getting the best personnel & developing that personnel is key. A better ST coach and Off Coord should be something he better consider also. I won’t take away a 12-0 regular season. It was an accomplishment and one that many here at this blog didn’t see coming prior to the season. Next season is a long ways away. I endured today many gleeful comments from friends who love to see ND “not be good.” The “See, I told you so,” comments get to be a bit old. Oh well, it comes with the territory.

    Go Notre Dame

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    1. JC 5 years ago

      Yeah, but storespook, I know it hurts, but just think of all the atheists we pissed off by just being there!

      WE ARE ND!

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      1. storespook 5 years ago

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Ahhh JC, you bring a light of shining humor for this Catholic boy, hahahaha

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  22. JC 5 years ago

    Guys, 10 wins was going to be hopeless at the start of the season! Remember, I was one of your favorite bad boys demanding atleast a 10 win season! Look at what the hell we got!! Hey, BK delivered more than expected! BK still deserves a big raise for 12-1. Now that we know where we are at and where we need to be; do we not learn from our mistakes? Why did we have new coaches this year? I expect more new faces next year.

    Further, last time I checked, there was no way we would make it to the National Championship with a red shirt freshman QB. Ah-hun, I am not going to spend the whole off season worrying how bad we played in this game. It’s over! Starting thinking about the new talent coming in and more depth and more experience this growing team will have! Without question, the future is bright! When is the last time we have had 12 wins?

    I’m not going to nit-pick from here on out because of this loss, we definately have made a ton of progress this year! No reason not to be happy with our progress either! It was certainly a miracle, besides, we will be right back knocking on the door next year!

    Congrats to our dedicated Seniors!

    Here come our beloved Irish!

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    1. Ron 5 years ago

      Well said sir!

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    2. JDH 5 years ago

      Thank you JC. Dead on target. I can’t believe some of the negativity and people throwing up their hands on this site.

      How soon everyone forgets. But, like Lou says, “In 1989 I went undefeated and won the National Championship and everyone called me a genius. In 1993 I went 11-1 and they called me an idiot.”

      Haha- soooooo true.

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    3. irisheye62 5 years ago

      AMEN! That’s what I have believed for this season.

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  23. Joeyknuklehead 5 years ago

    This was a great team before the kickoff and still is today. My favorite season in 25+ yrs of being a fan.
    This is the team that took out IRRELEVANT from the ESPN dictionary!

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  24. JTRAIN 5 years ago

    Jack w

    Just fans venting frustrations that’s all. Not sure who exactly you were directing your comments toward but I assure you most on here are loyal fans.

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  25. Power Run the Ball 5 years ago

    He forgot to do what he did all yr and that was to run the rock. Oklahoma/Usc he did a great job of running the rock and playaction /bootlegs and so on… He probably got a little psyched out by Saban and bama. His half time comment would attest to that.

    on the positive he coached a great season just came up 1 short.. He is not Lou…

    the young men did a tremendous job this season and have a lot to be proud… we are going to miss the seniors and wish Kap to get well soon…. Great season ND thanks….

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  26. Jack W 5 years ago

    Wow everyone abandon ship. I can’t believe Irish fans dumping on this team. Did even one of you think they would even be in this game after last season. Go root for someone else if you can’t do anything else but tear down the coach and team!

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  27. JTRAIN 5 years ago


    Kelly’s game plan had me scratching my head. Abandon the run right from the start, completely ignore the fact golson is mobile, and not throw the ball to Riddick. Frustrating.

    SFR, I think this years class will be fine. It could get better with a couple slots left to fill. A few of the recruits actually took to twitter and vowed that last night will never happen while they wear the gold and blue and that they will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t.

    Thanks to the seniors

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  28. ripperduck 5 years ago

    It starts with players. Period. If any of you haven’t been to a Bama player meet prior to the season, then I suggest you do so. I worked a few years back in Decatur and my best friend is a Bama grad. He took me to one of these meet and greets, when Mark Pryor was the RB. This kid, and the others at the event, look like no college kids I have ever seen. ND, SC and Oregon players, for the most part, look as if they belong in college. Bama do not. Something is going on, no need to speculate, but somehow the Bama kids are physically years ahead of most of ND players. Not even a stud like Manti could approach the physical stature of the Bama players.

    Why is this so? I’ll let you speculate, but, if we can’t bridge that gap, it won’t matter who is our HC, what the scheme is, or where we play. I doubt that the ND brain trust is willing to pay the price to close Bama’s lead…

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    1. maskedassassin 5 years ago

      ripperduck: Have you ever thought that Southern kids, because of the weather situation and work ethic here, are better prepared and have a better attitude about practice and preparation. How many times did Notre Dame practice this past fall in 100 degree weather with Nick Saban running up and down the field doing his best D.I. impersonation?

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      1. JDH 5 years ago

        So warmer temperatures correlate to being tougher and having harder work ethic vs. colder temperatures?

        Got any scientific evidence to back that up, or are we just make absurd speculations that don’t even pass the logic test?

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      2. JDH 5 years ago

        You are indeed an assassin, of intellect.

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    2. irisheye62 5 years ago

      Met some LSU guys.

      Where they get these guys from is something of a mystery here.

      I have seen them indeed also in Tennessee. Makes me wonder about the size. ( ND HAS THE WORK ETHIC THING DOWN)

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    3. Forrest Gump Jr. 5 years ago

      The Secret to the sheer size and power of the Alabama Crimson Tide players is the massive consumption of Fried Chicken,Collard Greens,and Corn Bread-no sugar added,now you Irish boys be sure to eat all the proper fore-mentioned vittles and just maybe we will see YALL again next year !

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  29. BruceB 5 years ago

    Why do all your comments have to end with a personal attack on someone?

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    1. irisheye62 5 years ago

      his comments do NOT end with a personal attack? This is not -Thank God –THE VIEW –

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  30. JTRAIN 5 years ago

    Lift some weights
    lift more weights
    eat more

    That should be a major part of the routine this offseason. Alabama just looked stronger at most positions. Nix and Tuitt held their own but they were pretty much the only ones. Actually think Nix was a complete animal last night, he just didn’t get any help.

    Not to beat a dead horse here but did kelly watch any film?

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  31. chris0924 5 years ago

    Wasn’t intending to be sarcastic. Just saying its a logical fit in the ACC, one the institution has already partly bought into (as far as basketball is concerted). Might as well make the circle complete.

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  32. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    Oh, we get sarcasm very well!

    I guess you think we’re as stupid as Bama and Ohio St. fans!

