Update: Brady Hoke Shoots Down Notre Dame Rumors

Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke and Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly shake hands after Notre Dame defeated Michigan 31-0 at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Michigan reporter Sam Webb has reached out to Brady Hoke and it sounds like this morning’s earlier report is not true.  Brian Kelly is still sure to get some questions about this later today.

UPDATE #2: Brady Hoke has issued further denials that he will be joining the Notre Dame coaching staff as CoachingSearch.com had earlier reported this AM.  Looks like this one is dead in the water.

Earlier Post on the Rumor:

Signing Day is usually filled with crazy rumors and unbelievable plot twists and turns, but usually they are reserved for the decisions of high school seniors making their college declarations.  This Signing Day, however, there is a doozy of a coaching rumor floating around with a report that former Michigan head coach Brady Hoke will be joining Brian Kelly’s staff at Notre Dame.

According to CoachingSearch.com, Hoke is expected to fill the vacant position on the Irish staff staff created by the reported departure of defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks.

CoachingSearch has learned that former Michigan head coach Brady Hoke will join the Notre Dame staff after Signing Day.

Multiple reports earler in the week indicated Notre Dame defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks will join the Oklahoma staff, opening a spot on the defensive side of the ball at Notre Dame.

Neither Notre Dame nor Brady Hoke has confirmed this report so for now take it for what it’s worth, but it certainly is an unpected twist on Signing Day 2015 and just adds another chapter to the often rocky relationship between Notre Dame and Michigan.  Brian Kelly is almost certainly going to be asked questions about this report at his Signing Day presser later today so more news is likely to be available later today.

Hoke’s background prior to being a head coach was as a defensive line coach so where exactly Hoke would fit into the staff remains to be seen and also makes this report that much more surprising.

Again, this report has not been confirmed by the University and until it is, it should be taken with a huge grain of salt.



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  1. HURLS 5 years ago

    Like I’ve said ever since this tub o’lard was hirred as (sc)UM’s coach, “BRADY HOKE IS A BIG, FAT JOKE – WITH WICKID-BAD BREATH.”

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    1. HURLS 5 years ago

      Now after 5-hours of sleep, I have one rhetorical question to ask: “- dead in the water”? Where else would you find a Blue whale? (reveling in silliness – it happens with the shameful demise of “Michigan University,” as one of their new enrollees calls that TUN)

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  2. qb2333 5 years ago

    ND Nation sighs in collectively in relief

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