Wake Up the Echoes: Turn Up the Lights Edition

(Photo - Matt Cashore / USPRESSWIRE)

The wait is almost over.  Notre Dame – Michigan under the lights of Notre Dame Stadium for the first time in over 20 years.  Turn up the lights in the House that Rock Built and lets kick off this week’s Wake Up the Echoes.

By the way, yeah, I referenced a Rihanna song this week.  Deal with it.

The last time Notre Dame gave up 30 or fewer points in the first three games was 1988… here’s the intro to the ’88 Michigan game with CBS’s iconic music.

Bo kicked to Rocket… and the afterburners are on.

And here’s Rocket talking about that 1989 classic.

A GREAT primer from the ND Athletic Department.

One of the most spectacular runs you are ever going to see. Just watch and enjoy.

Here’e Reggioe Brooks talking about the play.

UHND’s all time favorite Notre Dame kicker Harry Oliver nailing the game winner in 1980.

… and the Michigan radio announcers call of the kick.

The last time Notre Dame beat Michigan was 2008 and the UHND crew heading out this weekend was the same that went out that weekend.

Notre Dame’s 125 series on the ’08 game.

Here’s hoping the band gets tired of playing this tomorrow.

Wait a minute… did Bo kicked to Rocket again? Yup… good by baby!

Fixing Brandon Wimbush The Player Key For Notre Dame In The Citrus Bowl

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  1. Todd Swisher 5 years ago

    I am really happy for the Irish! A 4-0 start against 3 quality teams is impressive. However, all this talk about playing for the National Championship is premature. Simply put, the Irish are not quite in that discussion. I firmly believe they will be – and very soon, but just not this year. Look, they have gotten off to a really good start – their defense is playing extremely well (when was the last time we could say that?), they are quicker and more athletic than we have seen in years, they have more depth, and they are playing with confidence, and Kelly is bringing in elite talent with his recruiting classes – all of this equates to a bright, bright future for ND Football. However, their schedule is brutal this year and they are extremely young and inexperienced. They will lose some football games this year and they will probably not look very good in doing it. Their secondary has played remarkably well and they are gaining valuable experience, but they will be exposed at some point during the season. In addition, they have yet to find an identity on offense, and if they don’t get it rectified pretty soon they are going to have some tough Saturdays. They have simply got to get the running game started. If they can do that and not be quite so conservative with Golson I think they can be pretty explosive on offense. Perhaps get Golson out of the pocket and give him opportunities to get the ball to receivers in space and turn them loose a bit. He is young and he is going to make mistakes, but he also needs the opportunity to work through these mistakes. Tailor the play calling to his strengths and see what he can do. I noticed during the MSU and Mich. games that ND seemed extremely conservative on offense. I know they are trying to bring Golson along slowly but the play calling just seems a bit odd at times. ND has too much talent on offense to not be more productive. I believe if they can find themselves on offense they can have a special season.

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  2. jack 5 years ago

    I went back and reviewed the Alabama Michigan stats. Notre Dame held Michigan to under 300 yds and no Touchdowns. Alabama held Michigan to 30 yds less than ND and gave up touchdowns and big plays. My point is this defense is good and will keep them in every game. A couple years ago all we did on this board was hitch about the horrible the defense, now we have a defense and the offense is the problem. The offense will come around and Bk needs to spread the field and utilize the speed. He needs to build GH confidence with short throws getting the ball out quickly and getting him out the pocket.

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  3. Fxm 5 years ago

    It is a defense worthy of a nc, now look at what Bama did to mich and you see what you need on BOTH sides of the ball to be a contender.

    I don’t care that we have some depth, they will get worn out and injured without some support. I am relieved that bk did not come in and create a slick offense that relied on out scoring opponents, but I never imagined the polar opposite.

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  4. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    Can someone please make Lou Holtz stop talking?! ND isn’t a NC contender with that O. and TR or EG at QB. We’re not at the level of Oregon, FSU, or much less Alabama.

    If ND can beat Stanford, OU, or USC and win its other games, 10-2 is doable. That should be good enough for a BCS bowl.

    Win 2 of the games against Stanford, OU, and USC, then ND has an outside shot at the BCS game. But I don’t think that’s realistic right now. Of course, if the D gets even better and the O develops, then anything is possible.

    But I’d rather just prefer to see improvement rather than speculate or talk about NC titles like Holtz.