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    1. maskedassassin 5 years ago

      SteelFanRob: Stereotyping of others only proves what a small minded stupid person you are. You are not ignorant, that only means you don’t know about something. Stupid is when you open your mouth and show how ignorant you are.

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      1. irisheye62 5 years ago

        you enjoy this sterotyping accusation don’t you? Alabama won and they deserved it. Great. Now go party with them. The only ignorance of the game was late in the game when the Cneter and QB of Bamd got into it –really? Laughable –whatever. Your comments are not relevant. Go party with the Tide .

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  33. chris0924 5 years ago

    After watching the Irish in both basketball and football last night, it is evident that this is an institution that competes at the ACC level. Great win on the hardwood and this team looks capable of making a decent run. Aa for football, it reminds me of other over ranked, over hyped, lucky teams, such as Florida State or Clemson, that many believe in but always disappoint. The ACC and Notre Dame, great basketball w good football.

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  34. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    OK, now, bj, didn’t you get the memo that we cannot make any observations no matter how valid those observations may be. We don’t want to hurt BruceB’s feelings. After all, he’s the only one here that really cares about ND, the only one on here who called ND’s undefeated season, and the only one of us to man up and stand up to the trolls.

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  35. BruceB 5 years ago

    Some of you apparently don’t understand sarcasm when you hear it and, I’ll admit, it’s not easy to convey in writing. I was in no way criticizing Kelly, the ND team, the coaching staff or even most of the fans in my first post. In fact, I’m proud of this team and what they accomplished this season and optimistic about the future. For the record, my prediction for this season was 10-2 ( in writing) and I also posted a comment on how OU and USC weren’t the powerhouses some people thought. I’m certainly not complaining because we lost to Alabama, although I was hoping for a more competitive game.

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  36. bj 5 years ago


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  37. SteelFanRob 5 years ago


    Stop being so negative! ND should never be criticized no matter what. Who cares that everything you say makes perfect sense. You’re hurting my feelings and I don’t like that. Stop it! You’re going to make me cry with your realistic analysis of the game…. Um, I mean negativity.

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  38. Michael the Archangel 5 years ago

    Read where One Bama lineman commented on how predictable the ND “D” formations and sets were. Another Bama player commented how film showed how open the outside was all year, and why they chose flag routes and outside runs and were so successful with them all night.

    Bama is better; but all those weeks of prep against the best team in the land and Diaco and Kelly came up with little if anything new. Bama ran a game plan they’d practiced on for weeks and ND threw how many blitzes at a very slow immobile QB? Certainly far fewer than Bama threw at Golson. Don’t just sit back and let them pound you. If you lose, lose by applyinh pressure and trying to force mistakes. And how often did they throw to Riddick who was covered by a LB?

    What’s most disheartening to me is the doubt that lingers as to whether Diaco and Kelly have what it takes to coach against the best at the highest level. I hope I’m wrong, but it remains to be seen.

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  39. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    Where were you, BruceB, all season?

    Where were you when we were battling the trolls?


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  40. irisheye62 5 years ago

    Steel Fan–You feel like I did after the Mich. State win with a fake field goal or a lost to freaking Tulsa. OMG. The loss for the second time to Navy. OMG. The giving up against Florida State in
    Champs Bowl. OMG. Other things too. OMG. Ohio State can say all they want but if you look at THEIR schedule -please. I don’t think the guy was malicious. Trust me–there is much of that in Columbus—I hear it all the time. MOST think OSU is the only University on Earth and that the Garden of Eden is High Street. IT IS WORSE IN BAMA COUNTRY. Of course, there is nothing to do but watch football have a cupcake nonconference schedule and talk about how pretty the baton twirlers are and repeat Roll Tide Roll and still be bitter about the “War of Northern Aggression.” ( It’s worse in Mississippi)
    We got whipped and we were not in the game at all.
    Bama had their way from start to finish. A few bad play calls ( which didn’t make the difference in the game ) didn’t help early momentum at all. White hat ref. acted as if he was doing us a favor by being there.

    As for Southern Culture, “you ain’t from around here, are ya son?” is a perpetual problem and the SEC cousin bangers as you say only give rise to a moral dilemma in this country resulting in honey boo boo’s and fat women whose lower arms shake like pork roast when they applaud ROLL TIDE ROLL. I think there were more points than Bama has teeth in most cities in that oppressed State. Moreover, I just wonder if any of the Bama guys will watch 30/30 and learn from the excess and losing millions to be made–and lost by choice if they go NFL? I just wonder if they will be able to conjugate verbs, sentences, complete paragraphs and continue a low grad. rate as the SEC has. Notre Dame will always have the haters with or without National Championships. You know why? JEALOUSY! High Standards, Incredible campus, History with the Potawatomie Indians and Holy Cross Fathers and French Priests, in place long before many of the State Schools were and still holding to a high standard of success on and off the field and court and what not. I’m not beaten up. I think we could have won with your analysis of the Offensive calls. I believe we could have with positive results in the first possession of ND in both first half and second. We did not execute, we were out coached, no special teams. BUT we were ahead of schedule. What Kelly has done at Cincinnati and prior will come to ND–and it has. I’m proud and wearing the green, blue and gold. I DO WISH WE COULD HAVE PLAYED OSU because THAT would have been a WIN FOR ND FOR SURE! I would lay my mortgage on that! We will return.
    The schedule was tough. Even though the teams did not perform to their traditional capability and reputation, we still scheduled them and did well even if they pooped out later. We can’t help that nor is that a discredit to ND. I would rather play this than Arkansas Pine Bluff or Western Carolina in November or Buffalo and Akron. Schools that do this coupled with a lower academic standard make me want to puke and laugh at their so called “success.” The passage of time heals and the ignorant and uninvited will always have hate for ND in times both good and bad. ( If we are not relevant then why does the media in some places continue to go out of their way to bash? Must be something there. ND -Standards-Class-Ethics-and some call it snobbery. If you walk through OSU campus -which is a pit in a lot of places and then see some things in Bama -it is appalling. So-chin up Steel Fan– WE WILL RETURN – WE WILL RETURN–The angry confederates will always be that way–let them. Drink your Whiskey and Bailey’s and watch Ice Truckers tonight. Pray that the hung over southerners make it home safely. The Trolls and turds have nothing on Notre Dame in any season. It is sad for them due to their choice. It is not sad for us. WE ARE ND!!!!!!!!!

