Wake Up the Echoes: Stormin’ into Norman Edition

Annnnnnd we’re back folks. Sorry for missing a week of Wake up The Echoes, but we are back up this week and don’t plan on missing another week again this season. I’ve been having a hard time not getting really hyped all week so let’s jump right in.

We’ll start off with ABC”s primer for the game that has been running all week on ABC and ESPN and has had me pumped up for days.

The last time Notre Dame played Oklahoma the Sooner jumped out to a 30-14 lead before the Bob Davie led Fighting Irish came storming back.

And the last time Notre Dame traveled to Norman, Ara was in his third season as the head coach at Notre Dame and had the Irish en route to National Championship #8.

I’ve watched this video like 15x this week from the 4:50 mark on.

Let’s let Oklahoma know that WE ARE ND.

Hate to add to the hyperbole, but this is probably the biggest Notre Dame game in about 19 years… which means I need to post this.

Great video about Manti Te’o from the University.

And here is #5 talking about Oklahoma.

Hopefully we see a lot more of these this weekend.

Have to post Here Come the Irish on a week like this.

Figured this was a great week to end with the Fight Song since the lyrics what thou the odds be great or small ring pretty true this week.

Goooooooooooooooooooo Irish! Beat Sooners!

Watch Brian Kelly Get Fired Up After Notre Dame's Latest Big Win

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  1. JDH 5 years ago

    I particularly loved the video on Teo. I read this today and Teo’s legend grows with each passing day. We have someone who perfectly embodies what ND is supposed to be all about: http://msn.foxsports.com/collegefootball/story/manti-teo-notre-dame-comforts-parents-of-dying-girl-with-letter-grief-cancer-102512

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    1. Shazamrock 5 years ago


      I already miss this young man and the season is only half over.

      Found this little tid-bit about him eariler today:

      “On Wednesday, Manti Te’o was selected a national scholar-athlete by the National Football Foundation, receiving an $18,000 post-graduate scholarship and becoming one of 15 finalists for the Campbell Trophy, often referred to as the “academic Heisman.”

      Te’o is the 17th Irish player to receive the scholarship and third in the last six years, joining John Carlson (2007) and Chris Stewart (2010). The graphic-design major has a 3.32 GPA and is scheduled to graduate in December.”

      Like you said, “someone who perfectly embodies what ND is supposed to be all about”.

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  2. BigLou 5 years ago

    I love that halftime speech in this week’s Protect This House video. Stick it to OU.

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