Staff Changes Coming?

If you read Jack Swarbrick’s comments in the statement released by Notre Dame today, it certainly seems like some changes may be coming to the Notre Dmae coaching staff – even if those changes do not include a switch at the head coaching position.

Here’s the part that has people thinking changes are coming.

“He (Weis), I and the others involved in leading our football program are committed to doing everything necessary to ensure a successful 2009 season. We are examining every aspect of the program and will make changes wherever we think they are needed.”

Last year Weis said he wouldn’t make any scapegoats and would take all of the blame for the 2007 season.  That very likely won’t be the case this year because Weis won’t want to find himself in this same position next year.

Some coaches may leave the staff for promotions elsewhere as well.  Corwin Brown (Eastern Michigan), Rob Ianello (Syracuse), and Mike Haywood (Washington) have all been linked to possible head coaching jobs already this year.

It’s still going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

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  1. JC 9 years ago

    All right, who are we going to get? Norm Chow?

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  2. dan 9 years ago

    as long as latina gets fired i will be happy. Our line is a joke

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  3. svenghali 9 years ago

    What are the chances that Weis replaces the oc/rb coach, o-line coach, and qb coach while letting a new oc come in and call plays and/or install a new offense? I’d say not likely. I think there will be some changes, but the offense will still be Charlie’s in ’09.

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  4. Brandon 9 years ago

    Please let Latina go. The o-line gets pushed around every game and doesn’t block diddly squat. Maybe we could use a strength and conditioning coach as well. Maybe the o line just isnt strong enough. I believe its more technique though.

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  5. justice 9 years ago

    there has to be a better nd quarterback to get as a coach than ron powlus. maybe someone who has a kid on the team… wait, wake up.

    seriously, latina must go. i want some power up front so cierre wood can find some holes!

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  6. Jeff 9 years ago

    Dump Latina, Powlus, Haywood and strength / conditioning coach. Make Tenuta the D Coordinator. Hire an experienced Offensive Coordinator and let him keep – fire the rest of the offensive assistants.

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  7. Jim 9 years ago

    Please say goodbye to Latina for me. There has to be a better OLine coach out there somewhere.

    Also, could we please find a better Strength and Conditioning program; this is based on the condition of the slowness a’foot of our athletes.

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  8. Kyle 9 years ago

    Hopefully. At the very least, there needs to be a big shake up in the offseason.

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  9. Michael 9 years ago

    JC: Ha ha! Perhaps it should be Molly Maid for the cleanup job!

    I agree Corwin is doing a good job, however I’m content in knowing Tenuta is already there if Corwin leaves.

    Haywood, Latina and Powlus don’t seem to have any purpose on ND although most teams have coaches in their positions who DO have a purpose on the team. It’s time to bring in guys who know what they’re supposed to be doing and excel at doing it. I often wonder what would have happened had David Cutcliffe been healthy enough to stay with ND.

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  10. vinny 9 years ago

    Chris… Latina is an offensive line coach from the SEC (Mississippi)… I say Andy Heck from Jacksonville Jags… 1988 ND tackle and captain

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  11. JC 9 years ago

    After this three day chaos of stick your toe in the water, next we will hear they are using Kelly Services.

    I, won’t be surprised of what’s next?

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  12. dan 9 years ago

    i hope corwin brown and rod ianallo stay everyone else can go especially latina

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  13. Jake W 9 years ago

    I really hope we don’t lose Corwin. He is such an awesome source of energy and excitement, something we haven’t seen from a coach since….?

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  14. Chris 9 years ago

    incorporate a little option would be a welcome sight also…too bad Demetrious (spell) Jones wasn’t still around to run it….wasted that recruit. Need new strength coach and most importantly a new O-line coach perferrably from the SEC.

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  15. Connor 9 years ago

    Need to go:
    John Latina
    Mike Haywood

    Please hold on to:
    Rob Ianello
    Corwin Brown

    Ianello is one of the best recruiting coordinators in the country, we cant afford to lose him!! And Corwin Brown is an in-your-face coach who can connect with the kids. He and Jon Tenuta are a great combination.

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  16. Steve 9 years ago

    Any change that can put and end to this will be most welcome.

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  17. Publius 9 years ago

    Mike Haywood? Honestly? Has Washington finally had enough and decided to kill the program once and for all?
    I’m going to keep a eye on the UW administration to see if they buy a massive insurance policy on football program, because the old murder-for-the-insurance-money scheme is the only way such a coaching hire could possible make sense.

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  18. jason_h537 9 years ago

    there need to be changes in the training staff and o line. our o line is soft and offens gets pushed around way too much. the defense has played pretty well and will only get better next year but if our offense has any chance of improving we need to get that o line blocking the run game goin, set up play action and take the pressure offf of clausen. if we fix that o line 2009 could be a special year, if not we’ll be hiring a new coach this time next year.

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