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    1. maskedassassin 5 years ago

      I’ll bet you are one of those persons who always call for everyone to get along and not say bad things about others. Then when things don’t go your way you resort to vile name calling and demeaning stereotyping of people and places that you know nothing about. Have you ever been South of West Bend? have you ever been to Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Have you ever sat and talked to anyone that is different than you? Do you get your perspective of things Southern watching television and movies. If I took your approach, I would tend to believe all folks from the North are named Snooki or some such. By stereotyping, you do nothing but undermine any relevance you lame statements might have in the first place. I am an Alabama graduate,never even dated my cousin, and feel sorry for someone as prejudiced as yourself. You cannot stand the theory that someone other than Notre Dame graduates are your equal. You need to get out of the front of your television and go out into the real world and meet people who are real. By the way, when I was younger I lived in Indiana and guess what? Not everyone that lives in Indiana believe that Notre Dame is the be all end all of education. Many of them believe that your students cannot walk outside in the rain because they would drown because of water running down their nostrils which are stuck up in the air. I live in Alabama and I am very proud of that fact. I am an Alabama graduate and I am are very proud of that fact. I had relatives who fought in the (Un)Civil War, on both sides, by the way. I also had relatives that fought in the War for Independence. Both sides, by the way. And I am proud of them all. Please, before your anger causes you to have a conniption fit or at the very least a hissy fit. Accept that you have a really good team that found out what it is like to play a really great team. God Bless.

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      1. maskedassassin 5 years ago

        Please forgive my typos. I still have not recovered from last night.

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      2. irisheye62 5 years ago

        Masked: It is one of those rare people who can assume and put down the character of people followed by God Bless. Does that make you feel vindicated? “You cannot stand the theory that someone othe rthan Notre Dame graduates are your equal.” I never suggested that. You are turning words around. You have a rich heritage. Your words are rich too with preconceived notions that cannot be dealt with here. Jewish Blood-with many lost relatives in the Holocaust, Native blood and Andrew Jackson did no favor to my ancestors there and I’ve lived in many places the world over for my job. I’m proud of my team and we did get beat by a great team. I accepted that. Come on this site and talk smack instead of partying with your Crimson Tide fans tells ALL OF US THAT YOU are the ONE who has a conniption fit at the very least a hissy and sissy fit. That monkey is on YOUR back Tide Fan–not mine. I accept the defeat. Moreover, the schedule of ND combined with Academic standards are superb. That is not putting your team down. The facts are, however, that Bama graduates 75% and Notre Dame 97% and ND is the neighborhood of the Ivy League. Just the facts there.
        Not bias, not anger, not assumptions and I’m not on a TIDE SITE talking smack in wins or losses. You won fair and square. To attempt to insult and then end with God Bless is at best uncalled for and perhaps somewhat demonic. Go Celebrate your victories. I’m glad ND could inspire you to be the third University to have 3 National titles in 4 season. Congratulations! Your band, cheerleaders, QB girlfriend had all the extra sights and sounds and it was Roll Tide Roll all night–and it was obvious nearly from the start. You found out what it was like to play a REALLY Great Team from -better yet-a REALLY GREAT UNIVERSITY.
        I mean it when I say Congrats-and God Bless.

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      3. irisheye62 5 years ago

        God Bless you too. As for living outside of South Bend, Los Angelos, Tuscon, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Jerusalem, Edinborough. For the record, I too had relatives in the Civil War and my great-great grandfather was an abolitionist and hid slaves and took them to the north under hay. This was a CIVL not an ( UN) Civil War as you say. Be proud of your team. The won. If you are a Bama fan why are you here? We are not on your sites. It is obvious that many bama fans are sore winners and sore losers. What a shame. Im not angry–I’m merely tired of Non Notre Dame People from the south and OSU on this site. And Bama fan -you should thank Kansas State and Oregon for paving your way here. I said nothing negative about Georgia–as they were just five yards shy and an expired clock away from being there. I HAVE been to Bama and I saw what I saw. As for Notre Dame being snootyy –who is being prejuidiced now? Who is buying into sterotypes about Irish Graduates. As for the rain and bad weather, we get lots of it here with 25 inches of snow and we “don’t drown in it.” I’m proud of NOtre Dame for the fact they got there and lost to a superior team. It is just too bad that people with inferior mindsets assueme that one is this or that if one is not kissing your foot and what not. There is no anger here at all. The one having a conniption fit here is not me and I’m rather calm calling a spade a spade. Like it or not, there ARE things and places and people in the south that still has the “You ain’t from around here” attittue. I’m 1/4 Native , Jewish and Catholic and have more diversity in my family and every day life than most. As for accepting that ” ND had a really good team that found out what it is like to paly a really great team” I truly am and am proud of htat and I wish you all the best. I’m not steretyping. It is calling a spade a spade. Now please go to your site and enjoy and celebrate as it is your right to do so –there with Roll tide fans. You won. In case you missed the other posts, I encourage all the ND fans who are naturally down as you were when you lost to A and M. Good Luck again. No apologies here as your assumptions are wrong. * Walk a mile in my shoes of diversity first before you say something to another. Now go party with the Tide. Enjoy YOUR Sites!!!

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      4. irisheye62 5 years ago

        oops play not paly and that not htat LOL–

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    2. buttbongo 5 years ago

      Hey Irish,
      You are certainly full of hate. Hope you get what you deserve.

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      1. irisheye62 5 years ago

        If you are talking to me Buttbongo- I choose to reply this way:

        ND great season, Bama great game and they were READY.
        They deserved the win.

        When others from other sites come here I take exception to ND being called snooty and that we were big fish in a little pond.
        It wasn’t the Irish who played West Carolina.
        It WAS the Irish who played 10 bowl eligible teams.
        It IS the Irish who played a national schedule that looked and still does remain tough.

        As I stated above, Bama fans should be grateful that Kansas and Oregon lost and that Georgia was five yards away and an expired clock from beating Bama. ( I explained this to Richardo)
        The cards were in Bamas favor.
        That does not give license to Richardo or any others to come HERE and bash the Irish. Masked Assassin has issues and judegement on his part and he could not be more wrong. Is isn’t “hate” when I don’t choose the PC route. I would rather route these folks to party with their fellow Tide folks-as well they should. If you think it is hate, that is your call and it is unwelcome. As for getting what I deserve I have a rich heritage of being Jewish, American Indian and Catholic. I’ve been on the side of bigotry far more than most. To call a spade a spade when I see such people on this site or any other, it is standing up to them. I said Nothing bad about Bama or Saban ( who is Catholic too, btw) I just called it like it was because in apathy has made parts of this country less than what it is. Some people from those part of the country filled with this same apathy find this opportunity to bash Notre Dame or other institutions in times of loss or gain. That is called ignorance, want and redneck and it is most unwelcome.
        I LOVE NOTRE DAME and What it stands for and am proud of this team even through a 42-14 defeat. No further explanation to one named Buttbongo is necessary.
        We are still #1 in Graduation Rates. We are still # 1 regular season Champs. Go ND!

