All Time Notre Dame Coaching Records

Notre Dame has had 31 coaches in its history.  Below are the win/loss records for each.

Years CoachedCoachSeasonsRecordPct.
Totals31 coaches126 seasons858-311-42
1887–89, 92–93None57–4–1.625
1894Meyer, David13–1–1.700
1895Hadden, H.G.13–1–0.750
1896–98Hering, Frank312–6–1.658
1899McWeeney, James16–3–1.650
1900–01O’Dea, Pat214–4–2.750
1902–03Faragher, James214–2–2.843
1904Salmon, Red15–3–0.625
1905McGlew, Henry15–4–0.556
1906–07Barry, Thomas212–1–1.893
1908Place, Victor18–1–0.889
1909–10Longman, Shorty211–1–2.857
1911–12Marks, Jack213–0–2.933
1913–17Harper, Jesse534–5–1.863
1918–30Rockne, Knute13105–12–5.881
1934–40Layden, Elmer747–13–3.770
1941–43, 46–53Leahy, Frank1187–11–9.855
1944McKeever, Ed18–2–0.800
1945, 63Devore, Hugh29–9–1.500
1954–58Brennan, Terry532–18.640
1959–62Kuharich, Joe417–23–0.425
1964–74Parseghian, Ara1195–17–4.836
1975–80Devine, Dan653–16–1.764
1981–85Faust, Gerry530–26–1.535
1986–96Holtz, Lou11100–30–2.765
1997–2001Davie, Davie535–25–0.583
2002–2004Willingham, Ty321-15–0.583
2004*Baer, Kent10–1–0.000
2005–2009Weis, Charlie535-26.565
2010-presentKelly, Brian659-31.656

* Kent Baer coached the 2004 Bowl after Ty Willingham was fired following the 2004 regular season.


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  1. Patrick Burns 1 month ago

    Why dan Devine in that group? He has the same winning record as Lou holtz and a national championship?

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  2. Willie Cosey 3 years ago

    Brian Kelly you need to put some blame on yourself your records are no better than Ty Willingham, Charlie Weis ,Bob Davies, Gerry Faust ,Dan Devine, you took Charlie Weis team to the national championship after that you actually have not had anything put a rope around your neck I’m not telling you gotta jump I just have it there just in case

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