Urban Meyer Is a Lying Sack of Crap

What’s it going to take to shut this guy up? First he bashes the BCS system only to quietly backtrack when his Gators end up in the Championship game. Then he decries the recruiting process when in fact he’s the all-time king of poaching other school’s commits. Now, apparently not satisfied with a national championship and a #1 recruiting class, he’s decided to just make shit up…

This just in from The Gainesville Sun:

Meyer marketing UF

When asked about the basketball team’s performance in the Final Four, Meyer used the opportunity to do a little self-promotion for UF athletics.

“I don’t know how good a job we do marketing our school,” Meyer said. “Someone laid a piece of paper on my desk telling how our basketball team is 100 percent graduation rate and our football team in 80 percent graduation rate, No. 1 out of 56 bowl teams.

“You’d think that’s kind of important information in this day and age, so I’ll say it again. We’re No. 1 out of 56 bowl teams in the country and our basketball team was 100 percent graduation rate. We need to market our program a little better.”

Robbie Andreu can be reached at 352-374-5022 or andreur@gvillesun.com.

Then again, there’s the actual Div I-A graduation numbers of the bowl teams, per the official December 2006 NCAA Graduation Report:

  • Navy — 98%
  • Boston College — 96%
  • Notre Dame — 95%
  • Wake Forest — 93%
  • Nebraska — 88%
  • Penn State — 83%

Florida’s 80% graduation rate is, “No. 1 out of 56 bowl teams.”

Which 56 bowl teams are we talking about exactly?

Whatever. Florida is the reigning sports dynasty no doubt. But memo to Coach Meyer: be proud of your 80% graduation rate, show a little class in winning, and stop so thoroughly and consistently blowing smoke up people’s asses.

If power and success intoxicates, then Urban Liar has downed about a fifth of whisky and is bent over the toilet chucking gator sausage right about now.

And a special shout-out to The Gainesville Sun‘s crack team of fact checkers!

Javon McKinley Returning for 5th Year Would be Great Notre Dame Story


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  1. Albert 11 years ago

    Gilleran: I’m surprised to learn someone so enthusiastic about righting the world’s wrongs is just a washed-up attorney who likes to flex his intellectual muscle. Glad to see you’re using your time constructively since the state of CA disbarred your pathetic ass back in ’97 (http://calbar.ca.gov/calbar/2cbj/97oct/97oct-23.htm)

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  2. DeWayne 11 years ago

    And, ND people think Urban is the answer.

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  3. '88 IRISH 12 years ago

    Truth must prevail here, boys. Urbie my be a lyin’ sack of crap to you. But to those of us versed in modern lingo, he’s a lyin’ sack of shit.

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  4. Go-Bots! 12 years ago

    Who is fromleahy41 and how can so much dumb be bottled up in one place?

    He questioned whether there really was such an article, say he “checked with the Gainesville Sun.” Source for the article (Gainesville Sun, April 4, 2007):


    He also makes a big thing out of saying that “chances are” you won’t win a NC if you graduate over 90%. He criticizes Mac for interpreting that to mean “never.” Well, considering are that “chances are” you won’t win a NC no matter what your graduation rate is, Mac was presuming that there’s a point being made. (Mac’s fatal mistake.) And that point would be that the chances drop dramatically. And they don’t. One of the highest ranked graduating teams (Florida) is a perennial power. The difference, in terms of number of players graduating from 80% to 90% is a handful of players. There’s no way that graduating 7 or 8 more players over 4 years will doom a team that — but for those graduates — could have the same success as Florida.

    Idiots abound. Urban Meyer isn’t alone.

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  5. NATIVEGATOR 13 years ago


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  6. robert t. gilleran 13 years ago


    1. i should also give you one example of a student athlete, who, for very good reasons, does not consider urban meyer to be a man of integrity in the recruiting process.

    2. young josh portis had an outstanding football career at taft high school in woodland hills, ca. he had his pick of schools. he and his mother fell for meyer’s sales pitch and he verbally committed to utah in 2005 with the usual assurances that meyer was there for the long haul and assurances that josh would get lots of playing time as a freshman.

    3. well, when meyer bailed out on utah, he persuaded young josh and his mother to follow meyer to florida. well, after one year, both josh and his mother had seen enough to feel that meyer was not a man of integrity.

    4. you will find young josh on the roster at maryland, the school to which he and his mother decided he should transfer instead of listening to any more of meyer’s bullshit.

    5. there are many many other examples that we will save for trial, with more coming in all of the time. naturally, we expect that meyer and other people associated with the florida football program will try to put pressure on josh and his mother to keep quiet. those people should know that records are being kept of every attempted act of harrassment that may occur.

    6. sure, meyer and his staff are great salesmen on the recruiting trail and love to make promises to dazzle young recruits and their parents into making commitments, in addition to saying whatever they feel will work to bash the competition.