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  41. SteelFanRob 5 years ago


    What was your prediction? 12-0?!

    You can go back and check and see that I said I believed ND could reasonable go 9-3 or even 10-2.

    Again, what was your prediction?

    Does 12-1 make me happy? Yes and no. If we had lost to Bama by a TD or less. Sure. If we had won our bowl game to finish 12-1. Sure.

    But that was an ugly loss last night and no matter how rosy the lenses you’re wearing won’t change that.

    You sound very negative in this post yourself. Or maybe you’re just calling things like they are. BK called a lousy game. Negative comment or reality? STs screwed up as usual. Negative comment or reality?

    We all here can read and most of us write better than you!

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  42. BruceB 5 years ago

    In August, many of the whiners posting above were predicting the Irish would go 8-4 or 7-5, if that. So they give us 12-1 but does that make us happy? Hell no, Kelly called a lousy game, Te’o missed some tackles, special teams screwed up more than usual, next year’s recruits will all bail,…… What’s wrong with you people? You can’t see the forest for the trees and yet you call yourself fans. I posted a comment about the negativity on this board and you people jumped all over me – go back and read (you can read, right?) some of these posts.

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    1. irisheye62 5 years ago

      Bruce-the ship is not sinking. Folks aren’t going to bail. The sky is not falling. The program has been through much. We lose one game by a huge score and Im NOT whining. I thought we would be 8-4 or 9-3. We were there with bama and the rest of the nation was NOT. We made it there! If that is not a step in the right direction, then I don’t know what is. Winning is better for sure. However, we made it there—and we will make it back.BELIEVE. I’m not whining. WE WILL BE BACK! ( and without playing West Carolina and UAB AND little sisters of the poor prior to a big game) and with academic standards too!! It has been a great year!! Let’s be grateful!!!!

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  43. Earl 5 years ago

    Does anyone actually believe that Nick Saban would have the same level of success at Notre Dame that he is able to enjoy at football university in Tuscaloosa? The answer is obviously “no” which hints at the real reason that the Tide and their ilk are as dominant as they are in COLLEGE football. All candidates with the appropriate physical tools are welcome, irrespective of that ‘rithmatic, readin’ and such.

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    1. storespook 5 years ago

      his tenure at Mich St was not like he is having at Bama or when he was at LSU, Not that Sparty is Ivy league capitol of Mich but it does show that institution probably has more standards to contend with than Bama & LSU.

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  44. SteelFanRob 5 years ago


    Thanks for the statistical perspective. We Domer homers accept them.

    Sadly it does nothing to refute the comments of the trolls above. They’ll just say all those numbers were crunched against inferior opponents.

    Sad to admit, and as hard as it is for me to accept, they may have a point. ND’s schedule was vastly over-rated this season. Almost all our quality wins came against teams that were not nearly as good as people thought and that was proven by their season records and bowl performances (with the exception of MSU).

    In the final analysis, there’s only one thing that will quiet the ND haters. It won’t be a statistical analysis. It won’t be a moral victory. It won’t be the #1 graduation rate of student athletes at ND. It won’t even be an undefeated season. The only thing that will drive these trolls back underground again is ND winning it all. Plain and simple. Do you think these latest ass-wipes on our board would’ve come on here if ND had beaten Bama? Do you think they have that kind of class?! No. They would’ve never been heard of. But because these subhumans love to revel in the misery of others, they’re here to gloat. (These people would probably go to a funeral and piss inside the coffin of the deceased!)

    You know what, irisheye, I’m tired of making excuses for one ND debacle after another. We’ve been embarrassed in every BCS game we’ve played in. No amount of number crunching can change that.

    You know I appreciate your wit and take on things. But sorry if I can’t join you in getting excited about those numbers. I’d trade all those stats in for a one point win last night!

    I’m as beaten up as ND was last night. If someone else wants to take up the banner and fight back the trolls so be it, be my guest. I just don’t know what we’ll be able to say that would make any sense to them. We have no ammunition in our arsenal to fire back against the bottom line argument that ND got blown out yet again in a big-time bowl game and hasn’t won anything in over 24 years.

    We can pay ourselves on the back for this season all we want. And we should rightly be proud of the lads, but the trolls won’t leave until ND shows them up in a big way. If ND ever wins a NC, then you’ll see how free this site will be of Ohio St. turds and SEC cousin bangers!

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  45. irisheye62 5 years ago

    Correction- opponets scored just 37 total times prior to last night. With the surrendered scores total times, opponets in the end zone made it 49 times. Prior to last night it was NOTRE DAME 94- Opponets 37-
    Not bad at all! ( This is my geek factor but if it is for the IRISH, why not? My wife hates when I do this kind of stuff, the kids shake their heads and my teens ask “really?” LOL) GREAT SEASON IRISH-WE LOVE YOU AND WE ARE ND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  46. irisheye62 5 years ago

    Interesting stats. ( I think I’m correct)
    Analyzing every game this year with scores and what not.
    The Irish scored exactly double over their opponets this year
    when it comes to TD’s, PAT, FG, etc.
    For those of your who are interested ( Again, I think I’m correct here)
    TOTAL TD’s NOTRE DAME 36-All Opponets 15 ( just 9 prior to last night)
    TOTAL PAT’s NOTRE DAME 33-All Opponets 15 ( just 9 prior to last night)
    TOTAL FG’s NOTRE DAME 28 All Opponets 19 (* A tribute to the D!)
    TOTAL 2 Point Conversions- NOTRE DAME 1- All Opponets 0
    TOTAL SCORES -NOTRE DAME 98- All Opponets 49 (prior to last night)
    TOTAL SCORES: In September ND 103- Opponets 36
    In October ND 108-Opponets 43
    In November ND 110-Opponets 45
    Regular Season ND 321- Opponets 124
    Final Scoring ND 335- -Opponets-166
    Interesting stuff maybe. ( I know -get a life-but I LOVE the Irish and ND in all seasons and this one was one to remember! WE ARE ND!)
    If I missed something on TD’s and what not-RSVP! GO IRISH! WE WILL BE BACK!

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  47. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    And the trolls are back!

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  48. Richardo Montlebhan 5 years ago

    Nothern, Midwestern, and Western Teams and Conferences can’t hold a candle to the Southern Teams.

    That is why ND looked so good. When you are a medium fish in a small pond you are the junk but when you land in the Gulf with the Southern Sharks you see real quick that you need to be back home.

