Notre Dame’s Unsung Heroes of 12-0

Zeke Motta

image_gone Notre Dame Fighting Irish safety Zeke Motta (17) tackles Stanford Cardinal wide receiver Drew Terrell (4) in game action. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish defeated the Stanford Cardinal by the score of 20-13 in overtime, at Notre Dame Stadium, in Notre Dame, IN. (Photo – Robin Alam / IconSMI)

After the injuries to Lo Wood and Jamoris Slaughter, Zeke Motta was the only remaining player in the secondary with experience and was called upon to be the  leader of the group.  He didn’t put up flashy stats, but he was a big reason why Notre Dame was as effective as they were st stopping the run throughout the season and he did finish second on the team in tackles with 61.  Motta was excellent in coverage as well and helped Notre Dame ease in a pair of inexperienced corners in Russell and Bennett Jackson and provided support for a first time starter at free safety, Matthias Farley.  With all of the injuries, Motta was forced to make some of the defensive calls and help get everyone lined up properly pre-snap – duties that Jamoris Slaughter had previously assumed before his injury.

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