    7. however,based on the evidence we have gathered so far, once those starry eyed recruits sign those written commitments and end up at whatever school meyer happens to be at, the dazzling promises disappear. the recruits find out that they are just bodies to be sacrificed on the altar of meyer’s blind ambition.

    8. sure, the recruits who do not suffer career ending injuries in the deadly competition for playing time are happy until someone else plays better and their broken bodies, lives, and dreams end up sacrificed for meyer’s benefit.

    9. of course, perhaps josh and his mother and others are not telling the truth. we, along with the rest of the world, will find out in court trials broadcast on court tv.

    10. after all, josh was intelligent enough to transfer, sit out the required year, and still have a shot at playing qb at maryland with some eligibilty left. however, but for meyer, josh could have ended up at a school with a much better supporting cast right after high school.

    again, have a great day basking in the sunlight of florida’s national championship and watch out for skin cancer,

    robert t. gilleran

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  7. robert t. gilleran 13 years ago


    1. most of our extremely successful civil rico court victories have been in the business sector. the members of the boards of directors of enron, mci worldcom, tyco,and quite a few other public companies went out and hired some hot shots to run their companies. for many years, they declared themselves national champions of the business world and were incredibly happy. they neglected to look at the methods their hired hot shots were using to achieve those national business championship results.

    2. when the methods came out, the members of the boards of directors of each of those companies and the shareholders took big economic hits, along with their hired hot shots, many of whom also went to jail.

    3. my friends and i are only interested in the civil rico side of things and in making those who cheat pay very large economic damages. we have absolutely no interest in getting anyone put in jail.

    4. on the college football side, there are many similar examples. however, i will give you just one name, barry switzer of oklahoma. oklahoma hired this hot shot in 1973. switzer went undefeated in his 1st and 2nd years and won national championships in 1974, 1975, and 1985, only to be forced to resign in 1989 when the ncaa finally brought down on oklahoma some really severe sanctions based on the methods that switzer used to achieve those results.

    5. to be polite, switzer had not run the oklahoma football team with integrity and he and the university board of trustees and the oklahoma fans had to live with all of that mud on their faces and as national disgraces until oklahoma hired bob stoops from the florida staff. stoops won a national championship with integrity. when he and the oklahama trustees found out, at the beginning of last season, that some players, including their starting qb, were engaged in some activities that called into question the football program’s integrity, they immediately threw them off the team, knowing full well that doing so was likely to ruin any chance that oklahoma had for a national championship.

    6. were the university trustees and the oklahoma fans foolish to hire switzer and to keep him there foolish? they certainly were and it cost them dearly.

    7. based on the evidence that we have gathered so far on meyer and his staff, he looks like a switzer to us although we have much more evidence to gather and trials to put on. by the way, we will also be calling as witnesses each member of florida’s board of directors and every professor whose name appears on the academic transcripts of every florida football player.

    8. again, meyer is certainly not the only college football coach whom we will target based on the evidence that we have gathered so far and a jury will have to make the final decision on whether meyer is a switzer or an honest hard working guy.

    9. michael, if you get a kick out of winning a national championship and are not concerned about whether it was done with integrity or without, then you can enjoy yourself for right now and, when some really nasty things come out at the meyer/florida civil rico trial, you can always put away your florida gear and take out your florida state gear and avoid being a national disgrace.

    10. we move a lot more quickly than the ncaa. we do have the power to force people to testify and to produce documents and information. the ncaa does not. we are not in this for the money. we will donate what we win to worthy causes.

    11. we simply have had enough of watching the lives of young student athletes be ruined by coaches who play the recruiting game and other aspects of college athletics dishonestly.

    have a great day,

    robert t. gilleran

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  8. CWL 13 years ago

    I suppose they aren’t, if they are willing to trade their dignity for a ring. I am just thankful that ND will never make that compromise.

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  9. Michael 13 years ago

    “meyer simply used father jenkins’ presence to get more money out of the folks at florida who were foolish enough to hire him.”

    Florida did win a national title, did they not? So how were they foolish?

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  10. robert t. gilleran 13 years ago


    1. but for the fact that, based on the evidence currently available to us, urban meyer has a history of saying things that are untrue to bash competing schools in the recruiting wars and of leaving out things that are very negative, but true, about himself and the schools he has coached at, the lying sack of crap label might be a little bit premature and a little bit too harsh.

    2. however, based on that evidence and the fact that urban has shown no evidence of early altzheimers, it is our initial opinion, which will be proved true or not true by documents and testimony and other evidence at a jury trial on court tv for subtantial economic damages for multiple violations of the civil rico act, that meyer’s misrepresentations about florida’s graduation rates are deliberate and intentionnally calculated to gain dishonest recruiting advantages over other schools that are doing much better for their student athletes on the academic and athletic development sides, including stanford, boston college,notre dame, and quite a few other schools that consistently do much better for their student athletes, in order for meyer and his staff to obtain commitments from recruits based on false and misleading representations.