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    1. irisheye62 5 years ago

      Congrats on your win. Obviously you are an angry confederate who can’t let go of the past and Northern Aggression. The only aggression I saw last night was late hits from Bama and then how the Tide was playing tom thug to ONE ANOTHER. They were up 42- whatever and mad as if somebody spit on their mother. Not a class act when the game and the nail was in the coffin. It was over by then. So obviously all must not be rosey and family in bama country. ND looked good in a National Schedule and played 10 bowl eligible teams.We didn’t schedule Georgia Southern and the likes of that and rarely if ever do we do that. For one of the FEW times in history has Bama defeated the Irish. You should THANK a WESTERN TEAM in Oregon and team from the PLAINS in Kansas State that you made it there. Combine that with a clock expiration and just 5 yards away for Georgia and Bama sure has the LUCK OF THE IRISH ON THEIR SIDE FOR GETTING THERE! Without that, Bama could have played Louisville or FSU or somebody else. But it didn’t happen that way. So be Happy for YOUR team and enjoy. IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE A TROLL, then take your hate Issues against the Irish elsewhere. This is a site for ND fans and your comments are not necessary and show an obvious lack of class and demeanor and etiquette. That said, Enjoy your trophies and may your boys on your team have success in life. Congrats. Go back to Montgomery. On your way, there are some fine Catholic Chapels including one in Irondale. Get some counseling with a Catholic Priest and resolve your hate issues. Congrats to you for making it 3 times in 4 years. NOTRE DAME WAS THE FIRST TEAM TO DO SO–Glad we inspired you!!!!!!!

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      1. IrishIwasindixie 5 years ago

        As a Catholic, a Notre Dame Fan and a southerner I am disappointed by the previous snub nose comment. Sure Richardo is gloating in a forum full of Irish fans, but in no way does he come off as an “angry confederate”. It seems you are the one stereotyping him! He is from the south so you immediately start attacking his heritage. tsk tsk. The guy was just talking football and about the supposed dominance of his conference. You were the one who strayed down the road to hatred there. Pity…

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      2. irisheye62 5 years ago

        Nobody started down the “road to hate” you assumed that. If ND would have won I would not be on their boards talking smack. Small minds do that and I would celebrate as my family and I have been all sesaon! WE STILL ARE! A punch in the ribs after such a decisive victory was not necessary on his part -call it gloating or not. Who is hateful now? I wonder if he is on the Oregon or Kansas sites THANKING them that because of them that Bama made it there in the first place. Clearly they were the better team that night. Attakcing his heriage? He attacked himself. Pity on him.

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  49. OhioStateKnucklehead 5 years ago

    This quote sticks out. “It sucks that this team did not play to the level it’s capable of.” What? No… you just ran in the wall that is Alabama in a stronghold which is the SEC. It wasn’t that you didn’t play to the level you are capable of, you did. It is just that Bama made your look like crap. Don’t feel bad. There is too much speed and physical dominance on the Alabama roster. Notre Dame could not have beaten this team if given 10 tries.

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    1. irisheye62 5 years ago

      Ohio State Knucklehead:
      We DON’T feel bad. The Irish were simply NOT AWAKE! Wake up the Echoes? A bit late. Living in Columbus, OHio myself many friends said “this team reminds me of the year when we played Miami or played Florida.” Well–we lost to an SEC team jsut like OSU did 41-14 in Troy Smith Days. However, OSU was in it at first, unlike the Irish who have not been down 28-0 all year if EVER under BK. Bama was glad to be there and with help from K. State and Oregon and a few calls going their way with Georgia and clock expiration, Georgia was a dollar short and boom Bama is in–again. So–they got there –with Help. They won. I would have rather played OSU. If only the Buckeyes would have forfeited the bowl game last year with Fickell that could have been a better match up. Alas it was not meant to be. We have defeated Southern opponets several times on their turf and ours. It was all Bama last night and they were strong and we missed tackles. Good Luck to Urban and Company next year. I think a lot of the Buckeye Nation ( although some reluctantly) were cheering for the Irish –or against the SEC. Maybe next year! Again, good luck to your Bucks. BTW, I still have your Bucks Basketball team going further in the tournamnet already than most. They are down but Craft is awesome. We Will see. As for ND-great season, very, very tough schedule and recruiting and future looks good. Proud to be ND! * ( I say with a better offensive plan and tackles we could take Bama–but we didn’t and unlike baseball you don’t play the best of seven. Cest la vie)

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      1. jeff 5 years ago

        Isnt it ironic that Alabama makes it to the big dance because Oregon and K-state couldnt take care of business. Alabama is clearly the best team in college football but needed help to get to the NC game. Had Oregon or K-state taken care of business nobody would be talking about Alabama right now. And what if Ohio st were not on probation. They backed in and then stepped up big.

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  50. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    Every job should be open to competition next year. Nothing should be handed to any one. Let the guy who really wants to start step up and play.

    Frankly, if we’re going to use EG as a pocket passer, I’d take G. Kiel. He’s bigger, stronger, and has enough athleticism to run and scramble. His arm strength is as good if not better than EG. G. Giel can also make every throw in the route tree. It makes no sense to not use EG’s athleticism. But if BK can’t see that EG needs to be used like Manziel or RGIII, then he’s not as smart as we all think he is.

    Regardless, all jobs, including the starting QB job, have to be open for competition in the spring. May the best man win!

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  51. irisheye62 5 years ago

    Im tired of the SEC and Mark May.
    Notre Dame had a great year and I could not have imagined ND in the NC
    in September. In October maybe, after the Pitt heart attack, I thought
    a big maybe if we take down Troy assuming nothing on BC and Wake.
    Wins over ALL of them and THAT SHOULD MAKE US ALL PROUD.

    I agree that the running game was abandoned and several times I questioned WHY are we running up the middle against that size? Folks, Alabama is beatable and they are flesh and blood. When K. State and Oregon lost on the same night new life was breathed into Bama and five yards and an an expired clock against Georgia put A LOT more life into them –again.
    It was in the cards for them.
    STILL-125 years of football, Teo, Kelly Coach of the year, lots of hardware, recruiting will be good and the future is brighter than the likes
    of Vanilla and bland Davie, in over his head Willingham and Pompous Weiss and conceited Clausen. We had the scars of that and to establish a new chapter in Notre Dame History when just about everybody said we were not relevant saw ND in the BCS final! Spanked or not–we were there. Not Georgia, USC, the ghetto of Miami, not West. Va. and not undefeated and banished mediocre Ohio State. NOTRE DAME WAS AND IM PROUD. Look back, see this year, relish it and think ahead. The SEC run can’t go on forever–nor will Notre Dame’s losses in the biggest of games. THINGS WILL BE OK. WE ARE ND–and WE HAVE FOUND A WAY TO BE BACK IN THE THICK OF IT. Frustrated? Tired? Yes ( and I went to work –uggh) BUT we will be back so bring it on Pitt, Mark May, SC, Hoke and Mich. and sparty and all of them–bring it— This year is not a fluke–It is the beginning and a partial blueprint for the future-with room for improvement. NOTRE DAME –OUR MOTHER!!

