Wake Up the Echoes: Make Plays Edition

A recap of the 2006 comeback in East Lansing from Notre Dame’s 125 year celebration

A little history on the classic 1966 battle with MSU.

Pat Dillingham to Arnaz Battle. No further comment needed.

Highlights from Notre Dame’s surprisingly easy victory over the Spartans last season in South Bend.

Probably one of my favorite plays of ALL TIME.

Top 10 plays from Notre Dame’s 2004 win over Michigan State. Sorry to subject you to the thrilling commentary of Tyrone Willingham.

Highlights from Notre Dame’s 2009 win in South Bend. Lots of good plays in here from some recent Irish greats.

In case you forgot… Stephon Tuitt is REALLY. FREAKIN. GOOD.

Some highlights from last week to remind you that it wasn’t all bad. The pieces are here boys (and girls). Hopefully Kelly and company get them all working together this week.

Couldn’t go this entire post without posting this epic, and I mean EPIC radio meltdown.

And here are Oldie’s highlights from that ’06 classic.

Ok, Golden Tate. One more time.

Here’s hoping we hear this over and over and over and over again this weekend.

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  1. Kevin 7 years ago

    Thank you for this! I love that you guys do this! I spend hours watching this the night before. Thanks again for this and GO IRISH BEAT STATE!

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  2. Evan 7 years ago

    friday goosebumps as usual.. #GOIRISH

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