    3. of course, florida has some excellent academic departments. however, it is also possible, based on a review of the florida course catalogue, for a student who wants to to find courses at florida and to graduate without receiving any real education so that they can be full time athletes or party animals. there has been plenty of evidence in the reliable press about arangements at auburn which permit certain athletes to pile up credits for one on one courses with professors who like to see their school win footbal games and to graduate without having to learn how to read and write and with no skills to fall back on if, like 95% + of the cannot miss the nfl players coming out of high school, like meyer’s qb leak last year, they never make it to the nfl or do not last there long.

    4. in fact, anyone can just look at the university of florida’s official athletic website and print meyer’s biography out to see hard evidence of just some of the blatant inaccuracies in meyer’s self promotion of himself and the florida football program.

    5. yes, meyer did get his head coaching start at bowling green in 2001 and turn the program around. however, based on what our sources tell us, he gave both bowling green and incoming recruits his word of honor that he would stay at bowling green for the long term, only to snatch up the 1st better offer that came in from utah in 2003 and to give utah and the incoming recruits his word of honor that he would stay at utah for the long term, only to snatch up the 1st better offer that came in from florida and to give out his same word of honor to the university and and to incoming recruits at florida.

    6. yes, utah’s 2004 qb, alex smith, was drafted #1 in the nfl 2005 draft by the san francisco 40ers. however, meyer did not recruit him or train him for the nfl at all based on smith’s dismal performance in the nfl so far. that is, no doubt, the reason why meyer neglects to mention alex smith’s name in the biography which the university of florida has allowed him to post on its official athletic website and to transmit via the internet to the universe, including student athletes meyer and his staff have recruited and are recruiting now.

    7. that all leads to the obvious question ” what have meyer and his staff been telling recruits about themselves, florida, and competing schools in order to secure their commitments?”

    have they disclosed anything about the recruits to whom he and his staff promised the nfl and the best education in the world, only to have them end up with career ending athletic injuries and no real education?

    8. based on meyer’s history, my friends and i do not have much doubt about what will come out when we put the recruits and meyer and his staff on the witness stand under oath on court tv( the trials are quite real, but, like the current trial of phil spector in los angeles, are simply broadcast in real time on court tv, a tv channel started by one of my classmates at yale law school).

    9. certainly, it would not be fair to say that meyer is the only college coach who lies to recruits in order to obtain their commitments. those other coaches and the student athletes they have recruited will also get their moments of fame or infamy on court tv and, if they have deceived recruits and the public, they and the schools that have knowingly fronted for them, will pay large economic damages.

    10. of course, if the evidence does not satisfy a jury that any violations of the civil rico act took place, then no damages will be owed or paid and all false information and rumors will be proven incorrect.

    11. there is simply too much evidence of misrepresentations in recruiting and other matters floating around in the reliable press and too many precious lives of fine student athletes at stake to permit the recruiting process to go on any longer behind closed doors and without accountability to the public and the student athletes.

    12. we have noticed that meyer likes to state that he turned down an offer to coach at notre dame. that also is not true. by the time father jenkins got to salt lake city, meyer had already signed a contract with florida. meyer simply used father jenkins’ presence to get more money out of the folks at florida who were foolish enough to hire him.

    13. meyer had already spent some time at notre dame as an assistant,meyer already knew that he could not pass the integrity test to get any real offer from notre dame and, more importantly, he knew that notre dame would never permit him to cut the academic and other corners that florida does in order to do what meyer had in mind and has done at florida.

    14. to some people, a national championship won by sacrificing integrity means something. to other schools, like stanford, ucla, boston college, and notre dame, any national championship or athletic event won without integrity and with athletes who are not really students would be a national disgrace.

    thank you for the post, mac,

    robert t. gilleran

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  11. Danny 13 years ago

    Leahy, I can understand that “chances are” you failed English and that you “never” graduated High School. But please, take all of your Gator loving and Meyer ass kissing off this web-site. I believe the “band wagon” is leaving for Florida soon…

    P.S. In 2006 you loved Texas, right!

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  12. Mikey_G 13 years ago

    hahaha! Calm down man. I quoted you perfect.

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  13. fromleahy41 13 years ago


    There is no excuse for misquoting me to rationalizing your position.

    Another poster fully understood what I wrote and so did 3 other well-educated people.

    AND SO DID YOU!!!!!

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  14. Mikey_G 13 years ago

    Structuring a sentence using “chances are” before a word like “never” doesn’t make much sense. If the CHANCES ARE to NEVER be a NC (which means the chance is 0%), then what are the chances of being a NC? Please answer me that Leahy. I am rather interested in your reply. And if no reply, then leaving out “CHANCES ARE” in my previous post is valid, and your terrible defensive ranting can finally stop.

    If you would have said “Let us face facts. If your team graduates over 90% of it’s football players, chances of being the NC are highly unlikely.” I think that would have been more valid in the point you were trying to make.

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