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    1. jeff 5 years ago

      Isnt it ironic that Alabama even makes it to the NC game after Oregon and K-state stumble late. They were lucky to be in the NC game but certainly werent lucky to win it. Frustrating but i Believe Kelly will keep things heading in the right direction. Go Irish

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    2. IrishBrowneye 5 years ago

      I love how you call OSU mediocre when ND got spanked worse than Michigan. Notre Dame would have lost to OSU if they played and we are on a down year so why dont you refer to your own team as mediocre because ND certainly is.

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      1. JDH 5 years ago

        BWAHAHAHA! Yeah right! OSU got more points dropped on them by IU (YES IU) than more than half of ND’s opponents scored on ND…COMBINED! The Big Ten was full retard this year. Don’t get me wrong-it’s very difficult to go undefeated regardless and that was a legit accomplishment by the Buckeyes. But c’mon, let’s get serious. While ND certainly had some close calls and was a team that was improving each week, they also beat Stanford, Oklahoma, USC. Those teams are always good. OSU’s schedule was nothing compared to ours this year.

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      2. JDH 5 years ago

        To Add: While I’m certain you think we didn’t beat Stanford because you think Taylor scored, I doubt you also think that OSU actually lost to Purdue! You got a very lucky call as I don’t believe your tight end made the catch in OT. Purdue should have had the win. So you know, glass houses and all that…

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      3. irisheye62 5 years ago

        OSU is mediocre. They rebuilt and had a scheudle of cupcakes and some good wins in very close fashion. We don’t know what would have happened unless the play ACTUALLY would have happened between the Irish and OSU. Given the sloppy play on the part of OSU this year, it would have most likely been a good win for the Irish. Thanks to your tatoos and Tressel lies we will never know. ( Mind you that is a walk in the park compared to the sins of USC and Miami ghetto Hurricanes and Penn State) but still a lie is a lie -unless you are Bill Clinton. ( LOL) While OSU enjoys home games in a pseudo pre game season scrimmage style with such powerhouses as Buffalo, I’m trembling. ( sarcasm in case your view from High Stree clouds your view.) I live in Columbus and know the mentality all too well. OSU is mediocre this year. Next year? better for sure. Urban renewal got his face on TV and will do so recruiting and get the job done. I have respect for Braxton Miller ( more than Pryor) So —again, without apology or retracting the truth–NOtre Dame was very good this year. ONe game does not take away from the success. Furthermore, the Track record ND has on the SEC is much better than that of OSU. You have beaten Arkansas and LSU in close games and that is IT with the SEC. I wish we would have played one another. I really do then we would know for sure. The instinct tells me that while we surrendered justthree field goals to Mich and Mich st. and OSU struggled to beat them and three missed field goals by Cal saved the day for you, Notre Dame would have won that game most likely 37-20 -or more. But thanks to your teams mediocre and self centered decision on tat parlors and being “all that” and Tressel lies we will never know. I was embarrased for OSU when I saw their fans asking Obama to intervene so that they could play. REALLY? What’s next Grilled Teeth on Brutus the Buckeye????

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  52. ND Hawaiian 5 years ago

    I have to say that I’m completely disappointed. I just hope that the negative ramifications aren’t beyond losing this one game and the momentum and chemistry and leadership built this season is not lost forever. As a Double Domer I’ve seen how fragile the team psyche can be (mine as well after losing my hair and years of my life watching this team). My worst fears are: (1) players lose faith in themselves and in each other (recall how many times players were arguing with each other (e.g., Louis Nix on many of the long runs)) which destroys team chemistry; (2) players lose faith in the coaches (I don’t think you can argue that we got out-coached in all phases); and (3) our No. 1 recruiting class falls apart (three of our best recruits in Redfield, Bryant and Folston committed only after we ended the regular season #1). I hope I’m wrong and that this team has greater fortitude than prior teams have shown.

    I also have to wonder if our seniors hurt their draft stock. KLM because of the second major knee injury in two years. Te’o and Motta because of all the missed tackles. As someone from Hawai’i, watching Te’o’s season end the way it did with him having zero positive impact on the field was heart wrenching. Maybe 4 years of film and all the intangibles say otherwise but seeing Te’o struggle with that offensive line and those running backs may cause some teams to balk at selecting him since he’ll see more of the same in the NFL. I still think Te’o goes in the first round but not in the top 10 as many had projected.

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    1. Michael the Archangel 5 years ago

      I hope Te’o’s still around when the Bears pick. But he won’t be. And if he is, they’d still pick someone who won’t even start by his third year in the league.

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    2. in the middle 5 years ago

      you are right…Te’o stock plummeted. I had heard his name all year long but, to finally see him play was laughable.

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      1. irisheye62 5 years ago

        There is nothing about Teo that is laughable. While you sit and criticize here and above and say give it a rest, I would recommend YOU give it a rest. Teo is a man among men on and off the field. One night of play that was not excellent does not define a a career or potential. Your posts are mean spirited and if you are ” in the middle” you probably are on other boards bashing other teams that lost too. NO doubt you are an instant band wagon jumper to the winning team of the day or year only to bash them the next. ND is above most because we don’t schedule Arkansas Pine Bluff, West Carolina, Akron, Buffalo, UAB, Central Tech of southern Mexico or a branch of Pepperdine only to use those wins to make us bowl eligible. Love the double standard against the Irish. When some conferences aren’t doing well and that one atop the conference is folks say “it’s not that teams fault” and on and on. Whether you think so or not, NOTRE DAME did have a tough schedulle with 10 bowl eligible teams. That is nowhere NEAR the middle and your unwelcome commentary here in neither there, left, right and what not. It is smack and a poor attempt to bash Notre Dame ( and anyone else for that matter.) This program is turning around and we don’t need or care for your approval or disapproval. Grow up. Good Luck and be gone.

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  53. Patrick 5 years ago

    What I saw last night (and I don’t watch SEC ball), was Alabama’s linebackers were as fast as Golson. Their DB’s were much faster than our WR’s. Their lineman clogged the entire offensive line’s push. Our D-line is good. More speed at LB and DB. Ball hawking safety (Redfield fits this). Defense is set at that point.

