Spring Practice News Roundup

Since we’ve been putting out a bunch of features and blog posts since Spring practice has started, I figured I’d post a quick recap in case anyone missed anything.

Keep checking back here and on the UHND.com homepage for all of our Spring Football 2009 coverage.

Post Game 6-Pack: Book, Boykin Power Notre Dame Bowl Win

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  1. Frankie V 9 years ago

    Thanks JC, I’m cautiously optimistic so far this year. I want to believe we’ll be great again, but I thought that would be the case last year too.

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  2. JC 9 years ago

    As always Frankie, thanks for the great material. This year I’m optimistic but, just not highly optimistic until we prove we can mow down USC on our way to a national title. This years’ highly talented and experienced team should not be dominated by anyone at the very least.

    I also wish Charlie a successful season, he is going to need it, and we expect nothing more than what we have in the past; a National Contender for a National Title. For if we didn’t have high expectations, there’s no need to pay out millions in coaching salaries.

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