Wake Up the Echoes – A Special Senior Sendoff Edition

The final Wake up The Echoes for a home game this year takes a look at a special senior class that has seen the highs and lows of Notre Dame football over the last 4-5 years. ┬áLet’s send off a very special group of seniors right tomorrow.

We’ll start off with some highlights from one the most special seniors to pass through Notre Dame in a long, long time.

And if that’s not enough, here is a great interview with Manti Te’o. Enjoy his last home game in Notre Dame Stadium folks. It’s going to be a long time, if ever, we have another like him to cheer for.

A tribute to all of the seniors from the University.

A review of last year’s senior day win over Boston College.

An awesome video from last year’s senior’s parents.

He has eligibility left, but I think we would all be shocked if he came back for a 5th year. Enjoy #80 tomorrow as well.

Another tribute to this year’s senior class.

Highlights from last week’s win over Boston College.

Can’t believe it has been 20 years ago this week that this moment happened in Notre Dame Stadium.

Great interview with Autry Denson this week from the 125 Moments series from Notre Dame.

We’ll close with the alma mater from last year’s senior day. Like I said, enjoy these seniors, they have been through a lot and have brought Notre Dame to being on the verge of potentially playing for a national championship.

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  1. I’m very excited for this team! This is a special group of young men – classy, hard-working, talented, with great senior leadership. It’s great to see ND having success and fighting for a berth in the National Championship game and doing it the RIGHT WAY. When was the last time you saw Notre Dame run up the score on someone and beat them 70-0? They could have easily beaten Wake Forest 70-0 yesterday but they didn’t because they have respect for their opponent each week. Every week I am disappointed by some of the top teams in the country who feel the need to beat lesser opponents by ridiculous scores thinking it will help them in the BCS standings. ND doesn’t do this, they just try and win and don’t get caught up in all that. In addition, Notre Dame graduates 99% of its student athletes – tops in the country! Notre Dame is truly a special place. Go Irish!

  2. JDH:

    Like I said, lucky dog! Can’t get any better than a father and son, tailgating with other ND fans and friends, making life-time memories, under near perfect conditions in S. Bend, watching our beloved Irish win big, on Senior Day, marching to a NC game. Wow! Forgive me for sounding envious, but I am a little. God bless you and your boy. Many more happy years to both of you watching our Irish return to greatness!

    One…. More…. Game!

    Go Irish!

    1. Thank you for your kind words SFR. I’m always jealous when someone else is going up and I’m not! :)

      Indeed, there is nothing like making memories on campus during football Saturdays. And this year it is just MAGICAL! It’s like a big lovefest.

  3. I could care less who plays QB for them. I think all that needs to be said is that this team called them a bunch of quitters last year.

    1. You are absolutely right about that Southy. I hope that gets repeated all week to the boys in Blue & Gold. Yeah, trojans, heres how aquitter will smash mouth you.

      Roll Irish

  4. I’ve been seeing today that Barkley’s shoulder isn’t necessarily “seperated”, but maybe severely bruised. Either way he’d be damaged goods.

    But maybe the TV pundits don’t know any more than we do….

    Although I can’t stand USC and Kiffin, I do think Barkley seems like a nice kid and prayers out for his recovery.

  5. I would say a good win yesterday. Now the focus on next week’s matchup involving a fierce rival playing w/o it’s starting QB, getting beat by its inner city rival, and now ND coming into Troy ranked number 1 for the first time in almost 20 years, I’m betting this opponent will be more than hungry for the boys in Blue & Gold. Good, I hope so because if you listen to the many pundits, ND has already lost (with the exception of Lou). It has a little of the feeling of 1988. This is one of the more important games for the BK era. How he will keep them focused on the next game w/o the team thinking ahead of next week’s game certainly will show just how far he will have come coaching this team. After seeing KSU and oregon losing was beyond belief. Of course the talk was not so much as ND’s movement but what fricking SEC team will now be in the NC game. Oh well, I certainly don’t expect respect from the media about this ND team. EG will have to have the type of performance he had yesterday at LA next week. He is developing and I have said countless times he wil be a great college player when his ND days are done. Hopefully, Mr. diaco will hand many surprises for SC’s replacement QB. It’s unfortunate Barkly is out because you know what will be said when SC loses-[in a whiney voice]”The only reason they lost was because Barkly didn’t play, whaaaaaaaaaaa.” No doubt they have one of the best receiving corp. The DB’s will be tested. Focus on this next game. It’s a great time to be a fan of ND football.

    Irish tsunami poised to strike LA. I think I see Manti on a surfboard leading the wave of Irish onslaught.


  6. Wittek is a straight drop back passer with little mobility. Time to come after him boys! Predicted game temp for Saturday here in LA. Sunny 75f

  7. cover Lee and Woods
    regardless of who is throwing the passes to them those two will be our biggest challenge to date.

    one more game Diaco -LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  8. I have been on this board for over 5yrs and i have never so excited about a team. The last time they were number one was when I was in college. Really there is two more games, can they keep it up only time will tell. I just want to say thank you to this team for a great year regardless what happens. I want to thank Manti for his leadership and showing what a Notre Dame football player should be. All the luck to the Irish and lets keep it rolling and beat the condoms. GO IRISH!

    1. It is too bad about Matt Barkley. I never root for injury because it can always turn against the team that you support, but also it isn’t the Christian way of doing things. Best of luck to Matt Barkley.

      USC will go with red shirt Freshman Max Wittek. He was a four star QB coming out of High School two years ago. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about him. I’m sure USC will simplify the offense for him. Notre Dame goal is get to the QB and rattle the inexperience QB.

      1. spicey,

        Thank you for those words. I wasn’t rooting against M. Barkley. I hope the young man heals fast. But injuries are a part of the game. We don’t wish them on anybody, but if they happen, the opposition should exploit them. B. Diaco’s boys should rattle the young USC QB.

        BTW: Do you think anybody in the NFL feels bad for the Stillers perhaps losing Big Ben for the remainder of the season?

      1. I’m certainly enjoying it SFR! Being at the Wake game was awesome. Total electricity.

        The stars are aligning for the our beloved Irish! ONE….MORE….GAME

      2. JDH,

        Congrats to you and yours. Lucky dog!

        One…. More… Game…. Indeed!

        Take care of business, Irish!

      3. Thanks man-
        Good friends, my 8 yr. old son, tailgating with other friends. The weather was PERFECT 52 and not a cloud in the sky. Seeing Teo and the other seniors come off the field was emotional. Wow- what a year!

        I think the USC game should be a similar defensive game plan as we had against OU. NO BIG PLAYS. Let them throw the dink and dunks. Who cares? They won’t be able to run against us.


  9. Hey fellas, did I miss anything today in college football? Did anything important happen? :)WOW! I was at the Wake game and now Stanford and Baylor did it. 20 years and we are #1. ONE…..MORE…..GAME!


  10. Like I said last week, it is like an NCAA Tournament. Just win and move on to the next round. This is the biggest Notre Dame game in the school’s history. Come on Irish!

    1. Excuse me “one of the biggest Notre Dame games in school history.”

      I’m sorry that I’ve just disrespected Notre Dame’s great football tradition.

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