Report: Yeatman, Golic Jr Arrested for Underage Drinking

WSBT has reported that tight end Will Yeatman and offensive lineman Mike Golic, Jr were among 37 kids arrested for underage drinking Saturday night.

A home on Colfax Avenue was surrounded by police cars early Sunday, and 37 arrests were made for underage drinking. Most of those arrested were University of Notre Dame students, including two football players.

WSBT News has confirmed Notre Dame football players Will Yeatman and Mike Golic, Jr. were among those arrested.

Yeatman was previously suspended from the Notre Dame football and lacrosse teams in February 2008 after a DUI arrest. Golic, Jr. is the son of former Notre Dame player Mike Golic, the ESPN Radio Host and star of Mike and Mike in the morning.

For Yeatman, this is his second run in with the law after his DUI in the spring so it will be interesting to see how the University handles this one.  It seems crazy to think that the police sent enough units to completely surround the house as the report says.  I guess there isn’t any other crime in South Bend to worry about.

Still, from a football standpoint this is very disappointing news.  Yeatman was the best blocking TE on the team so if he ends up missing any time, it really hurts our depth at TE.  With Mike Ragone out for the year, Notre Dame would likely have just freshmen Kyle Rudolph and Joseph Fauria and junior Luke Schmidt at the position if Yeatman misses any time.

For Golic, it is a first offense and he was not expected to contribute much, if at all on the field this year so even if there is some disciplinary action for him, it shouldn’t be too big of hit.  Considering Notre Dmae’s troubles long snapping and Golic’s experience as a long snapper, it would be nice to have him around in case those struggles continue.

We’ll have to wait and see how the University handles each university, but it is safe to assume Charlie Weis will be getting some questions on this situation at his Tuesday press conference.

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  1. C-Dog 9 years ago

    A couple of comments:
    1. If Yeatman is found guilty, they need to dismiss him from the team. If these guys are drinking during the season, they aren’t showing the discipline needed to play. Holtz never put up with that.

    2. The college drinking – on the one hand, South Bend can be a depressing lonely place. Also, the South Bend police have pursued this for years. Funny, they seem to hate the one employer that keeps the town from dying outright. On the other hand, these guys are getting a free education. That’s $180,000 worth, plus the job opportunities even for the non-NFL bound. They shouldn’t even consider that sort of stuff. How can they have any time on their hands.

    3. Unfortunately another reason, the football talent concentrates at USC. In LA, you can melt into the woodwork. USC doesn’t demand true college participation ( ex. Matt Leinert ). And the cops are out looking for anything but SC football players. ( Except alums like O.J. in white broncos ). This will all change once the banks collapse and the next depression hits. LA will burn and South Bend won’t lool so bad.

    4. The laptop thing – what were they thinking. You gotta be aware that someone will try to connect Weis to Belichek. They should know better. Charlie what are you doing with this program?

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  2. Threehills 9 years ago

    In other bad news, has anything further been heard about there being a laptop in the ND pressbox this past weekend?

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