Texas Bowl Looking Likely

Baring a Louisville upset of Rutgers this weekend, it looks like the most likely bowl destination for the Irish this year is the Texas Bowl in Houston on Decemeber 30.  Should Louisville pull the upset over Rutgers, Notre Dame would be eligible for the Sun Bowl against Oregon State.

KHOU in Houston noted today that the Irish are the likely opponent for the Rice Owls who accepted a bid to the Texas Bowl today.

Rice’s opponent in the 2008 Texas Bowl will be announced later this week, however it has been widely reported it is expected to be Notre Dame.

Rice has one of the best offenses in the country (statistically), but they also have one of the worst defenses (statistically) in the country as well.

I’m just going to say it now… if we can’t end the bowl losing streak in the freaking Texas Bowl against a team like Rice, what does that say about where we stand as a program.

NFL Decisions Loom for Notre Dame Juniors Heading into Citrus Bowl

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  1. Drew 9 years ago

    So, being a Rice man, it’s pretty clear that notwithstanding the Rice bashing here, ND fled from Rice for fear of defeat and towards an even weaker opponent. I used to like ND, but now it’s obvious that they don’t want a challenge, and want to masquerade any loss with a state school name that used to be better and a lot of distance.

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  2. JDH 9 years ago

    Why in the world would anyone expect to beat Rice? It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, what their stats are etc. As I’ve said in my previous *ahem* posts, this ND tean wills themselves to lose. They expect to lose because there is no leadership or emotion whatsoever. Everything that could be broken is broken. A few weeks of practice won’t change any of that. Bet on Rice or whatever other opponent they get.

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  3. Kevin 9 years ago

    I am perfectly ok with ND going to the texas bowl. No bowl is beneath us now. If this was 20 years ago and we still instilled the fear of NOTRE DAME in our competition then it would be a different story. Teams around the country arent even scared of ND anymore. They almost laugh. Pete Carroll sits on the sideline year after year and just laughs at what a joke this rivarly has become. I am all for giving Charlie another 2 years. If he cant get ND to a BCS bowl by 2010 I say fire him and bring in a coach that will. No matter the cost, no matter the rep. I would love to see someone like Jon Gruden roaming the sidelines in south bend with a ND windbreaker on, screaming at players. Lets go play Rice and get back on track. Anything less then 9 wins next year is a failure!!!

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  4. bleednd82 9 years ago

    Sports Bar or anyone with Direct TV. I turned down NFL network package when I got Direct. Colts are always on CBS and Bears always on Fox.

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  5. Notre Dame 1L 9 years ago

    Well, since it’s on NFL network, no one will actually see it…

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  6. bleednd82 9 years ago

    LoL Please just win. You guys are cracking me up. Please God, Lord, Jesus, Baby Jesus, Mary, Moses, Abraham get a W!

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  7. Jerryct 9 years ago

    Rice is the 3rd best team in Conf USA. That tells you where our program is

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  8. Jerryct 9 years ago

    Oh and another thing God:

    Please fire the strength coach who is responsible for our D & O lines’ lack of power

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  9. irisheye62 9 years ago

    Dear God:
    Please let Oregon State win in
    ANOTHER BOWL. Please let Notre Dame look somewhat impressive including RUNNING out of the tunnel with some strength, team unity and muscle. Please continue to help Walker in field goals–as he has improved.
    Please help Coach Weis to not speak to his young men in
    a “corporate manner and tone” as if ND was the New England Patriots. Rather, LORD, please remind him to rouse the troops as Joshua did long ago when Jericho fell. I Know LORD-that YOU have more important things on your mind like wars and injustice–but a win would be nice. Remembering the intangibles which does not include past dates in the Super Bowl(s) is NOT part of the package.
    Help all the Rice players not be so good that day. May they be injury free–after the game. GOD Bless the success of Rice–but not in this bowl.
    Keep Oregon State and any time with pizazz far away from us. In the days ahead–strengthen each fan with etiquette and a tightly sealed lip—we will need it LORD. God Bless Lou Holtz and his lovely wife Beth this season and always.

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  10. Kyle 9 years ago

    Would much rather have Rice than Oregon State…

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  11. Matt 9 years ago

    You know, we have to accept that no bowl or opponent is beneath us now. Go out there and kick some ass for heaven’s sake.

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  12. uncle evan 9 years ago

    Can you imagine a loss to Rice… wow

    this bowl is almost embarassing

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  13. T. 9 years ago

    Orgeon St would not be a good match up. Go Rutgers!

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  14. dan 9 years ago

    please win

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