Te’o Unsure of Mission Plans

Freshman linebacker Manti Te'o said on Friday he is unsure of what his mission might be at this time. (Photo - Icon SMI)

Notre Dame, IN (UHND) – The biggest question freshman linebacker Manit Te’o will facing all year is what his plans are concerning his mission at the end of the year. Te’o, a member of the LDS Church, will have a big decision to make at the end of the season regarding his mission, but for now he is leaving his options open.

“That’s a choice I have to make after this year,” Te’o said on Friday when talking to the media for the first time since arriving at Notre Dame. “I’m constantly talking to my parents about it and constantly praying about it asking the Lord our Savoir for guidance on that,” he would add.

A traditional mission could take Te’o away from the field for a year or two. Or, he could serve out his mission at Notre Dame. The choice is ultimately his. “It’s always your choice. You have a choice to do what you want to do, but there’s always consequences to every choice you make whether it be good or bad. Whatever choice I make there are going to be consequences. I have to be aware of what those consequences are and make sure it’s in line with what the Lord wants,” he explained.

Te’o thinks about his mission and what it may entail constantly and will make his decision after a long process. When asked what goes into the decision making process, Te’o responded, “Just a lot of praying and pondering and fasting and just talking with my parents and church leaders – especially the Lord.” He would later add, “Whatever His answer may be, I hope I have the courage to do it.”

Ultimately, Te’o plans on doing whatever the Lord asks him to do for his mission and that what He wants trumps whatever success he might have on the field this year. “I think whatever the man up above says, that’s what I have to do. He’s brought me to this place. He’s brought me this far and for me not to listen to him and not obey what he asks me to do; I think that would be very bad for me to do on my part,” he explained.

While his long term future might be a bit uncertain, Te’o should make an immediate impact on the football field in the short term. There is a very real chance that he will be in the starting lineup for the season opener against Nevada and could spend his freshman season as a full time starter.

What his future past this season holds we’ll find out after this year, but regardless of his decision, it sounds like Te’o is a young man with his head screwed on pretty well.

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  1. Min 9 years ago

    well, if the Lord calls on him he’s gotta go.
    but darn it I selfishly want him to stay and play!!! 🙁

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  2. BJS 10 years ago

    I am reading these comments because I am a fan of Manti Teo. I agree that his mission can be at Notre Dame yet not in an official capacity. He is in a unique situation being a Mormon at a high profile Catholic University. I believe that his choice to go to Notre Dame, his good example off the field and his play on the field have contributed much in providing attention to the LDS Church Gospel. Thus, I would not condemn him for deciding to stay at Notre Dame without going on his mission…The important thing is that he continue to set a good example at Notre Dame and beyond and that he recognizes that his character is being watched. On the other hand, if Teo does decide to go on a two year mission, it would not be the end of the world for Notre Dame; they still get him for at least two more years…just later. Many returned missionaries have returned, done well in College and thrived in the NFL including Vai Sikahema, Austin Collie and Trevor Mattich.

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