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    1. JDH 5 years ago

      Holtz is getting embarassing. He is sounding delusional and making a mockery of what elite teams really are. ND would get DESTROYED by the top 3 or 4 teams in the country.

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    2. storespook 5 years ago

      Yeah, as much as I like Lou, he should resort to his previous coaching media presentations, always downplayed stuff. One game at a time.

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  5. JDH 5 years ago

    I’d like to echo the happiness over the win. We have an incredible defense, especially considering a decimated secondary. Great all around team effort and I am NOT complaining being 4-0. But my god, 13 points on 6 turnovers? REALLY? And I was going apeshit because of the fact that Cierre Wood disappeared? REALLY? I mean kudos to Riddick for his great effort but why on earth do you sit your #1 back for the whole 2nd half?! Please tell me it had something to do with Rees being in and changing the set. ???

    SIGH. But indeed, Here Come The Irish!

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    1. storespook 5 years ago

      Yep, totally agree with your perspective

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  6. chi-town copper 5 years ago

    Since our stargint RB’s dont seem to be getting it done why not let Atkinson or for that matter Cam McDaniel get a touch here and there. Good momentum to Catholics vs Convicts here in Shoot-cago, murder capital of the USA. Go IRISH and Run Cam Run!!!

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    1. chi-town copper 5 years ago

      I meant “starting” RB’s

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  7. SteelFanRob 5 years ago

    While I’m delighted about the win, there are things to recall and to worry about. I won’t reiterate what has been said about the offenseless O. As it is the O. with either TR or EG is working at 50%. As good as our D. is, it won’t shut out OU, Stanford, or USC. We can’t expect to get 6 TOs every week.

    Now, can someone explain to me how, esp. after last year at Michigan, can the secondary allow recievers to get behind them to try to catch Robinson’s air balls? Fortunately it wasn’t Michigan’s night. One ball was dropped and Zeke Motta made an unbeliveable play on another. Robinson completes either of those passes and I don’t want to think of what could’ve happened. Thankfully, like USC 2 years ago, the drops went our way!

    I just hope we kill the Hurricanes. No mercy. Payback for Jimmy Johnson running it up on Faust’s squad.

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  8. spiceyirish 5 years ago

    Two important thoughts.

    1. Defense: The defensive line wasn’t as dominate against Michigan as they were against MSU. The linebackers and the secondary picked up the slack. This was a total defensive effort. To keep an offense like Michigan below 300 yards and giving up 6 points is very impressive. Especially when Michigan was averaging around 500 yards and 30 points in the previous 3 games against ND.

    2. Brian Kelly will stick with Golson. The offense is design for Golson and he needs as much big game exposure as possible during the early part of his ND career. Golson can get the job done. I think for passing, he needs to find a go to receiver that he can depend on and throw accurate balls to all the time. Eifert garners a lot of attention. Riddick is being used more in the backfield. I think Kelly should design more for T.J. Jones and Roby Toma. They will get single coverage and they will go over the middle. Just a thought

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  9. jack 5 years ago

    I disagree with giving up on Golson. He didn’t play well but I see potential. Bk needs to through more screens and short high percentage passes. He needs to make defenses play in space and get the ball to guys like Toma, Neal and Carlisle. He has speed on this offense and he is playing like his first year here. Also, the offensives line looks good at times, but it’s hard to run with 8 in the box.

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    1. JC 5 years ago

      Hey Jack,

      I agree with your disagreement!

      Here come the Irish!

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  10. cousinnap 5 years ago

    I agre with most of what is being said – great job by defense – secondary for the most part looked ok too – by mid season they should be OK and in the future the defense should be solid all around. Did not like the conservative play calling either – must get the ground game going consistently. But it was a win and a key win – when was the last time ND had a win over two ranked teams in the same year. Kelly seems to be really heading in the right direction he is building a solid team here. Let’s see how the entire year plays ou

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  11. Joeyknuklehead 5 years ago

    Although it’s not popular… It’s time for everybody to takes off their E.Golson jerseys and accuratly access the situation. The defense is so dominate that conservate play calling and a game manager at QB is needed to win all but 3 games. And besides-Gunner will be the QB next season with Rees as the relief pitcher again.

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    1. JC 5 years ago


      It’s OK Rees is the closer or mop-up but it ends there. Rees does not have the elite skills to be a starter and BK made light of it.

      If Rees would start, opposing defenses would revert back to the same coverages as last year and that certainly would be the demise of TR.

