The Last Time Notre Dame and Georgia Tech Played…

Under 72 hours to do until kickoff to Notre Dame and Georgia Tech this weekend.  Here’s a recap of what happened last time.

  • Weis’s QB sneak call with no timeouts was definitely ballsy.
  • The holding call on Rhema on the first drive was total BS.
  • Other than a couple early passes to Calvin Johnson, Tech did nothing against the Notre Dame defense.
  • Notre Dame special teams had two really nice returns. (Now imagine Golden Tate and Armando Allen back there).
  • Notre Dame ran the ball right at Tech’s vaunted defense in the second half. (Now imagine 3x the depth at running back and a more physical offensive line).

Returns of Jerry Tillery, Tevon Coney Beyond Huge for Notre Dame

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  1. GTJacket 10 years ago

    The refs handed that blessed game to you last year. The Jackets stung your boys multiple times in their teensy-weensy teabags for a VERY convincing win of 33-3.


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