Trevor Laws not an All-American? The AP can kiss my Irish ass!

For those who haven’t been paying attention, on December 11 the Associated Press announced its All-Americans for 2007.

To quote the AP article,

When it comes to being an All-American, Darren McFadden doesn’t have to settle for second. The Arkansas running back and two-time Heisman Trophy runner-up was one of four players voted to The Associated Press All-America team for the second consecutive season.

Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long, LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey and Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis were the other two-time first-team AP All-Americans on the team released Tuesday.

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow joins McFadden in the backfield along with Central Florida’s Kevin Smith, who leads the nation with 2,448 yards and 30 touchdowns. Smith is the first All-American from UCF, which began playing major college football in 1996.

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel, who finished fourth in the Heisman voting, was voted to the second team. Hawaii’s Colt Brennan, third in the Heisman voting, was the third-team quarterback.

A curious omission from the AP’s All-American list this year is Notre Dame’s own Trevor Laws.

Now, before all you ND haters get your panties in a bunch, this is not about Notre Dame. This is about Trevor Laws. The Irish stunk up the field this season, and there’s no way to sugarcoat that sobering reality. But by the same token, there’s no way the Associated Press can justify its blatant disregard of Trevor Laws’ on-the-field accomplishments.

How blatant? Well, you tell me. Of the 100 leading tacklers in Division I-A, 99 are either linebackers or defensive backs. Trevor Laws, at the #43 spot no less, is the only defensive lineman to make the list. To put that achievement in even more perspective, Laws’ 112 tackles are nearly twice as many as the 64 tackles accounted for by two-time consensus All-American Glen Dorsey. What’s that? Dorsey played the last five games of 2007 with a sore knee so the comparison isn’t fair? Okay then, how about this comparison: Laws’ 112 tackles in 2007 is two more tackles than Dorsey compiled in his first three years at LSU combined.

Look, no one’s disputing Dorsey’s abilities. He’s a beast with All-Pro potential, while Laws’ NFL fortunes are far less certain. (Although I think his quickness and perceived lack of size makes for a perfect Tampa-Two DL, but that could be just the wishful thinking of this Colts season ticket holder.) All I’m asking for is a little impartiality. Not only was Trevor Laws omitted from the AP’s All-American lists, he didn’t make second team, third team or even honorable mention. In 2007 the guy put up untouchable, once-in-a-generation stats for a defensive lineman, and the AP thought at least 15 other defensive linemen had better seasons.

Notre Dame CB Troy Pride's Stock Skyrocketing at Senior Bowl

There’s more to this than just a handful of hacks being editorially lazy. The Laws snub is a conscious effort by agenda-driven , so-called journalists to misrepresent the facts.


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  1. Irisheye62 12 years ago

    Notre Dame football has so many layers that topics of conversation are bound to be intertwined. If www. did not want discourse, they should not allow people to post an opinion. That said-AGAIN- so many things are bound to come up especially where the program is and where WE HOPE it will go soon!
    I wish the best to Laws and Quinn and Clausen and all the Irish faithful-including you.
    Go IRISH!

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  2. irisheye62 12 years ago


    One part of a post leads to another because they are intertwined so very much.
    If it is not an “official” message board, perhaps those in charge-be it you or anyone else should not leave the door open for people to post in the first place. AGAIN, one aspect of things leads to another( i.e. Laws getting the shaft, Quinn, the state of Irish football today in General) Laws is a great guy on and off the field. All the issuues are related for those of us -including you- who are passionate about Irish football!

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  3. bleednd82 12 years ago

    Ooops didnt really know there was a forum. Sorry lol. It is noted and will hop on there if I have unrelated material from now on. I’ll keep my posts rooted towards the headline topic. Sorry again.
    Go Irish

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  4. McSweeney 12 years ago

    Uh, guys, you do realize the blog is NOT a message board, right? Appreciate the discourse and all, but what does it have to do with Trevor Laws. If you want to talk up ND football, go to the UHND football forum at

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  5. Chris 12 years ago

    ND82 and Irish62,
    You guys are right on. ND does get too much hate. I think some of it goes to the NBC contract. fans think we have some sort of sweetheart deal. Truth is NBC does a poor job of non-game coverage, and the pimps at ESPN hate us because they can’t sell us. No one realizes that ND being that last major independent forced the NBC relationship. It’s a jinx.
    ND will go undefeated soon. Corwin’s defense is going to be tough maybe even next year. Bruton leads the backs, while the linebackers and line should be tough enough. They will swarm and hit.
    With Cutlcliffe taking over Duke, Latinga might leave on his own to go back with his old boss. That would leave the perfect opening for Aaron Taylor. Taylor would make sure his line protected the quarterback and blew holes for the running backs.
    On the Heisman issue. Quinn did get dissed, but the hype is now outweighing the real magnitude of the award. Plus I think football needs to emphasize the team aspect of the game these days. Back before the late 80’s individuals were honored more as part of a team effort. Quinn will get his and will have a couple of Super Bowl rings and a statue in both Canton and South Bend. For the guys on the field, the true champs, playing the game is the important thing. Awards are for couch potatoes.

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