    Offense. I like Golson at QB. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like our running backs. I think the next crop will be much better than Riddick and Wood. I’m not knocking them, but they aren’t like Alabama’s duo. Next, our offensive line. I like who we have coming in. To me, that’s a top SEC line they could turn into. Our current guys are good, but not great. That was evident last night.

    If I look back 10 years, we had two pieces to a puzzle. Today, we have 9 out of 10. That is what I take comfort in. BK wants what we all want – a NC. I’m feeling good about the future.

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  54. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    What about possibly moving T. Folston to CB? He played well at that spot in the UA All-Star game, even had a pick. Would be great to somehow land P. Willis.

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  55. Patrick 5 years ago

    Forgot to mention too SFR. Remember 1995 and Nebraska vs Florida? The Huskers hung 63 on Spurrier. What happened the next year? Florida bounced back and won it.

    I vividly remember that game. And while we didn’t get beat 63 to 20-something . . . that is what ND must do next.

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    1. storespook 5 years ago

      Interesting you brought that up as I thought that too. In fact, I still believe that 95 Nebraska team was one of the best college teams ever fielded, period.

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  56. SteelFanRob 5 years ago



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  57. Doug 5 years ago

    So did they plan in their Offensive meetings to throw at 28 repeatedly or did it just work out that way? Was there a reason to not run the read option? Designed QB draws? Screens and dump-offs to Riddick? Misdirection with GAIII? Uptempo no-huddle to throw off Bama’s D?

    They completely avoided everything on Offense that got them here. I’m lost for words.

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  58. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me?! Do you not follow recruiting. Last year we lost one of the best pure cover corners in the nation in R. Darby to FSU after we lost to FSU in the bowl game. He came out and flat out stated that game caused him to flip.

    Please do some research and then get back to me later.

    At the time I was the opinion of good riddance. After last night, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t love to have Darby in our secondary.

    As for bowl to play in, ND has had its fair share of lesser bowls of late. Hawaii Bowl, Sun Bowl, Gator Bowl. As for losing in BCS bowls, ND has done well at that too. We’re now what in BCS bowls? 0-4! So once again a weak argument on your part.

    Having said that, Patrick, believe me I hope I’m wrong and you’re right. I hope the recruits think like you do. We need all the talent we can get. That’s clear from last night.

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    1. Patrick 5 years ago

      I’m not saying the whole class will remain intact. There are always flip flops. But I just don’t see how the kids we have now, look around the landscape of college football and say, “I better look at another school.”

      I’m like you – I don’t consider this year fantastic, great and it doesn’t make my balls tingle. I wanted a NC. Plain and simple. They failed at that.

      But, I also don’t see the program taking a turn for the worse. I believe ND is better than any team on their schedule moving forward. However, for them to get over the hump, they need to be better than the best SEC team. That is who they will play moving forward for a NC.

      With that being said, they need a stronger offensive line, better QB play, and more speed on D. They get that, then it’s our turn to dominate.

      I think they are close to that. Not there yet, but close. What will close that gap is this year’s recruiting class. Redfield at safety. Emergence of more speed in the secondary. D-line and linebackers are set.

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      1. Scottym228 5 years ago

        The only thing they had going for them last night was the play of Golson. Rees would have been crushed in that game. If anything I am extremely optimistic about Golson for next year.

        The O-Line got wooped and lets not forget the best ND has to offer in the secondary was hurt this year. We have freshman playing CB. I actually think with the recruits coming in coupled with the guys on the team already that CB could be a position of strength next year. Just my opinion

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      2. JDH 5 years ago

        @Scotty- I agree with you completely. I believe that if Golson continues to develop he will be a legit Heisman contender.

        Monday night was indeed a nightmare. But I think too many on this board are “taking it a little too hard”. Bama is just that good.

        We went from a laughing stock for 15 years, to 8-5, 8-5, to playing for a NC!

        That is IMPROVEMENT. That is BUILDING something.

        We have a tremendous recruiting class even if we do lose a commit or two.

        Time to put the ruck back on and march.

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  59. Patrick 5 years ago

    SFR, I do agree with what you said – other than the recruiting class falling apart. I think a month to prepare, Saban looked at ND’s weak secondary, knew they’d sell out to stop the run and exposed it. I expect teams to do that next year to ND.

    The offensive game plan was horrible. They gave up on the run before the game started. But I do take comfort knowing ND scored more in the game than “vaunted” LSU did last year.

    Regardless, there is one thing that could not have been changed last night. There is a talent gap between ND (who I still believe is the #2 team in the country) and Alabama. Not Florida, or LSU or Georgia, or K-State or Oregon. The difference between Alabama and the rest of college football is stark.

    I saw it in lines, in the running backs for Bama, in the intelligence of McCarron. It was on display. The butt whooping Bama put on ND came from the offensive line, their running back skill and coaching. Plain and simple.

    If I step back for a second, I think of LSU and Georgia playing Bama close this year. And I’d say this, right now, today, ND would be the fourth best team in the SEC. That’s not to say we are doomed to stay there, or this next recruiting class won’t make a huge difference, or Golson in the system one more year won’t level the playing field. But right now, that’s where we’d be.

    To put that in perspective, I think the 3rd or 4th best team in the SEC would also be in the Top 5 in the country as well. So it’s not like I’m saying ND is middle of the pack in the Big 10 or Big East. It’s the best conference, with the best talent and best coaching.

    We’re close, but not quite there. In summary, I like ND’s chances next year for another run. The experience of this game, the hype, the intensity and the infusion of more talent, I like where we sit for a while.

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    1. SteelFanRob 5 years ago


      I agree with your overall assessment. You make some very solid points. But close isn’t going to win NCs. At some point we have get beyond close and actually win these types of games against these types of opponents on those kinds of stages.

      Enough of the potential talk. At some point potential has to translate into reality. I don’t want ND to have the potential to be NCs. I want them to actually hoist the NC trophy.

      Sorry for the frustration, Pat. I’m sure you sympathize.

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    2. Dave 5 years ago

      I generally agree with your statements. It appears you’re saying that we’re the 4th best team in the SEC even though there’s no gap in talent between ourselves and LSU/GA/FLA/TAM? If so, to what do you attribute the 4th place finish? And how do you justify LSU/GA playing ‘Bama closely (and losing to TAM)? Did we just catch them at their best and LSU/GA/TAM caught them on an off day? Just curious…

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  60. Patrick 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me? You really think kids will leave this class because of the game last night? Come on.

