Wake Up the Echoes: Catholics vs. Convicts Edition

For better or worse, the Notre Dame – Miami series will always be referred to by this now infamous moniker from the late 80’s and despite the two schools not being quite what they were during that epic showdown in the fall of ’88, this weekend’s game has fans on both sides of the field plenty excited.

By the way, we are going six weeks strong with these Friday posts which I think is now a record for us. Without further ado… we bring you this week’s Wake Up the Echoes.

Let’s start with the intro from the ’88 game with the classic CBS intro music. Sorry NBC, but I love CBS’s tune.

Lou Holtz talking about the build up of the ’88 game.

And Dr. Lou talking about the pre-game speech and the brawl on the field. Not gonna lie, I may have gotten goosebumps listening to the players talk about Lou’s famous line.

One last clip of Lou talking about the ’88 game – this time about stopping Miami’s fake punt.

And now for the full game highlights. Man, look at that stadium rocking and just how confident that team was. I want to think we are close to recapturing that, but still trying to keep somewhat reserved.

Rocket being all Rocket on Miami in 1990.

Highlights from Notre Dame’s romp over Miami in the 2010 Sun Bowl.

Posted this the other day, but this video shows just how much work went into the helmets for this weekend – despite what you may think of them.

And here is Manti Te’o and Tyler Efiert unveiling the full uniform Notre Dame will be sporting this weekend.

Oh, in case you forgot, Notre Dame is 4-0 thanks to that win over Michigan two weeks ago.

We haven’t closed with Here Come the Irish in a little while… so…

Go Irish!! Let’s keep those winning ways going so we’re talking about the 5-0 Fighting Irish in next week’s edition.

Watch: Ridiculously Good Notre Dame - Miami Hype Video

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  1. spiceyirish 5 years ago

    When I do a pregame analysis I never take into account mistakes a team might make. Over and over tonight Miami shot themselves in the foot. It was a very good win for ND. For Miami that was an embarrassing lost.

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  2. JDH 5 years ago

    JDH/Me in the other Miami article on this site, earlier in the week: “I actually think this game is going to get ugly by the second half, as long as ND does not turn the ball over. My prediction is that ND wins by at least 17+ points. With the weather, the game’s proximity to South Bend (i.e. a pseudo-home game), and our defense, it’s going to be a long night for Miami. Again, turnovers negate my prediction entirely. GO IRISH”

    I’m not right very often, but sometimes the stars align and it happens! 🙂

    Great game so far Irish! 34 – 3.

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  3. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    Perfect example: had we had 1 more TO we could’ve gotten in 2-3 more plays. Certainly the FG attempt could’ve been a lot shorter. So be it!

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  4. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    OK, it’s official. I’m sick and tired of blowing TOs. This is going to kill us at some point. You need TOs at the end of halfs and games. I wonder if BK realizes that!

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  5. jackie mason 5 years ago

    TR starting

    oyyy vey

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  6. storespook 5 years ago

    So, I hear EG is suspended for the game for violating team rules. Well, I hope the fair haired wonder boy doesn’t screw this up and hopefully won’t turn the ball over.

    May the running backs have the force to knock the piss out of Miami.
    Go front 7

    Go Irish

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  7. spiceyirish 5 years ago

    My big concern going into this one is Miami’s offensive line. Notre Dame strong defensive line has been the deciding factor in this 4-0 start. They have negated the concerns in the defensive backfield. The pressure they’ve put on opposing QBs has allowed the linebackers to drop back and help with pass coverage. But this game I know Miami has a stronger offensive line than previous opponents. My biggest worry is ND blitzing more in this game. This exposes the secondary who will have to go it alone against a talented Miami receivers.

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  8. JC 5 years ago

    What a royal rumble over the years Frank. Starting anew after 22 years, I still have concerns on the type of reception we will get in Miami. I hope Miami now realizes what they lost.

    Here come the Irish!

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