      Yeah, Michigan did not cover TR the same way as last year.
      However, Michigan prepared for EG not TR. So in essence, I’ll keep my EG jersey on.

      Here come the Irish!

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  12. enrico palazzo 5 years ago

    storespook i totally agree in regards to the QB situation, was thinking that myself while watching.

    but although not a lot of yards…Riddick was the man in the late 3/ 4 quarter. he came up big time (possible generous spot on that final 1st down tough). i just feel like BK was going with the “hot hand” at that time. and it happened to be theo

    michigan’s D was impressive tonight, in my opinion. i was pretty surprised. if they had a #7 and a #5 it would have been a different story

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  13. JC 5 years ago

    Amen storespook I’m with you,

    Stellar defensive effort and nauseating offensive effort. Rees looked like Rees. BK better have EG up to snuff for Oklahoma, Standford and USC otherwise Rees will be eating grass all day long. I’m flabbergasted Michigan did not come after Rees? How many times was Rees allowed to stay in the game last year with 2-3 turnovers? Well, BK claims he is still staying with EG and only time will tell! Not surprised with the BK and Rees lovefest.


    Where you been hiding? What’s your take on this 4-0 team?

    Top ten??

    Here come the Irish!

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    1. JTRAIN 5 years ago


      Its been a busy week. Put in about 40 hours in last 3 days all while playing father and husband. Haven’t had much time to post. Alas, i am here now.

      Holy smokes our defense is good!!! Wish i could say the same for the offense. They are just offensive. At what point do you put a linebacker in the discussion for hiesman? No really, manti made a choice last night. He made the choice that we were NOT going to lose to michigan again. All that pregame stuff about denard being the best player on the field, WRONG! #5 was far and away superior than anyone michigan could field last night.

      Hated the play calling last night but i refuse to bitch with a 4-0 team, not doing it. This team put in the work this offseason and it shows. The issue with the offense is most of our playmakers are puppies. Eifert being the exception. I suspect by season end some will start to shine through but i’m afraid we won’t see this offense hum till next season.

      On to the bye week with momentum. Need to take care of business in chicago vs miami. Then the cardinal come to town. This year is just starting to get fun!!

      GO IRISH

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      1. JC 5 years ago


        Yeah, the good news is for all intensive purposes DENARD and his circus plays were definately DEMOLISHED!

        Wonderfully, the hate ND pundits were proven wrong again. We should send them their very own Red ND signal caller hats!

        4-0 is fantastic no matter how you percieve it. Especially with a by-week next week to allow us to recapture our offensive identity.

        I expect a better offensive effort for Miami.

        Here come the Irish!

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  14. storespook 5 years ago

    Well, I’m glad they won. The D is looking to be real. The problem, after the D gave so many gifts to the offense and all they could muster was 13 goddamn points, when is the offense going to show up. I understand pulling EG for some series but I thought he should have been re-inserted starting the 3rd quarter. I’m not sold on Rees and if he is the “man” why is he not earning the job through practice. Good god, if you want to develop the redshirt frosh, he neeeds opportunity to face adversity to gain that type of experience. He didn’t get it by being on the sidelines through the whole game. I’m sure there are those who disagree with that and say, “Hey we won, shut up!” Well, we aren’t going to continue to win games with that kind of offensive performance (or lack of). Where the hell was Mr. Wood? Hardly any touches at all. Riddick didn’t exactly have a steller game either for all the touches he got. It seems like if the offense is going , no D. If the D is going, no offense.Where is the balance? I’m glad the losing streak was stopped. I’m glad the Irish won. We have some problems with the O and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better after 4 games.

    Go ND

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    1. jeff montgomery 5 years ago

      WTF!! Why isnt Cierre Wood getting more touches? My opinion but isnt he the best running back out of the three RBs.

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  15. tommy651 5 years ago

    wow notre dame is 4-0. boy they must have a lot of criminal types on that team

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  16. jack 5 years ago

    How about some Metallica Four Horseman or Damage Inc.

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  17. JC 5 years ago

    What? No Grand Funk Rail Road? Come on Frank! hahahahahaha.

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  18. David Knight 5 years ago

    The song you referenced is by Kanye West, Rihanna is just one of the many artists on it. Kid Cudi and the fabulous one, Nikki Minaj is on it as well. Didn’t want you to embarrass yourself.

    I know you meant well.

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  19. Toulmin H. Brown 5 years ago

    Prime time Under the Lights in one of ND’S best uniform looks in history in a magical season. Geaux Irish

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