Wake up the Echoes: Last Dance with Ann Arbor Edition

Wake up the Echoes returns this week at it’s normally scheduled programming.  No one needs to get more pumped up for this game by now, but start off your day with a bunch of great Notre Dame videos and then try to concentrate on anything without hearing the Fight Song running through your head.

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We’ll start off with the teaser promo that ESPN has been running for this weekend’s showdown.

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay talk about all of the NFL talent in this game… remember a few years back when the Irish were lucky to have someone drafted in the 3rd round?

I think Michigan stole Prince Shembo’s bike seat. Go get it back, Prince!

Just a reminder for those feeling over-confident right now, Notre Dame hasn’t won at Michigan since 2005. That needs to change this weekend.

Tommy Rees talking about getting ready for this weekend.

Remember when Bo kicked to Rocket?

And then did it again?

Listen to Rocket talk about both kicks from 1980.

Saturday night, let’s hope the Irish turn on the lights… and then shut out the lights of the Big House on their way out.

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  1. Why did NBC get rid of the full game replays from their website? I have been trying to watch the Temple game all week because I missed it on Saturday and I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone happen to know where I can watch the game?

    1. I will save you the time. Early fireworks followed by 5 yard pass after 5 yard pass, rinse repeat. Awful FG kicking, how hum 28-6.

    2. Adam,
      Go to Youtube. I believe the entire game (or at least 3 hrs and 7 min of it) has been posted by log name Alpha beta. Lots of ND clips on there from many years past you can access. I watch a lot of clips from there.

      Go Irish
      Crush the Wolverines

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