Sun Bowl No Longer an Option for Irish

With Rutgers’ complete and total domination of Louisville tonight, the Sun Bowl is now no longer an option for Notre Dame this year.  the Rutgers win puts the Scarlett Knights at 7-5 this season which means the 6-6 can’t be selected by the Sun Bowl.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.  A Sun Bowl trip would have been against Oregon State and I know I for one couldn’t have dealt with another potential bowl loss to the Beavers.

With the Sun Bowl no longer an option here are the most likely remaining bowl options for Notre Dame.

  • Texas Bowl against Rice (9-3)
  • Motor City Bowl against #12 Ball State (12-0)*
  • Hawaii Bowl against Hawaii (7-5)
  • Independence Bowl against TBD

* We could make it to the Motor City Bowl if Ohio State is selected for a BCS Bowl because the Big 10 won’t have enough bowl eligible teams with the Buckeyes in the BCS.

I believe the Papa Johns Bowl might also be an option for Notre Dame with Louisville not being bowl eligible, but the payout for this bowl is just $300,000 while all of the other bowls I listed payout at least $750,000.

Side note – at half time of the Pitt game who would have thought we would be discussing any bowls other than the Gator Bowl at this time?

Post-Season Notre Dame Football Stock Report

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  1. Justin 9 years ago

    oh and i know this isnt irish related but as a supporter of anything indiana, i was sad to hear that ball state got beat in the mac championship. not sure what that does to the bowl picture.

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  2. Justin 9 years ago

    haha i’m not tryin to be the coach. thats why i said that as players/coaches you cant back down from any challenge. but as a selfish fan, i dont wanna see my irish in another situation where they are in over there heads. i would think their confidence has to be a bit low with a blowout loss to end the season and constant reports about the demise of weis. I just really wanna see them have a moral boosting bowl game that ends the streak. thats me being a selfish nd fan.

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  3. C-Dog 9 years ago

    It’s not the real Gilleran. It’s a ghost writer, ( can’t wait to find out who), that is trying to recreate the Gilleran of old. The original guy was a wack job.

    Hey, anyone wanting to see an ND team play for a championship, watch ESPN2, ( yes just this time), at 2PM on Sunday. Weis should make it mandatory for his boys. ND women rock!

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  4. ACSC 9 years ago

    Motor City Bowl!! there you go Irish fans, “Wake up the Echos….” !

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  5. Gonkers 9 years ago

    [quote]18. unless they have taken down their latest irish live video as well, anyone who looksat the nd central subsection of the college football section will find their most recent irish live video as well which is a vicious personal attack on jimmy clausen, along with other fraudulent nd and weis bashing materials.[/quote]

    I just took a look at this video, but I didn’t see the personal attacks against Jimmy. Maybe I just missed it, what statements were you referring to?

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  6. robert t. gilleran 9 years ago

    1.yes, we are aware that arizona has to beat arizona state on saturday for notre dame to go to the hawaii bowl unless some other arrangement.

    2.however, we have a great deal of faith.

    3. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s extremely talented, but very young, 2008 team, are well on their way to contending for national championships every year.

    4. however, to expect a program which was as close to death as it has ever been in 2005 to be rebuilt overnight, without sacrificing notre dame’s high academic and character standards, is completely unrealistic.

    5. notre dame has decided not to choose one of the quick fix artists and, for that decision and many others, we admire and love notre dame.

    6. as a matter of probabilty and statistics, putting together all of the elements of a national championship football team is 1,000 times more difficult than basketball because of the number of players and the number of plays.

    7. that statistic asumes honest officiating and rules enforcement at the conference and ncaa levels, things which can be achieved before the 2009 season begins, along with the elimination of constant harassment of notre dame’s coaches and student athletes by certain members of the media and at the south bend tribune and at certain so called notre dame fan websites, something else which can be achieved before the 2009 season begins.

    8. if anyone looks at the notre dame central section of, which is currently controlled by john walters, tiffany simons, eric hansen and bob wieneke, anyone can find nd bashing fraudulent information on a regular basis put there with the specific intention of driving student athletes and recruits away from notre dame.

    9. in their weekly irish live show before the notre dame/ usc game, john and tiffany had 2 guests, pete carroll and pat haden and one of the most rabid nd and weis bashing shows that we have ever seen and we have been collecting evidence on this subject since 2002.

    10. when we informed john and tiffany of the legal consequences of what they were doing, they attempted to drop pat haden from that irish live show and to replaced that show with a pete carroll interview extolling pete carroll as a coaching genius and as an honest man of integrity.

    11.however, even if they destroyed the original video and the hard drives that it was on, we had people recording their original video all over the world, in addition to a few spies within

    12. were the members of the boards of directors of microsoft and nbc and ge, nbc’s parent, aware of this egegious conduct?

