Weis to Resume Play Calling?

Based on what Charlie Weis said Sunday at his press conference, it sounds like he might be resuming play calling duties after handing them over to offensive coordinator Mike Haywood in the off-season.  Here is how Weis responded to a question about how to fix the offense.

No, I’ll know after I talk to the staff. It won’t take me until Tuesday to figure out what I’m going to do is what I’m saying. I don’t have etched in stone what I’m going to do at this point. If I’m going to be more involved with game planning and play calling, those type of things, I have to be involved tomorrow. That’s not something I can decide on Tuesday because you’d have to be in all the meetings and — you have to be in all the meetings and the installation and implementation and all those other things. But I’m saying right now it would be a bit premature. I think that we have a ways to go.

We got in late and everything is pushed back, so normally I’d be well ahead of schedule by this time. Not that I’m not ready to go, but just — ready to go personally. It’s just that we haven’t even had a chance to visit with the rest of the staff at this point.

Weis resuming play calling can’t hurt since the play calling has been atrosious at times the last few weeks.  The Irish offense is predictable and runs little, if any, misdirection to help the ailing rushing game.

Wies made his mark in coaching as a brilliant offensive play caller and his first two years at Notre Dame backed that reputation up.  The Mike Haywood as play caller experient appears to not have worked out it.  Something needs to be done to jump start this offense because there is way too much talent on this team to get shut out to a middle of the road team like Boston College.  I don’t think Weis resuming play calling duties alone will fix this offense, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Claypool And Stepherson Take The Notre Dame Offense To Another Level

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  1. Lee 9 years ago

    I think Charlie should give up more than the play calling. He should give up coaching because it is evident that he just doesn’t get what college football is all about.

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  2. JC 9 years ago

    Amen on Aaron Taylor.

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  3. C-Dog 9 years ago

    Weis needs to fire Latina. He needs to hire Aaron Taylor. Then the entire coaching staff needs to commit to a strength, conditioning and agility program. Then they need to beleive that they can teach the linemen how to execute sophisticated blocking schemes even though they go to ND and have to study. For crying outloud, unless the linemen are engineers, it can’t be that hard to balance football with school. Run block or leave.

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  4. Joe Tennant Jr. 9 years ago

    Why did we not decide to run the ball when we had 1on1 numbers with the receivers spread out?

    Any comments guys??

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  5. valpodoc 9 years ago

    roll the dice…..

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  6. svenghali 9 years ago

    Weis said before the season that he would call plays on 4th downs. That includes the 3 screen passes on 4th downs in the last two weeks (two on 4th and long).

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  7. qb2333 9 years ago

    oh great, now we get to see some more of that phenomenal play calling last year that led him to the self-induced benching of duties this year. can’t wait for that!

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  8. Frankie V 9 years ago

    Are you referring to the same Tom Brady who was a 6th round draft pick and shared starting QB duties in college?

    Please. Now that the ND offense is struggling all of Weis’s success is because of Spygate. When Spygate first came out all Notre Dame fans were defending Weis.

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  9. Joe Tennant Jr. 9 years ago

    I think we need to have a core of plays that are “bread and butter” each week.

    I saw countless times when we have 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB and the defense would only have 6-7 guys in the box then drop 7 in coverage. Doesnt this type of defense warrant a running attack?

    I don’t know a whole lot about offensive football, but I think we could have called & sequenced plays a lot better.

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  10. nd 9 years ago

    New England Pat’s success has/had a lot more to do with Headcoach, Tom Brady, explosive athletes, discipline, and some spying tricks that got revealed a few years later. Weis was a play caller Tom Brady MADE it happen.

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  11. Jacob 9 years ago

    I think this is probably the best news of the weekend (besides the commitment of Friday). I never got why Weis, the guy who made a name for himself as a playcaller, would give up that duty to an unproven coach.

    I hope this means we’ll see a more 2005-2006 like offense.

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