Aaron Lynch to Transfer from Notre Dame

Aaron Lynch has decided to transfer from Notre Dame after earning Freshman All American honors a year ago as a frosh. (Photo - Matt Cashore / USPresswire)

The recruitment of Aaron Lynch was one of the most unique, drama filled recruitments we’ve seen since we began covering Notre Dame recruiting in 1997.  The saga continued on Friday when Brian Kelly announced the rising star defensive end will be transferring from Notre Dame.

“Aaron recently approached me about his desire to leave Notre Dame and return to Florida,”  Kelly said on Friday before adding, “I’ve always known and appreciated the affinity Aaron has for his home in Florida,  however, the stark reality is you can’t make it at Notre Dame if your head and heart are not here.”  Kelly also went on to say, “I am proud of the effort Aaron made in the classroom and on the field at Notre Dame. I wish him all the best in the future.”

And now Notre Dame is out one extremely talented playmaker along a defensive front seven that had the opportunity to be one of the best the school has seen in years prior to the news of Lynch’s desire to transfer.

Lynch had left Notre Dame last week after a practice altercation with offensive lineman Tate Nichols, but at the time Kelly expressed optimism that Lynch would not be transferring at the time.  Lynch did return after the weekend, but decided at some point this week his return to campus would not be permanent.

Current speculation as Lynch transferring to South Florida where we would be playing for Skip Holtz, son of Notre Dame coaching legend Lou Holtz.

UHND will have more on the loss of Lynch and how it impacts what the Irish will have to do to overcome the loss of one of the most truly dynamic players on the Irish roster.

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  1. Shazamrock 8 years ago

    I see where our old friend, John L. Smith, from Michigan State fame, has taken over as head coach at Arkansas.

    I can still remember Charlie Weis claiming that one of Smith’s players slapped him during the course of an out of bounds play when Weis’s Irish squared off agianst Smith’s MSU team.

    Smith, during his post game interview demonstrated a face slap that was so funny that it ran for weeks as a loop video on you-tube.

    Funny stuff. Really funny stuff!

    Speaking of Weis, he is a man on a mission when it comes to cleaning up that KU program.
    13 players dismissed from the program, and a few more suspended for the start of the 2012 season.
    Ol charlie is tearing through that program like it was a free bucket of Chicken – n – waffles!

    Does anyone know if Kansas plays Arkansas this year?
    I’d love to see the 2012 version of the “Slappy-Weis” show!

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  2. storespook 8 years ago

    Losing Lynch stings, but, it’s time to see who will take over. He made his decision, he’s responsible. Keep in mind, there may be other “unstated” reasons he left besides the ones already mentioned. TR looked about the same in the spring game. Sure did like what I saw in E Golson & George A. Theo also looks like he definitely has hit the weight room.

    Go Irish

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  3. Shazamrock 8 years ago

    A different perspective:

    I’m really not bothered by turnovers in the spring game.
    This will be the last time the players will put on the pads until August.
    I would rather they make their mistakes here and in this scrimage.
    Now they have to carry those mistakes with them for the next 3 months, and that should keep them motivated thoughout the summer.

    I think we all had a pretty good idea on what Golson could bring to the table. He didn’t disapoint.
    I like the fact that he plays with a smile on his face.

    Gunner Kiel looks like a dang fullback from the waist down.
    I don’t ever remember a ND QB that was that big in the waist, hips, and legs. On one of the final plays of the day, he ran the ball right up the middle. And right over and through the middle linebacker!
    (Just wish he would adjust his helmet so it’s not right down on his eyes)

    Number #18, Ben Koyack, made a couple of key blocks that sealed off the edge on some nice running plays by both Wood, and Atkinson.
    His blocking has improved!

    Riddick appears that he has finally matured physically. His overall muscle tone looks better, and he is playing more physical.
    Perhaps this will allow him to stay health for the entire year.

    Not real confident about our corners and saftey’s at this time.
    While they were in good posistion, and their coverage was decent, they still haven’t learned to turn their head and look for the ball.
    But at least their tackling was solid.

    Would have liked to see a little special teams play, but I guess with the time constraints, it’s understandable that not everything is going to be covered.

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  4. Ping7Fe 8 years ago

    It’s obvious that we are going to continue to have problems with turning the ball over at the quarterback position…so why not put in Golson, who won’t have anymore turnovers than Hendrix or Rees, but will add a whole other dimension to the offense.

    And what was up with the second half clock. I went to take a leak, and the second half was over

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    1. Geoff G 8 years ago

      They played 8 or 10 minute quarters (something like that) where the clock ran continuously (even through commercial breaks). NBC had to finish coverage of the game by a certain time due to the soccer game they were broadcasting in the afternoon.

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