Zeke Motta Solid Too

I posted on Monday that Chris Watt was still firm in his commitment to Notre Dame.  It seems like S/LB Zeke Motta is still firm in his commitment as well.

Weis was not the only reason Motta chose Notre Dame over schools such as Florida, Stanford and Auburn, so even if a coaching change is made, there are other things about the school that interest him. For one thing, Motta likes the tradition behind the program and the success rate of the school’s graduates.

“It wouldn’t change my perspective of Notre Dame,” Motta said. “I feel whatever happens, Notre Dame is going to back up their football team. It’s got a great program and great academics. There are more reasons than just the coaching staff that I picked Notre Dame.

“Certainly I like Charlie Weis a lot, and if it happens that he does get fired, I feel confident Notre Dame will back the team up. Right now I’m not really worried about it.”

It’s always great to hear a recruit say that they picked Notre Dame for more than just the coach – especially in the current situation.  It’s also great to hear that Motta is firm in his commitment because he could be a very special player.  Jimmy Johnson used to recruit safetys to play linebacker, linebackers to play defensive end, and defensive ends to play defensive tackle to improve team speed and Motta fits in that line of thinking.  He has the room to bulk up an be one very fast linebacker.

Motta is also an early enrollment candidate which makes him even more vital to this class.

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