Notre Dame’s New Shamrock Series Uniforms, Like The Game Itself, Miss The Mark

In a way, the uniforms are perfect.

They are a uniform scheme, patterned after a major league baseball team, that nobody wanted, to play in a venue nobody wanted to play in. Notre Dame, for one night, is paying homage to the New York Yankees. They’ve adopted their color scheme, their famous pinstripes, and their signature font for the front of the jersey.

Sometimes, I don’t understand what Notre Dame is trying to do.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the whole thing is the context in which it is taking place, because at least for me, it’s very important. This Shamrock Series game, these uniforms, it doesn’t have to be anything we are talking about at all.

This game was originally scheduled as a home contest, the final home game of the 2018 season. There wasn’t going to be any special uniform. Notre Dame announced on December 17th, 2017 they were moving the game to Yankee Stadium, a move that brought almost consensus criticism, and drew a muted response from head coach Brian Kelly who said, “I play wherever they tell me to play.”

It was noted, almost immediately, that for a team already traveling throughout the country, this seemed to be an unnecessary November trip, especially for a program that has broken down in the regular seasons final month.

And now the uniform, which was billed as a blend of “two iconic brands”, seems to mostly feature the New York baseball team, as noted by One Foot Down Writer, andrewwinn on Twitter:

Why Do Any Of This?

The Notre Dame football team hasn’t won a national championship in 30 years. They haven’t seriously contended for one since 2012, and the time before that was 1993. Two serious runs in the last two and a half decades. Why are we giving up home games to play dress up in baseball stadiums? The Shamrock Series is defensible in a vacuum, it always has been. It’s fun to change things up now and then, no big deal.

But Notre Dame has a program that for lack of a better way to put it is pretty stale. And it isn’t stale because the uniforms are boring. It’s stale because they are stuck at 10 wins or less. It’s stale because they have a coach who many are sick of, whether Notre Dame agrees or not. Heck, they just played Georgia at home for the first time ever, and Notre Dame fans sold all the dang seats.

2020 Notre Dame Blue & Gold Spring Football Game Date Announced

The athletic department needs to focus on winning national titles. No one cares about Yankee Stadium right now. No one cares about the Shamrock Series, or how recruits think the jersey’s are cool. The only question that matters is “how does this help the football program win a national championship?” This entire thing, from the venue, to the jerseys, to the conversation, doesn’t serve that purpose in any way. None percent.

The decision to move the game was poor. The decision to turn the football team into the Yankees was silly. That we are having to talk about either of them is an error on the part of the athletic department, who simply shouldn’t be a hinderance to their athletic programs.


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  1. D.J. 2 years ago

    Someone always brings up Alabama….. they’ve played 9 times.
    Notre Dame 7 wins Alabama 2 wins. The BCS game was
    A bust yet they finished with same 11- 1 record. Alabama plays
    4-5 basically high school non conference cupcake games.
    Look up the scores from all 9 games. The Irish blasted Alabama
    Worse than the BCS game to win National Championships
    and Bowl games. NOTRE DAME’S Shamrock Series Uniform
    Is to show respect for playing at Yankee Stadium. Alabama
    ruins athletes shots at the NFL. 5 star recruits sitting the
    Bench 4-5 years. Love my Irish and tradition is always at South Bend. If
    A player breaks team rules they don’t suit up. Most schools
    Play players that are waiting on court cases for DUI,sexual
    Assault. 7 Irish starters didn’t play in BCS game, top defensive
    Players for curfew in Miami. Take the 5 cupcake games away
    Make Bama play Stanford,USC, Michigsn, Pitt, Clemson. They’d have
    3 losses and injuries. Go Irish

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    1. david 2 years ago

      It’s settled then. Poor Alabama.

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  2. Anita C. 2 years ago

    Real talk… your offense is asking a quarterback to be both a dynamic runner AND an accurate passer. That is a rare trait that very few have EVER had. I would suggest going back to an option type scheme. It would help maintain your indepedance, since few are running it and it would get you that dynamic athlete at QB that could garner some national attention. Think Khalil Tate and how he would be a heisman favorite in a gold dome. And, hey… I still shop at Sears, so why not see how the old domers are doing?

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    1. Bruce Gregory Curme 2 years ago

      Wonderful, Anita. So are you saying that Notre Dame vs. Michigan is a “big game”? Or did you just avoid that question?

      BGC ’77 ’82

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      1. Bruce Gregory Curme 2 years ago

        I guess the target for ND has been moved again! From “win big games” to get back into “an option attack”. Somebody must have that nagging feeling in the back of his/her mind that ND just might beat Michigan.

        BGC ’77 ’82

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  3. Bruce Gregory Curme 2 years ago

    Anita – we should “win some big games”??? But you people always set up moving targets for us, don’t you? If we beat Michigan, the response in the media will be this: Michigan isn’t that good this year…y’all won’t count it as a “big game”…just like MSU, USC, and LSU last year…or any of the other “big games” we’ve won under Kelly, including politely handing Bob Stoops his head back in his own stadium the last time we made the Championship game. Anita: please list what you would call the “big games” of 2018 now, here on this site, BEFORE we beat them! Then we will have a target that can’t be moved. Anita – will you say publicly, right here, right now, that Michigan is a “big game?” Because we are going to win it, along with 10 or 11 more.

    BGC ’77 ’82

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  4. Alley O'Cat 2 years ago

    The uniforms look terrible. Looks like the Irish have become a farm team in the Yankee’s minor league system. Would rather the Irish play at home and use the gold helmets.

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