    13. no, they were not. however, they soon will be and these people will all be fired, including pat haden and his sidekick announcer who have been deliberately polluting notre dame home games for years.

    14. nbc and its parent,ge, do not pay notre dame for the right to broadcast notre dame’s home games so that nd bashers like these people can subvert the very purpose of those broadcasts and websites, which are supposed to be for notre dame fans all over the world.

    15. the more notre dame fans who complain directly to each member of the boards of microsoft and nbc and ge, the quicker these dishonest people will be fired and gone and replaced by people who really love notre dame.

    16. these are things that we fans( my friends and i can do the things required in the civil courts) can do which will help charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes rebuild notre dame’s football program much more quickly than if we sat back and did nothing.

    17. the rest is up to charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes, in whom we trust.

    18. unless they have taken down their latest irish live video as well, anyone who looksat the nd central subsection of the college football section will find their most recent irish live video as well which is a vicious personal attack on jimmy clausen, along with other fraudulent nd and weis bashing materials.

    19. do things like these lead recruits and their families to think that notre dame fans are spoiled to death and will turn viciously on any coaches or student athletes who do not win immediately?

    20. you bet they do.

    21. do the equally vicious attacks which appear regularly in the south bend tribune and at certain so called notre dame fan websites( not at any more) make recruits and their families cross notre dame off the list of schools they are considering because they do not want their sons to have study and play football in a viper pit?

    22. they most certainly do until they are stopped, something which can be done only by notre dame’s real fans.

    23. in 2005, frankie v of wrote an immortal article entitled ” the good, the bad, and the espn” with the clint eastwood reference because some dishonest jerks at espn had turned espn and into a notre dame bashing, usc glorifying, website, without the knowledge and consent of the members of the boards of directions of espn, abc, or of disney, their parent corporation.
    24. frank’s article started something and, today, the influence of those jerks at espn has been greatly reduced.
    25. these things which are intended to drive student athletes and their families and recruits and their families away from notre dame and to other schools can be stopped in their tracks by real loyal notre dame fans who, instead of being tricked into bashing notre dame’s coaches and student athletes and one another, can identify notre dame’s enemies and put them out of business.
    26. it was that incredible bond of loyalty between notre dame fans all over the world that allowed notre dame football to become what it has been and will be again, much sooner than anyone can imagine, provided that notre dame’s enemies within and outside the notre dame community are identified and punished in their pocketbooks where it really hurts them.

    GO IRISH!!!

    robert thomas patrick gilleran

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  7. C-Dog 9 years ago

    We need to simply xontinue to expect ND to win every game. That’s the bar. Anything less accepts mediocrity as the standard. It is true that this team requires vast improvement. but lowering the bar only tells the players that letting down is acceptable. ND should take whatever bowl it gets and prepare to win that bowl against the opponent in that bowl.

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  8. NDbama 9 years ago

    This conversation is embarrassing…

    ND does not deserve a bowl! Charlie has had all year to practice with these kids and has not got it right. Heck he’s had four years to get it right and has laid an egg. A few more weeks of practice will not help. Since he’s staying, he needs to be focused on recruiting players and assistant coaches particularly ones that know how to run and stop the run…

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  9. robert t. gilleran 9 years ago

    1.try writing in the hawaii bowl as the bowl destination for notre dame’s excellent, but very young, 2008 football team, which does not have to redeem itself to anyone.
    2. the college sports section of already has the notre dame/hawaii matchup written in for the hawaii bowl.
    3. breaking the bowl jinx in paradise is the perfect ending for the 2008 season and a perfect beginning for the 2009 and future seasons for the members of notre dame’s 2008 football team, for notre dame recruiting, for notre dame’s students, and for notre dame’s millions of loyal fans all over the world.

    4. remember that you read about it 1st at

    robert thomas patrick gilleran

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  10. Notre Dame 1L 9 years ago

    Playing Ball State is the only way we can begin to redeem ourselves…Rice is lose/lose – Win, and it’s expected and horribly boring. Lose, and its Rice beating ND in a bowl game.

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  11. Ryan Ayers 9 years ago

    J, thank god you aren’t our coach. But this is the exact reasoning why we’re stuck in the mud as a program. Thinking like that.

    Go Irish!!! Friggin fire up!!!

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  12. Justin 9 years ago

    I whole heartedly disagree haha. I dont wanna see this ND team anywhere near ANY undefeated team. I know BSU plays in the MAC but they’ve played well this year. I know as a coach/player/etc you gotta have that “wont back down from anyone” approach, but I really wanna see a matchup where I feel confident we will break our bowl losing streak.

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  13. Gonkers 9 years ago

    I think Ball State would be the best team for ND to play since it’s another Indiana school. Maybe the Irish could get fired up for a good ‘ol backyard brawl. Ball state doesn’t have the overall talent that ND has, but unlike ND this year they have a lot of excellent teamwork, heart, and drive.

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