    Where are they going to go? K-State? Oregon? Stanford? USC? Michigan? Look at the facts. The Kansas City Chiefs could have played Alabama last night and would have lost. None of the Top 10 teams in the country (excluding A&M) could have beaten Alabama.

    So if I’m a kid sitting there, would I want to go to another school? To what, play in the Capital One Bowl? Lose to Louisville in the Sugar Bowl?

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    1. Mike 5 years ago

      at no point would alabama ever beat a pro team.

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  61. SteelFanRob 5 years ago


    I’ve been saying the same things myself. The STs are woeful. That’s on BK. Also, the O game plan last night, but also at times in the last 3 seasons, has been piss poor. That’s on BK, too. In 3 full seasons I’ve yet to see the ND O look anything like BK had at Cinci. Do we really believe Cinci has better players than ND?!

    Let’s look at one very specific case. ND is down 7-0. On the first play of the first O possession Golson completes an 8 yard pass. 2nd and 2. ND has two downs to make two yards and move the chains on a key drive to get some momentum. What does BK call? 2 long sideline passes to Eifert that require perfect execution. Result? 2 incompletes and an ND punt. Essentially, game over. That dubious play calling happened repeatedly last night. If there was ever a game where ND needed to keep its D off the field it was last night. Instead BK wants to turn his O into the Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf” from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Problem is Kurt Warner wasn’t our QB last night, Tory Holt and Az Hakeem weren’t playing receivers for us last night, Marshall Faulk wasn’t carrying the football, etc. Just terribly bad play calling from BK last night. He really out-thought himself last night. Saban and his staff ate up BK and his staff, and it’s clear these staffs aren’t even in he same league. 3 NCs in 4 years settles any and all arguments about that!

    Also, where were the zone reads, option plays (worked well for our first TD!), waggle routes, roll outs, screens, etc.? Was anyone else, other than pete, upset at the repeated bombs down the sidelines? Did ND complete a single one of those? Why was Riddick not more involved in the passing game? Seemed to work well for our only other TD.

    I’m going to make a controversial statement. I don’t think the D game plan was that bad. I think Diaco put his players in a position to make plays. They just didn’t! Case in point. Late second quarter, ND down 21-0. Bama has a third and four or something like that. Te’o gets a clean hit in the backfield on the Bama back. I mean clean hit! Stop Bama there. Get the ball back to perhaps put points on the board before half time. Plus ND gets the ball to start the second half. Score points then and who knows, you have a game perhaps. Instead, Te’o totally misses the tackle. The Bama back picks up the first down. Bama goes on to make it 28-0. As if we didn’t already know it, game, set, match at that point.

    Just a gutless performance last night from everyone on the ND side. I’m not even going to contemplate sugar coating the game. Some one wants to make a case for a great season and a bright future and I’ll listen but please don’t insult our intelligence by trying to put lipstick on this pig!

    It’s all about BK getting his head out of his ass and seeing things for what they are. He needs to focus on being a HC and recruiter. Turn STs and OC to someone more qualified.

    BK have better been on the phone all last night calling recruits, trying to keep this class intact. ND needs every player it can get, esp. in the secondary. Wouldn’t R. Darby, Tee Shephard, and Yuri Wright help that cause. Well, that’s water under the bridge. But we better keep the CB recruits and Max Redfield in this class. Also, Vanderdoes would be a huge get for ND. But after last night I don’t know if he or any other stud recruit left on our wish list will want to come to ND. God, I hope I’m wrong about this!

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    1. JDH 5 years ago

      You’ve made alot of good points SFR. Watching a warrior like Teo completely forget how to tackle was beyond perplexing. When have we seen a guy like that just dive and throw and arm at RB’s legs? As opposed to going face to face into the dirt?

      It was a bizarre, excruciating night. BK was so out-coached that I don’t even have the words. His play calling on offense was laughable.

      But, as this article states, there is so much to be happy about.

      ND has seen first hand what it really means to be “the best” in college football. They did not remotely play to their potential, but they were physically, mentally, emotionally destroyed by the end of the 1st quarter. No one stepped up to lead, when we had leaders every other game step up during adversity.

      Give Alabama their due because they deserve it.

      ND needs to take alot of notes and continue to BUILD. They are light years ahead of where they were.

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  62. B j E 5 years ago

    This is a different game if we able to make tackles. I don’t know how this team, that was built on a defense that will give you the 6 or 8 yard catch as long as you don’t get a yard more on the tackle… can make those mistakes. I play ball still, and with the layoff that ND had (two weeks longer than UoA), these are the things you loose. Not motivation, strength, speed, but being comfortable breaking down into tackles and jumping reads. I wonder if ND will ever throw in an extra by week sometime in future schedules to bridge that gap. Im not saying ND should have won this game… but a 2 possession game into the 4th is how this should have gone.

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    1. Beau 5 years ago

      Worst tackling I have seen in a BCS Championship game…it was shocking.

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  63. pete 5 years ago

    Last nights game was very disappointing to say the least. With some time to reflect I believe Notre Dame can be a national contender going forward if 2 things occur. Number 1 Bryan Kelly must hire a great special teams coach. Our special teams have been poor for 3 years and its inexcusable when in my opinion NotreDame, has very good to great talent on these units. Number 2 Kelly must remove himself entirely from the offense and hire a big time offense coordinator and let that guy completely be in charge of the offense including scheme, play calling, game planning, personnel, philosophy, etc. I believe Notre Dame has a lot of talent on offense that is not being utilized correctly. Kelly, to me is not a very good offense coach and a terrible play caller. Example, look at how many times last night Notre Dame had second and short, third and short and Kelly threw deep passes. Also, why keep throwing to the guy Milner is covering when he is one of the best corners in the nation. Alabama;s other secondary guys were not that good but Notre Dame never challenged them. I don’t blame Golson at all. In fact I thought he played pretty well considering he had pressure in his face a lot and very little running game to work with.

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    1. Beau 5 years ago

      Alabama had no trick plays. They just ran right at ND and ran right over them. A ND fan and I talked before the game and he said ND would win because our QB was not very good. I think A.J played pretty well last night. But give credit where credit is due, ND got beat in the trenches all night long.

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    2. in the middle 5 years ago

      Notre Dame squeeked into the national title game and had their cleats handed to them… no one saw this coming? Are you kidding? The BCS strength of schedule got it “wrong”. there are a dozen of teams out there that would have wooped on ND. Every team would be better if they hired a “great special teams coach” but, what does that mean? that they aren’t the #1 or #2 in the country. Give it a rest… ND thinks they are special… and they aren’t.

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